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Hp HP DesignJet 450C

HP 450C designjet will not plot

I have an HP 450C which is in overall good condition. However, when it boots up the cartridge error light continues to flash and the plotter won't plot. I've replaced the cartridges and cleaned everything I could think of and still get this error. Any suggestions?
The cartridge light blinking means the plotter is not seeing one or more of the cartridges correctly. The issue can be the cartridges, the carriage assembly, trailing cable or emod. The first thing you want to do is turn off the plotter and using a cloth dampened with plain water clean the contacts in the back of the carriage assembly that mate with the contacts on the actual cartridges. Now turn the plotter on with none of the cartridges installed and after initialization the carriage should come to rest on the left side. Open the top cover and then first insert the black cartridge and see if the ready lights blinks 2 or 3 times. If it does leave the black cartridge in place. Then take the next cartridge and do the same and again look for the ready light to blink and if it does go to the next. If with any of the color cartridges the light does not blink, again remove all the cartridges and on one of the color cartridges that worked break off the knub in the front of the cartridge that prevents you from putting the cartridge in the wrong slot. Now insert that color cartridge into the slot that did not work. If the ready light now blinks then the cartridge your tried before is bad and if the ready light does not blink, then you have an issue with the carriage assembly, trailing cable or emod. Most times I have seen where due to rough handling the contact strip that run in the back of the carriage assembly has a small tear that prevents proper electrical contact and requires the replacment of the carriage assembly. The black cartridge which is a different number will not work in the color slots and conversly the color cartridges will not work in the black slot. Hope some of this helps.
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Ive replaced alot of trail cables for this issue. On the right side where it bends at a 90 decree angle it has been known to break one of the flex cables in the trail cable. If you do not have one thats white on top and has a black under side with rubber coating then I would replace that first since it hasnt had the upgrade done for this issue. I will add to DMZ's post though HP did also upgrade the carraige assembly contact material the old ones are a see through material where the new ones have a white contact material. If you dont see the tear like he was talking about I would first replace the trail cable. I would say Ive replace around 75 trail cables and about 5 carriages for the cartridge problem. Another symtom of the trail cable not working is half way through a plot it just stops printing anything but continues like nothing has happened then when done gives the cartridge error. Try DMZ's stuff first though alot of people will have a bad cartridge like yellow being one Ive seen alot and dont replace it becuase of the little usage they think that couldnt be it but after doing the above test find out thats there problem child.
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