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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2605

HP Color LaserJet 2605 calibration error.

I have an HP Color LaserJet 2605n in for repair. The problem is that the calibration is way out. It shows up on the config page, the little angles at the bottom left and right corners are displaced by several millimetres and all mixed up. It seems that different colours are displaced by differing amounts. At the top of the page it seems OK but gets worse as you go down the page.

The manual is unhelpful. I have tried the recalibrations several times, changed the DC Controller and the transfer belt but to no avail. I can email a PDF of the config page.

Does anyone know what I should look at next?

Thank you MichaelTech,

I have now reflashed the firmware but no change.

Any other ideas will be very welcome.
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Finally got to the route of this problem. The clutches on the right side of the toner cartridges were to blame. I swapped some out of a CLJ1600 and the problem went away.

Hope someone may find this useful.
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Can you look at these images (http://geerdes.dyndns.org/hp.zip) and tell me if I have the same problem as you had? What exactly are these clutches?


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working url as the site has a problem with the last parenthesis behind the url:

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Yes my problem was similar to those images. I took it apart thinking the clutches would be evident. They were not. So I cleaned the mirrors again, and then reassembled it. No more calibration overlap. BUT, I had lots of yellow streaks. So I got another toner cartridge, and still get the yellow streak problem.

At this point I have to try and figure out if the problem is with the printer itself, or if co-incidentally, I have had 2 bad cart's in a row.

In your case, try taking the mirror box out again, and then putting it in again.
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Solved my problem:

Have a look at this topic:


My replies have pictures attached that show where to look for it.

Maybe you have the same 'very easy to fix' problem.

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I assume that fixed the problem with the paper jam message?

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It fixed the problem with the paper jam message and all other problems (calibration which was worse at the bottom)
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I needed to complete 3 steps to fix a registration problem. The colored toner was in registration, but the black toner was shifted to the right about 1/4 in.

Be sure to record your network settings and other setting you will want to restore after you follow this procedure.

1. I did a "Super NVRAM initialization" by turning the printer off, waiting 10 seconds, then while holding the right and left arrow buttons down, I turned the printer back on and waited for the message "Permanent storage init" to display. Then I released the buttons. The printer then reset itself and the major problem was fixed.
2. I could now see that the colors were not in perfect registration (magenta was off by about 3 pixels), but black was back where it should be. I then ran calibration once.
3. The colors and black now looked nearly perfect (off by a fraction of a pixel).

My colors are still slightly muted (genuine HP cartridges), especially magenta, so I will probably clean the mirrors in the laser/scanner assembly. But now the printer works better than it has for weeks.
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Thank you very much for this information. I was looking for a solution of this problem since early in september. The HP-Support didn't give me any solution other than an offer about 260 euro for repairing the printer.
Sincerely, Heinz. - unknown
Thank you for the post you wrote! I spent three hours talking to two guys from HP chat support, I called 4 services - nothing. And finally I found your solution. Thank you on behalf of all hp laser printers users :) Stay active! Special greetings from Kraków / Poland! - unknown
Thank you, this fixed my problem. - bsdarby
I thank you too! It helps me very much.
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As it looks like the previous link to the HP topic that I mentioned in 2009 no longer works, here a new link.


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good day friends,i have changed the fuser of my hp clj 2605 printer but the message "fuser error" keep coming up.what shall i do. please help me. my unit is slightly used.
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The error comes in three versions. 50.1, 50.2 or 50.3. Which one. Also make sure you are using the correct fuser. The fuser for the 2600 is not the same as the one needed for the 2605. RM1-1824 is what you need if 110V. Make sure the fuser is the correct voltage.
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Firmware re-flash will fix this.
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