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Brother Brother MFC 9840CDW


Hi all

I have just replaced a clients fuser unit in the above machine and it still is asking for a fuser replacement, obviously the situation is that a counter needs resetting, Brother UK in their infinite wisdom will not give out the procedure even though we sold the machine. Does anyone know the procedure to get in to service and reset the counter.

This machine is the same as the HL404cn range if that helps.
1) Press the 3 and 9 buttons at the same time in the ready status.
2) “Reset Menu” will appear on the LCD. Scroll to Fuser by pressing up arrow or down arrow button then press the OK button.
3) “1. Reset 2. Exit” appears on the LCD. Press the 1 button to reset the fuser counter. The display briefly shows “Accepted”.
The machine returns to the ready status after a few seconds.
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Thank you very much. No where in the manual does it state anything about the fuser unit though the machine said to replace it which I did. This was very helpful! - Anonymous
This also worked on the brother DCP9040 colour machine. - Utax dave
Thank you, i will try it.
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I'm thinking about buying a 9840 printer, but I would like to know some questions:

It's possible to reset the counters without changing the supplies: toner cartridges, fusser, drum, belt?


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Yes use the details above and you can reset without changing items. Obviously the toner is physical and does run out so this won't reset.
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The toner can be reset as well:
- open the front door
- press "clear" button
- you get a menu with 8 options: a capacity per color that you want it to start counting down from again.

Pity brother doesn't measure toner and the like on quality but went the overly easy way of using countdowns instead and then forcing the use of a hidden reset menu to overrule the warning of the printer that supplies might be low.
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Good printer overall, but wasteful on toner. If you replace when it asks you are throwing away half full cartridges. Search online for the tape method in addition to the above reset option. I recently found this and have more than doubled toner life with no degrading of quality. Problem is that you then have no concrete way to determine when the toner actually really needs replacement. - unknown
Thanks for this info...I was advised that the Fuser and Belt units are prompted for changing some time BEFORE they really need to be changed so I have just 'reset' and will advise of any adverse problems! Note on the printer toner change notice - I have changed the status from "standard (s)" to high yield (h) following the instruction on the blog below and it works a treat! We get much more use out of the toner. Thanks everyone!!!
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I have an MFC-9840 a breaker tripped on the circuit it was pluged into, power was restored but now the printer is unresponsive. Is there a ground fault reset and if so where is it located?
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No resets.
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I just replaced the Drum Unit, Belt Unit and Toner Cartridges, on my Brother MFC-9840-CDW and the printer works and prints however the color prints are very washed out looking or light. Can anyone maybe tell me why? Is it because i used re manufactured toner cartridges? Or is there a setting i need to change.

I bought a Canon MF-8380-CDW and it puts the Brother to shame on quality. Cannot tell the difference in print quality from my HP ink jet printer and the Canon laser, the Canon actually looks better than the inkjet.
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Dag Nabit. I bought this 9840CDW at Goodwill for $15 ! I checked it out in the store- I wanted it even with no toner.... The scanning / e-filing my office was my interest...

So I go to play around with the empty memory slot- tying to add an old ddr SOMDIMM from a laptop, because it looks like it will fit...

It fit just enough to short something or trip something..

Before that, however, I was getting "faulty wiring " reports from the machine- as this building is older than the dirt upon which it sits, or more worn out anyways..

Please help.. Resets? Tricks? Fuses?

Can I use this doc feeder on another system? Help!
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