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Canon Canon Pixma MP150

Canon MP150 does not recognize ink cartridges

On the screen is flashing E5 and Black ink and Color ink lights are flashing. I am not able to print, scan or make copy of any thing. I have both cartiridges in there correctly. I have had the printer for two years with no problems. However, recently I bought a new black ink cartridge (usually I do refills) and kept the colour one in there - Now I get the error message. When I take both of them out and put it in correctly again, the black one is recognized but the colour one is not.

Can the problem be solved without buying a new colour cartridge - I am certain that there is plenty of ink still in there. And if I do have to buy a new colour cartridge, would that garuntee to get the error away?

I had no trouble printing for a week or so but then this error occurred and won't go away - which means it won't let me print. Full error screen bascially says "Ink cartridges cannot be recognized". I think it has got to do with the new ink cartridge I bought and the old colour one I left in there. Any solutions?
I have this problem currently and have studied all the possible solutions.

A lot of answers mix up empty ink levels with the error E5. E5 is a cartridge problem. Empty ink levels showing empty when the cartridge is full can be cured by a factory reset.

It seems to me that the nasty people at Cannon have some built in obsolescence in the cartridge firmware; some time in the past I couldn't get to a refill shop so I had to buy at Cannons extortionate price. So I have two sets of cartridges one older than the other.

A few months after my last refill, for no reason, after I switched the printer on I had an error light on the printer with the two cartridge lights flashing and showing an error 5. I had them refilled as normal and the error still showed; I used an MP tool to reset. Afterwards I carried out a factory reset, to no avail.

Finally I put the two younger cartridges in that were empty, carried out a factory reset and re-booted the printer. Because of the reset when checking in maintenance it showed the ink fill as adequate as against empty. I put the black full and younger cartridge in, carried out a reset and had perfect black printing. Replaced the black with the old full one and then swapped the suspect colour cartridge. The E5 error returned.

Meaning I had either a dead cartridge or a deliberate firmware error, either way the cartridge was US.

I have now got to return to the shop with one full useless cartridge one full usable cartridge plus two empty usable ones and pour my heart out to do an ink swap.

The factory reset is below and the MP tool is a rigorous process involving downloading the tool and extra software that will recognise *.php.

Disconnect the power supply to the printer by removing the power lead from the back.
Press and hold the Power Button whilst plugging the power lead back in, then whilst continuing to hold the button down press the Reset Button (the one with the red triangle inside the circle) twice.
Release the Power Button and after around 10 seconds the display will show ‘0’.
Press the + Button to change the value from ‘0’ to ‘1’.
Press the Colour Button; you’ll notice that both the A4 Plain Paper and A4 Photo Paper LEDs will now be on.
Make sure that there is some paper in the paper feeder.
Press the Power Button twice; the printer will now print some random information which you can discard.
If this does not work press the colour button twice.
Now open the printer cover (not the scanner cover) and remove the cartridges. With the printer still open, remove the power lead from the back of the printer once again.
Close the printer cover.
Replace the power lead and press the Power Button to turn the printer back on.
Now replace the cartridges and the ink level monitor will be reset
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