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asked Oct 21, 2009 at 2:47pm
Canon Canon Color Bubblejet (BJC) 240

My Canon PIXMA MP240 All-In-One inkjet printer....

My printer will not print. The color ink cartridge light keeps blinking. I just put a new black ink cartridge in, the color cartridge is empty but still in place. Everything is lined up properly. I have rebooted the computer, I have pressed every button there is to press, When the color ink light is not blinking, then the alarm light is blinking. It blinks 8 times and then goes off. So back to the beginning. After I turn the power on, just the green power light is on. So I click Start and then click notepad and type out a few words of script. Then I click File and click Print. After I do this, the color ink light starts blinking and a message comes up. On the heading it reads "Canon MP 240 Series Printer-USB001". The message reads "The ink cartridge has been installed or replaced. If the printout contains misaligned lines or is not satisfactory after the installation or replacement, refer to the User`s guide, ( which has absolutely nothing at all in it for troubleshooting ). So I clicked on " OK " and first the color ink light started blinking and then the amber alarm light would blink 8 times, which apparently means something ? Then another error message would come up on the screen that read, " Service Error 5200 ", " Cancel printing and turn the printer off and then on again. If this doesn`t clear the error, see the printer manual for more details". Ha ha !! There is absolutely nothing in the manual for troubleshooting. Can someone PLEASE HELP ME !!!
Go to your control panel, then to "hardware and sound" and select printers. when your printer comes up double click and then you see a folder with a bunch of tabs. "Main, Page setup, Effedts, Profiles, and Maintenance". Choose Maintenance.,, this screen comes up with a bunch of icons on it. The one you want should be on the left side, third one down...print head alignment, Click that and then just follow the directions.
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I missed a step above.
Control panel to printers then select the printer you want by double clicking. It will have a box and at the top will say "printer, document and view. Click Printer. From the scroll down menue choose printing preferences, then choose the maintenence tab from the folder that pops up, then choose the print head alignment. You will need two pieces of paper to align your print heads and will have to look at the pictures printed to tell your printer how it looks. Good luck.
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How do you empty the Waste Ink Absorber on a Canon mp210 printer?
Please help!
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