asked Nov 24, 2009 at 7:51am
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zebra z4m will not save pritner settings

I have a client with a zebra z4m printer. They use it to print price tags with bar codes and inventory numbers at their jewelry stores. So as you can imagine these are small labels to fit on rings and such.
Zebra sent us the set up files that gives the settings the printer needs to print on the size labels they use. I program the settings into the printer, then save, I print some labels, the first 3 print dead center, then the other 13 or so print on the top edge of the tag so you don’t get the prince and ¾ of the bar code is gone.
When you go back into the print settings, you find that it has erased all the settings you programmed into the printer and it has gone back to the defaults. I have tired putting the settings in the print driver and setting the advanced options to “use setting in driver” and get the same result.
The z4m is a discontinued printer, and the only help zebra will provided is to give us the set up .pdf.
Need to know all the setting on the printer Hold down the cancel button and turn on the printer and it will print out the config report check to see if you have a setting for media calibration and if so what is it set to. You could very well have a bad logic board or corrupt firmware. Go to this site and find your model printer and download the update
If you need more help try contacting MRP at 708-597-4222 ask for tech support and they can further assist you, if you need any parts you will need to set up an account. Be sure to tell them if it is a plus or not (z4mplus). Good Day
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