asked Apr 6, 2009 at 4:27pm
Hp HP LaserJet 2200

New (used) HP LaserJet 2200: paper tray issue?

I just received the above printer, and I can't get it to work... I actually was able to get to it's little network interface (through Parallels Desktop running XP on my Mac, no less) and it says that the paper tray is empty. Well, it isn't. Can anyone here tell me if there's a simple way to get it to recognize that there is paper in the printer??

Thanks, John
...and fixed it!! I think someone had replaced the feed roller assembly, and had accidentally pushed the paper sensor lever too far to the left (when looking down on the printer while it's flipped upside-down), away from the feed roller. By taking the feed roller back out, I was able to move the sensor lever back to where it should be.

For anyone who might find this thread in the future, looking to fix this issue, a helpful hint is that if your sensor lever is in the wrong place, it will get in the way of sliding tray 2 out to add paper. There's a small notch in the back of the tray that allows it to slip past the lever when it's in the right place. Noticing that made it so I realized the lever needed to be positioned about a half-inch closer to the feed roller than it was...

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Read the part of the message before "or the paper tray is empty". Computer can't even see the paper tray, so that part of the message means nothing.
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Okay, let me expain more thoroughly. The printer has a JetDirect interface, and I have it hooked up to the network. Apparently there is a little java-based interface in the printer, accessible via a web browser (but only in Windows), that I was able to access, and it reported that the problem was an empty paper tray.

I finally had the brilliant (sarcasm intended) idea of putting some paper in the manual feed tray (tray 1), and it works. So, the conclusion appears to be that the printer is somehow unable to sense that there is paper in tray 2, but will print out of tray 1, the manual loader.

Anyone have a clue about how to go about fixing this issue??

Many thanks in advance,
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The paper sense lever on the 2200 can get stuck up so it does not detect that the tray is loaded,

The thing you are looking for is a black part about an inch from the paper feed roller, it is mounted on the feed roller drive shaft.

Wiggle the item up and down, it does not move far, but it should move freely.

If it sticks it is probably out of position. to put it back I would remove the feed roller so I can move the drive shaft around and slide the paper sense lever back into position.
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Are there manuals here someplace, that would tell me how to remove the feed roller to reposition the paper sense lever? I can see now that it is definitely out of place, or at least not working properly...
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Never mind... Found one!
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Thanks Stephen, for your help with this! Reading back over your post, I realize you were telling me to do just exactly what I did!! At the time I read it as needing to remove the entire drive assembly! The service manual's photos are lousy, and it took me awhile to orient myself to the parts in question. Thanks very much again!!
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