asked Aug 23, 2009 at 12:41pm
Canon Canon NP 18

On Canon MP830 - In Use/ Memory light flashes

I first had a 6A00 Error. Did all the things listed on forum but to no avail. Took unit to Repair man who replaced the Purge Unit for $93.00. Brought it home, reconnected it and it still will not print! Just keep getting "In Use/Memory" light flashing and a 'clicking noise' upon starting. Canon's Web help states that the USB is connected to the wrong input - but it IS CONNECTED TO 'L', so that's not the problem. Tried all the holding of Reset/Stop and pressing On/Off several times, unplugging power, and USB and reconnecting but to no avail. Does anyone know how to "reset this memory full or whatever error" so I don't have to drive another long distance to the Repair shop if it is just a simple procedure to correct. (Print Buffer is empty from computer). This Canon MP830 sucks for a machine that is only 18 months old and the ink is sooo expensive. So much for the Good Reviews before buying!) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Pianosax. (This is my daughter's and she's Unemployed at present so money is tight!)
'L' is wrong. You need to plug into the USB port that has the three little arrows.
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