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Hp HP DesignJet 30

HP C6180 Hard Reset procedure

My HP C6180 All-in-one kept rebooting every 20 seconds or so.
Unplugging made no difference. It kept on rebooting, and giving me an "Improper Shutdown" message each time just before it reset again.

A technician on Chat told me how to do a HARD reset on the printer:

1. Remove all cables, including:
2. Unplug the printer power.
3. Hold down # and 6 on the keyboard.
4. Plug the power cord back in.

You should have a clean boot, and an empty configuration.

Unfortunately, in my case, the printer starting doing this again 30 minutes later, indicating there was something else causing the problem, but it might help others.
I signed in to this site just so I could thank pfirth. THANK YOU! My daughter had a project that needed to be printed out and this is the exact problem we had. Thanks again! David
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Thanks, it worked for me too!
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The procedure does work for a hard reset as it is suggested. Additional information I found was by performing a "wireless test" as presented on the networking menu, I could recreate the exact issue, and my printer would start resetting itself again.

I turned the wireless feature off and physically plugged the HP directly into the network. With the wireless still on this printer will continue to malfunction, so I would suggest to anyone experiencing this issue that is using it wirelessly to try switching to a physical connection to see if it alleviates a reoccurrence.

thanks for the reset procedure!
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Did your's continue to work? I went through all the proceedures in the postings and finally got it to boot up without powering off again. Then when I sent my first wireless job to it - bam! It started going through the same off and on stuff. I'd appreciate you letting me know. Thanks! - Anonymous
Has anyone figured out why the printer fails again when using the wireless network after a hard reset? I've reset it several times and it works but once i use the wireless network to print it fails again. - Anonymous
Did you ever learn of a resolution for restoring the wireless capability after a hard reset? Hope we connect! - WineFlirt
Thanks very much for this info, my printer reset and has worked fine since. I too was getting and improper shutdown message.
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Thank you very much. It worked for me .
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I too signed up just to thank pfirth. HP wouldn't help me because printer is out of warranty (unless I paid for tech support). I googled the printer model w/ error message and BAM there it was! Thank you pfirth!! All is well, and my kids can get back to their homework and I don't have to go out and spend a couple hunge $ on a new printer. You da best!!
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Thanks pfirth..
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1 Hold down HELP + OK button and unplug printer (could experiment with regular power-off, but I opted for brute force)

2 Hold down HELP + OK button again as you plug the printer back in. Then power it on, if it doesn’t power on automatically. Be Safe: keep holding the buttons until the printer turns itself off. (It took mine less than a minute.)

3 Now you can release the buttons and simply power it back on. (I held my breath, but that’s not required.)

4 I got an error message about “improper shut down” since I unplugged it w/out powering down.

5 After I clicked “OK” the printer reset. I had to hit HELP + OK again and it displayed reset and went through a noisy reset process.. And now I can print.
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I could kiss you if i could... thank you, thank you, and thank you one more time. I did what you said -Help + Ok- It worked!!! I even held my breath like you did. I was about to brake my printer outoff frustation, but thanks to you I still have a printer. I was trying to fix this printer for more than 4 days... I am so happy right now. I needed this printer to work, so I can print my English paper, due in one 1 1/2 hours. Thank you and have a great day. - Anonymous
I wasn't able to get the #-6 procedure to work, it was still recycling; or I didn't do it right, so I combined it with the 5180 method above, and it worked as the 5180 procedure described:

1. Before pulling power plug, depress and hold the # and the 6 and them hold down from here on;

2. Pull the power plug, I counted to 30 before proceeding, with # and 6 still depressed;

3. Reinserted the power plug with # AND 6 still held down until machine powers down, about 30 more seconds or so.

4. Machine eventually resets (turns off). N.B... ALL settings have been erased including fax and wireless, so you need to set them up at the end, below. OK to release # and 6 now.

5. Press power button. Will come up quickly to the do-not-unplug-power warning, hit OK. Machine will now go through 2 minutes of initialization, mechanical hokey-pokey that hp's do.

6. If you use wireless, do the wireless setup from NETWORK menu and print the network report which confirms connection as well as that it can print.

7. Set up FAX if needed.

Hope this helps...
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Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your procedure worked perfectly and I did the network reset for wireless printing and everything is back to normal. For me it was the combination of the C5180 and C6180 procedure.

