asked Jun 11, 2009 at 6:11pm
Xerox Xerox Phaser 6350

phaser 6350 not printing cyan

have a xerox phaser 6350 that does not print cyan.has anyone seen this problem?
I would start at the imaging unit. check the gears and the cyan drum and make sure they are rotating and have all the teeth. Next check the developer unit for the same issues and make sure you still have toner on the developer roller. Next back would be a clogged auger tube or something blocking the laser from writing the the cyan drum. I recently had to disassemble a imaging unit to remove some labels on the cleaning blades and I can see where one of the gears or plastic bushings/locks could pop off and cause image issues.
by nivek on Jun 11, 2009 at 8:23pm Add comment
the mag roll on the developer has no toner and the devloper is turning.just removed the cartridge and ran toner motor advised by another tech in diagnostic and noticed the motor was running but the gear was not turning like the other looked like it was binding .
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Possible auger tube has a hard chunk of toner. Use the back end of the screw driver and smack along the tube.If not could be the whole auger assembly comes with the motor.
by jsperk on Jun 12, 2009 at 11:29am Add comment
i will try hitting the tube.does it have to be taken apart to get to the tubes or is it simple to get to?thanks
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replaced the auger and ran the toner motor.after a couple cycles the motor started making noise and the auger seems to have stopped it possible that there is blockage in the developer housing?
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My experience with this issue has to do with after market toner cartridges. They seem to be less reliable, and i had several service calls on this issue. Normally I manually run the toner cartridge to insure the internal auger is frre and working, have found a few of these jammed, and then go to Maintenance mode and run the auger for a couple of minutes, the developer assy was probably starved.
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i have the same problem with an 6360. how can i come to maintenance mode ? from where can i get an service manual ?
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