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ML1640 death?


After refilling the cardrige of the ml1640 i tried to reset the counter with the method provided by this website:

But it didn´t work really well.... after downgrading with the fls file and turning off the printer for 10 seconds, the ml1640 won´t start, if i switch to on, the red and amber light will flash once and afterwards stay black (off) and printer wont turn on.....

Has this happen to someone before, did my printer die??

Hope you can help me out!

Try plug it in an other USB port and reinstall the driver!

There is an other patched firmware:

It's a webshop site so maybe it can work better than other...

Please write down the solution if you can fix it!:)
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hey i tried like you said, with all usb ports but it doesnt turn on just the red and amber light flash once, even if it´s not connected to usb... thats why i think it died, cause i think there is no way to change the firmware if i can not connect the printer....

thank you ;) - arucard_esp
Press button then power on printer and wait about 5-10 seconds until LEDs blinks then repeat flashing.
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is that the hard reset??? it didn´t work neither... just the same happens lights flash once and printer is off.... and if i switch right afterwards to off and on, nothing happens... but if i wait 5 seconds and i switch to on again, the light will flash and that's it.... =(

It´s impossible to fix right?? - arucard_esp
Press button (there is only one button in this printer :-)) then power on printer and don't release button during 10 sec until LED blinks then release button and try to flash printer again. This trick forces printer into flash mode. You mistake during flashing is to power of printer too early. After flashing printer resets or starts yellow LED blinking.
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no no it doesnt work, the lights only flash once directly after turning on but they wont flash again after 10-15 seconds.... the printer just is powered off and computer says it isnt connected to USB...

Do you think warranty will cover this problem.... :S - arucard_esp
Try reinstall the original stock firmware from samsung download center. Or try install the other patched firmware which I linked above.

Use only setup.exe in this pack.

Click next, then the red led will be orange and blinking, when it finish it will be green. Then you turn off and on your printer...

(I think warranty won't cover this problem)
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There is nothing i can do the printer just wont turn on..... I already contacted warranty service... hope they will fix or replace it...

Thank you for everything and for your help! - arucard_esp
I tried this one.after I keep prussing orange switch and printer power on..printer led light keep blinking not geting stop or change
- Anonymous
hey arucard,

it is happen the same to me. Exactly like happen to you. I followed the procedure in the 6th answer "Press button then power on printer and wait about 5-10 seconds until LEDs blinks then repeat flashing." and now it's ok!
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@Max Fat Bast

And when you flashed again you used the patched firmware or the original?

Thanks for your reply!
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I sent the printer to samsung repair centre and they they replaced the motherboard... it was broken =_= hehehe
Warranty covered everything and now it recognizes my toner full.. but when it's empty again and i fill it which is the best way to reset the printer??????
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This is the best method:
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After reset my ML1640 is dead. No light, no nothing. Please help
by kreti on Jul 8, 2010 at 2:42am Add comment
Hey guys

Is there anyone who managed to fix the resetting of ML1640 completely well? If so, please give steps on doing so.
Also did you just use any refill ink in the original cartridge?
Kindly comment if anyone has a solution.

Merci / Danku / Thanks
by unknown on Apr 6, 2011 at 3:42am Add comment
I think due to improper flashing method this happened that printer dead, its damage the programming chip placed in formattor card back side of the printer and except replacing the formator card there is no solution.......thank all of you
by arsikhan on Jul 23, 2011 at 4:15am Add comment