Thanks so much, I've been at this for two days! - WineFlirt
After this hard reset, I WANT MY WIRELESS CAPABILITY BACK! That is precisely the reason that I bought this HP C6180. The hard reset method does get rid of the Improper Shutdown Error Message, but I completely lose wireless capability. As soon as I re-initiate my wireless connection, my printer reverts to the Improper Shutdown message. I have not been able to find any solution offered online after hours of research. Does anyone know how to get wireless capability back on this printer? - WineFlirt
Hi heycompman! Your method works great until i reset the wireless, which causes the radio to turn off and pushes the printer into the endless Improper Shutdown Message cycling. Any ideas as to how to restore the wireless capability after this hard reset on the C6180? - WineFlirt
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Me too - # + 6.

Thank you very much for the the factory defaults button combination. My printer has been back for 15 mins so far and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Strange it even happened for me. I've had radio disabled and use wired only for the 18 months before this happened, and it still shows 'Off' after factory reset.

As an aside regarding how flaky the radio can be on these, I've had particular files on a CF card hang just the wireless networking (not the wired, or the rest of the printer), and this is repeatable using these particular files. Doesn't matter what I call the files, or if I re-copy these file onto a different CF card, the printer's wireless hangs if I transfer CF->PC over wireless using the printer. Fine via wired, however.

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Did NOT work for mine... tried it all... Biggiest POS in the world. Should have known... I dropped HP like a rock 12 years ago... should've never came back

Who wants a free printer?
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I followed instructions from the post of Nov 2009....I'd tried everything and was getting ready to just throw my printer out the window. But holding down the # and the 6 at the same time and then un-pluggin, holding and plugging back in 30 secs later seemed to do the trick. Of course now it's doing all it's re-aligning but I'm just thrilled that it's stopped cycling every 15 seconds !!
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worked like a charm - [email protected]!
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I have tried all of this and my printer still just turns on and off. Any other suggestions?
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none.. mine still does it
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Also want to thank you for this tip. I went through the process and after getting the system back to it's original state, as soon as I configured the wireless, it turned off and started cycling through the improper shutdown sequence again. So went through the #&6 process again and instead of configuring wireless, I used an ethernet cable and it has been fine since. Over 24 hours. Sounds like the radio for the wireless is what is causing my problem. The good news is that the DHCP server gave it the same IP address as when it was wireless so no reconfiguration of my computers was necessary. So for those still experiencing the issue, try using ethernet cable vs Wireless connection.
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Hi TN, Did you ever learn how to restore the wireless capability?
Been at this for four weeks and have found no solution. The ethernet cord works just like you indicated. But I bought this printer for the primary purpose of wireless operation. Hope we connect. - WineFlirt
Screw HP... biggest POS ever...
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Thanks, it worked for me too!
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Brilliant pfirth (11/22/08). I have searched everywhere (and all over the HP sites!) and found nothing of use. I had the "keep shutting down and restarting" problem. So I used the # 6 while restarting and......EUREKA...problem (for the time being at least!) is fixed. Thank you. SOmeone should make this known to HP??
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Thanks a lot! it worked just perfect and still does!
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Does the wireless capability work also? - WineFlirt
After this hard reset, I WANT MY WIRELESS CAPABILITY BACK! That is precisely the reason that I bought this HP C6180. The hard reset method does get rid of the Improper Shutdown Error Message, but I completely lose wireless capability. As soon as I re-initiate my wireless connection, my printer reverts to the Improper Shutdown message. I have not been able to find any solution offered online after hours of research. Does anyone know how to get wireless capability back on this printer?
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I'm with you on this one. Did you ever get a response?
After this hard reset, I WANT MY WIRELESS CAPABILITY BACK! That is precisely the reason that I bought this HP C6180. The hard reset method does get rid of the Improper Shutdown Error Message, but I completely lose wireless capability. As soon as I re-initiate my wireless connection, my printer reverts to the Improper Shutdown message. I have not been able to find any solution offered online after hours of research. Does anyone know how to get wireless capability back on this printer?
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Same thing happens to me. As soon as I reset the wireless connection, the printer goes back into the endless cycle of improper shutdown message and no printing. Did you ever learn how to restore the wireless capability after a hard reset?
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Thank you for your help. Like the others, searched for DAYS for a solution. Not going to get one from HP. Still doesn't work wireless. SIGH!! Hope some other amazing person figures this out. Or we can do like they did to the fax machine in Office Space and just beat the living crap out of these machines at HP Headquarters.
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I used the # 6 and it would stop the printer from cycling...I would then turn the wireless back on and connect to my network...and just like everyone else, it would disable the wireless and start cycling as soon as we sent something to print. We are using this printer for a wired desktop...but I also have 2 laptops that work wireless on the same network. The problem seemed to start occurring when one or both of my laptops were on and connected to the network I went and disconnected both from the wireless network...then did the #6, reconnected the printer to the wireless network...and it worked...printed with no issue. It seems to be that if any other machines are connected to the wireless at the same time you want to kicks back into improper shutdown mode.

