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Canon Canon LaserClass 9000

Canon Laser Class 9000 Super G3 Manual

Several threads on this forum reference the following link to obtain a manual for this device, http://www.jimd.ca/CLC9000.pdf; however, this link appears to no longer be valid. Does anyone know where else I could find a manual for this device? Specifically, this fax machine is printing our old company name on the cover sheet of all outgoing faxes. I need to change this to the new company name. I'm sure this would be an easy task if I had a manual. Thank you in advance for your help.
The laserclass 8000 model programs the same as the 9000 just fill out the e-mail address and check to agree with terms and conditions and click check availability.
***.2instructions.***/search.php?cmarque=CANON&modele=LASER\%20CLASS\%20 8000\%20(LC-8000)
Just replace the (***) with (3w's) and (com)since the system will not allow the actual link.
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$39.95 for a users manual!!!! When all you really have to do is to lift the panel push the DATA REGISTRATION button, hit SET and then the down arrow until you find what you need, hitting SET and down as necessary. We have 9000 in our office. If I had a printed Users manual, I would burn it in my fireplace. That's how useless they are. It's a lot quicker to just push the damn buttons. Why are people so afraid to try?
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Thanks Moe. The company name has been changed!
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Here is a link to the 9000 User's guide. The file is about 120mb. The link will be valid for 30 days and 300 downloads. Get it while it's hot.


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Would it be possible for you to possibly put another copy of the LC 9000 Users guide up on yousendit.com for download again? - unknown
The first link posted was to a free service manual.
Thank You..
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I put in a new cartridge not long ago, and it keeps telling me to change cartridge, and doesn't want to print unless I remove it, replace it, and hold the front tightly shut. Is the circular button in the back of the cartridge load area a sensor? I have wiped it off, thinking that might help. No dice. Have you any insight?
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I took the suggestions to just press buttons and I think I found what I need. Only problem is it seems to be password protected but no one here has a password. Does anyone know how to reset it?
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How do I create a group fax list and speed dial? Help!
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Flashing alarm light, no error code, just "check printer", line is good, can't receive or send. Any ideas?
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There are 2 check printer messages. 1 refers to check printer door, meaning a door open. The other has a code associated ##322, ##323,##324,##325. First one, and the most likely would be a fuser problem (not heating up), second 2 are laser scanner problems, last one is a fan problem. I've got a service manual PDF if it would help. - moe
my acivity reports print on legal paper and I need to change it to letter size -- can you help. thx
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1. Open both One-touch Speed Dialing panels. Then press DATA

2. Press SET

3. Press the search buttons to display REPORT SETTINGS.

4. PressSET.

5. Use the search buttons to display the item you want to set or

6.PRT REPORT WHERE Select a paper supply source for the activity report.

OFF Report prints from the first available paper supply source.

ON The number and type of cassettesa vailable depends on
the paper cassettes currently installed. The additional
front paper cassette is optional for the LASER [email protected]

LASER [email protected] 9OOOL

LASER [email protected] 9000L with the optional cassette
FRONT LOWER CAS. - unknown
How do you change the date and time? I tried data registration and get to the date and time but can't actually change the time!

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Data Registration. Press SET 3 times. Type in the numbers and after you're done press SET then STOP.
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due to a child pressing a lot of buttons on our printer, now we are not receiving faxes...can you offer any assistance or information on how to check for our problem??
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