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Epson Epson Stylus Pro 7600

Epson 7600, NOT CHARGING ink after damper change

I hope somebody can please help me

I have a 7600 printer that stopped printing Cyan. After much folly with Windex etc.I replaced the damper but it would not charge the ink, despite running init fills and many power cycles. I flushed back all the other inks and tried again but no luck.

I am able to prime the dampers with a seringe, so there are no nblockages in the line.
I have checked the pump and it does appear to be sucking.
The cap assemebly is now nice a clean after windex
There are no blockages between the cap and the pump.

It just seems the cap cannot pull any ink through the head. Why oh why.

Can anyone help please. I will even pay someone to come sheck it out,.. Just not Epson fees please.

Many thanks
Did you ever get this figured out, I'm having a similar problem
by tyscri on Feb 2, 2010 at 11:48pm Add comment
I'm updating this so people can have some information if they stumble upon this thread.

Similar to the OP I cleaned the head, serviced the pump, cleaned the capping assembly, purged the lines, cleaned the dampeners, and cleaned the valves. And I was still having issues.

The dampener seals seem to stretch out after a while and when the pump isn't able to create a vacuum (because it's sucking air) no ink is pulled through the lines. I added o-rings to the dampeners and found that to solve the problem. Dampeners can be ordered from ebay for ~$8/ea. at the time of this posting.

Other thoughts: If the dampener seals are good, the dampeners can be cleaned very effectively with a syringe and Windex/Simple Green. While performing a cleaning or initial fill you may try adjusting the head position using the knob on the top of the carriage; the head should be at its lowest point. The valves are really sturdy, unless you have a reason to suspect them, don't bother cleaning/servicing, they're a pain to get to and probably not the culprit (but cleaning the part where you load ink is reasonable). The pump is very simple, check to see if it's pumping (by putting water on the capping assembly) before servicing it. Clean the wiper gently using some isopropyl alcohol or your favored cleaner (The CLF stuff is good, but Windex seems to work fine, as does Simple Green).
by tyscri on Feb 8, 2010 at 2:48pm Add comment
99\% of the times this happens is because your capping unit is not put on correctly and your dampers aren't situated on the print head correctly. Make sure that you look closely at them and make sure that you see that they are on good and press down firmly so that you are 150\% sure that they are on tight. Also, you may want to take a look at the print head and make sure that it is in its correct place and not crooked. Check the screw that you have to loosen to get the print head out (near the spring) on that little lever. Make sure that the lever is level and straight then tighten it when the print head is secure. If the print head is not level then it won't be situated on the capping assembly correct and guess what? If it isn't on the capping assembly then no ink will pull because the little capping pad has a hose that hooks up directly to the pump. Make sure that you have a manual too. This helps!
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