Hopefully this helps...worth a try?

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Had this problem a while ago and had it solved with the # + 6 trick.
But it's back in a slightly different form now and my printer seems to be fucked for good...
no improper shutdown message, just a reboot after a few seconds and nothing helped so far :(
damn HP
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Hi, I unplugged my printer held the # and 6 for 3 seconds. Then I let go and plugged my printer in. It had no effect. What am I doing wrong
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Hold the buttons WHILE you plug it BACK IN...
by unknown on Aug 19, 2010 at 10:43pm Add comment
try * and 6 together. the # sign didn't work for me but * and 6 was the ticket.
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Not Happy , Nothing working n support is no good , turns into wanting to sell you more problems , Dont know how to trust or to beleive , just keeps costing me my time n money n getting nowhere, Disappointed ! ! ! Ken Herman
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Apparently some defective components were used in the construction of the logic board (see photo). On my C6180 there were 3 failed capacitors (the green cylinders - the puffed top indicates failure) and a 4th from the same manufacturer (TEAPO - many unfavorable web references to this manufacturer). I purchased 3x 330uF 16V and 1x 680uF 10v rated to 105 degrees Celsius (total about 60cents). On the logic board, the capacitors I replaced are labeled C613, C614, C660 and C662. If you are not comfortable replacing the parts yourself (or don't have a soldering tool), you will have to find someone who will. The time to repair should be less than 30 min - I did it in 25 min with only a solder pen. This also fixed the ink system failures the printer was having. A similar fix may apply to other printers produced by HP around this time. See image -

Disassembly is straight forward, all you need is a Torx T-9 screwdriver (I got mine from Home Depot, but you probably get them from lots of places). The only thing you need to remove is the cover over the logic board on the right end of the printer - you need to remove 3 screws (see images at this link ) - see pink circles. The logic board is held on with 5 T9 screws (these are different from the ones holding on the cover) - see pink circles. Lastly there are 11 wire connectors on the logic board. The ribbon cables pull out from their connectors, when re-assembling, push back in with care - some are rather stiff. When replacing the capacitors, don't install them backwards! The logic board is well labeled.

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Hi, I replaced capacitor C613 (330 uF) as well as C662 (680 uF) by new 1000 uF ones, and the problem with continuous restarts of the printer are now resolved. Thanks dodo105 ! - mroset
Great hint ! I have a C6180 which is 4 years old exhibiting the same problem of an endless rebooting loop after powering up. One of the 330uF caps (all TEAPO brand) had below 80uF, the other two were also out of specification so I exchanged them all. In my case the 680uF cap was a different brand and fully o.k.

After this repair printer works like new.

Thanks for your well documented info.
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Great solution and many thanks to dodo105! Changed out the three 330uF capacitors, like Wolfgang the 680uF was a different brand and ok. Two of the 330uF caps had bulging tops. Printer now works like new, many thanks for the pix and detailed info. Cost for repair was around $15 as I didn't trust my own soldering skills!
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Solution worked for me. Printer problems first started with the LCD screen looking like it had static, then scanning jobs looked terrible and finally the constant power cycling. Doing the hard reset procedure stopped the power cycling but as soon as I submitted a wifi print job the power cycling started all over again. Following the repair procedures, I bought all four capacitors online for a total of $0.48 and did the repair myself. I plugged it back in and the LCD static is gone, scan jobs are perfect and wifi print jobs went through without a glitch.

Thank you.

Here is were I bought the capacitors:
3 x 330uf p/n 70K9747 at $0.102 each
1 x 680uf p/n 38M0328 at $0.17 each
by NetRyder on Oct 16, 2010 at 9:03pm Add comment
I just wanted to add my heartfelt thanks!!! for this fix. I had been fighting my HP C6180 for weeks. I found some capacitors on some old HP printer circuit cards and used them. Just paralleled a couple of 330s for the 680. Works like new. I thought I was going to have to toss it along with some expensive ink. Thanks again!
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I tried t replacing the capacitors but when I pluged back start making noise I dont konw what is wrong please help me.
by supered27 on Nov 15, 2010 at 8:45am Add comment
Re: Dodo105's helpful hint

For me, it was C613. Replaced it and (so far) it seems to be working just fine! BTW, the capacitor in my parts drawer was 330uF, 50V. Temp rating and manufacturer = unknown.

Was scratching my head over which panel hid the circuit board. Then I found your photos on Picasa! Thanks!!
by ojiwankenobi on Jan 8, 2011 at 10:40am Add comment
My heartfelt thanks for Dodo105's help as well. Not having a lot of experience soldering circuit boards and even less in tools, I ordered the capacitors and a Radio Shack (don't make fun!) soldering iron. I even bought a solder sucker. So with my wife holding a magnifying glass, I was finally able to get the capacitor with the "popped" top out of the board and replaced it. The bad one was C613 on my board as well. I chickened out on the others for now, but have the parts (and the courage!) if I need to go further. The good news is all is great and replacing the one bad capacitor did the trick. My printer works like new. Thanks again Dodo105!!!
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Thank You Dodo105.

I have had my printer for a few years and for the last year it didnt work. I tried the hard reset before and it worked temporarily. I was getting ready to chuck it today, when I read your post. I went to radio shack, and bought some capacitors and replaced them and so far so good.
For anyone else out there with this problem...note I am not an electrician and until today, I couldnt tell you what a capacitor looked like, but I followed the directions to get to the circuit board, and noted the ones that were bulging on top and then it was simple sodder work.
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I can not thank you enough I have been fighting this for two days, almost bought a new printer.

The # 6 button worked great I am back in business.

Thank you again for taking the time to inform others you gesture is most appreciated. I now have to pass it forward to others.

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Any suggestions on how to get the side panel off.. we have removed the screws but there are two clips on the bottom that don't seem to be cooperating..any suggestions on how to free these 2 clips?

many thanks
by pwheels on Apr 19, 2011 at 8:17am Add comment
the tops of the capacitors don't look like they are bulging.but my printer is displaying all the symptoms of this text..can they be bad anyway? Thanks
by pwheels on Apr 19, 2011 at 8:49am Add comment
Thank you so much for the fix pfirth. It worked to stop the rebooting but the printer is still not being found by the computer. DO you know how to fix this? Anybody?
by agrihuntfarms on May 9, 2011 at 7:39am Add comment
It worked for me too!!
by unknown on Jul 13, 2011 at 3:45pm Add comment
It really helps me a lot. I's getting tired and bored with this problem. It really works fine.
Once again, THANKS A LOT.
Keep goin' on with your working tips.
by unknown on Jul 27, 2011 at 11:27am Add comment
# 6 worked for me too many thanks probably saved me a fortune lol

Kind Regards
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In my case I tried every kind of reset, but always failed. Ink system failure appeared again. Then I saw a post in internet which said that a capacitor must have flood. I changed as many as I could but nothing was succeeded. I decided to open it fully and find what is wrong and I realised that a plastic connector had cracked on the moving head. I put on it and on the metal that was supported at some hot silicone and after I closed it, it worked.
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I had the same problem with my c6180, 3 cappacitors had a "popped top" ( 2 330 uf - 1 660 uf ), because i couldn't find a 660 uf, i change it with a 1000 uf capacitor. Everything went fine, and my c6180 is working again. Thanks a lot dodo105
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It is easy to reset C6180 since it has it's own graphic interface. There are other HP models that you need to rely on how the lights respond. I found a step by step guide on how to reset these kind of printers, here's the link It helped me a lot while running my on shop..
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Thanks for the note! You saved me a ton of time! It worked like a charm.
by unknown on Jun 9, 2012 at 5:01pm Add comment
Tried the solder myself...think I failed because now the machine clicks when I plug it in and nothing comes on. I ended up drilling through the old holes because I couldn't get the old solder out. Big no-no? Oops...might have to find a new board now.
by unknown on Dec 4, 2012 at 8:50pm Add comment
Same problem as everyone else: would cycle off and on continuously. pressing #3 on pluging in the printer helped but it would start all over again once I tried to use the WIFI.

Changed the 3 330uf caps and now works like a charm. Didn't have to change the 680uf. Looks like they need to be souldered on both sides of the board so left the legs extened between the board and the cap with heat shrink to be able to soulder under the cap. Heat shrink is to prevent the legs from touching each other or another component.

So who's fault is it: bad caps or bad board engineering puting too much stress on the caps?

Many thanks dodo105!
by Freddywright on Feb 12, 2013 at 8:13pm Add comment
My c6180 used with a wifi connexion has another problem. Printing works well but it's now impossible to make a copy, a scan or to send a fax. The lcd screen displays the message (translation from french)
"Scanner failure"
"Imposs. to scan, to copy or to send a fax".
I've tried all hard reset procedure without any success.
Do you think there is any issue with logic board capacitors ?
Thanks for your help!
by unknown on Apr 8, 2013 at 10:39am Add comment
My HP C6180 will not print E-mails. Just prints title and blanks
out the rest. Anyone know how I fix this problem?
by BTA on Aug 5, 2013 at 10:08am Add comment
My HP C6180 will not print E-mails. Just prints title and blanks
out the rest. Anyone know how I fix this problem?
by BTA on Aug 5, 2013 at 2:46pm Add comment
Thanks a lot !!! All us ok now... After changing cappacitors !!!
by unknown on Nov 28, 2013 at 6:10am Add comment
Spent many hours over 3 days trying to resolve this 'Paper Jam' display on my HP Officejet J6480 all-in-one. Problem began as a sudden 'Carriage Jam', I cleaned out imbedded ripped paper from underside the cradle only to now get a 'Paper Jam' display. There is no paper stuck in any part of this printer. All attempts to reset have been futile. Opened the lower mid-right side, found a plastic connector [PC-10GF]with two black gears, that belonged on a spindle, it somehow dislodged & fell to the bottom of the printer. The internal gear has a hairline crack. Reattached to the spindle, but it popped back off when going through its typical routine. Still get 'Paper Jam'display and have a non-functioning printer. Any suggestions?? in NYC, if there's a printer repair shop to be found, it's about $40 just to look at the machine before repairs.
by unknown on Dec 6, 2013 at 1:57pm Add comment
I had a problem with my HP C5180 : ink system failure.
Thanks to the people here, i had 2 green capacitors with a "popped top".
They were labeled C228 ( 330 µF / 10V ) and C163 ( 660 µF / 6,3V ).
Because i had 2 capacitors 1000 µF / 35V, i used that ones and my HP C5180 is working again like new. Thanks a lot !
I was able to do all my work without disconnecting the cables.
So I had less risk for damaging a ribbon cable.
by unknown on Mar 4, 2015 at 8:31pm Add comment

How do I hold down the # and the 6 at the same time? The "#" requires holding the shift key and the "6" doesn't. Maybe you all have a different type of keyboard. My printer is HP 1220C.

Where do I find these capacitors and where do I get new ones? I know have to be careful with them so as not to get electrocuted.

I have to say for HP that both my 932c and the 1220 lasted for 12 years with no problems. It does seem however that their death is programmed into them.

by OhZone on Aug 29, 2015 at 4:51pm Add comment

Hello all, I replaced caps C613 (330 uF) and C662 (680 uF) by somewhat larger 1000 uF equivalents. Please note that these caps were only mildly bulged. The other caps seemed to be in better shape, so I decided - because of the fact that I only had two 1000 uF capacitors at hand - not to replace the others just yet.


The continuous restarts/reboots as a result of defective caps is now gone and now my printer is back in business !

dodo105, thanks for your excellent work and efforts in finding this out !

by mroset on Feb 23, 2016 at 6:51am Add comment

OhZone, I used dod105's excellent detailed instructions including photos, which can be found here: )

You'll find the instruction steps themselves in this thread, see sep 22, 2010.

by mroset on Feb 23, 2016 at 6:55am Add comment