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Lexmark Lexmark Optra T

Alignment problems with lexmark x6570 printer

Hi there,

I am so frustrated, i have just changed my colour cartridge and it went straight to alignment of cartridges, it printed out a sheet with all colours on it, and and error message was displayed "alighnment problems 1) remove tabs of cartridge (which i have done), 2) load plain A4 paper (which i have), 3) when done press tick (which i did), and it still shows alignment problems. I have done all the problems as shown above, but nothing. I wouldn't mind I was using the printer ok before i changed the cartridge, so i am not amused!!

Can anyone help me, pleeease!!!

I am having the exact same problem with the Black cartrige. I've tried everything I can think of but I can't get it to stop displaying the alignment error. Does anyone have a fix to this issue?
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I'm having exactly the same problem. Is there know one out there that knows how to fix this problem?
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I had the same issue with my black cartridge also.
I emailed Lexmark for support since I was not getting anywhere trying the above. I also cleaned my print jets, etc. All the maintenance items.

I received an email back saying to try this:

Take a lint free paper towel and wipe off the connections on the print cartridge and printer. Place the cartridge back and clean your print jets. Then re-do the alignment.

If this does not work then you will have to buy another cartridge. (I was not amused by this either since the cartridge was only 2 weeks old and not used that much).

Nothing worked for me so did end up buying a new cartridge. $22/usd. I took the old cartridge back to where I bought the new one and they told me I was already out of ink. I could not believe it since I had only had the cartridge 2 weeks.

It makes me want to take this printer back and stick with my Canon Pixma MP780.
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Same here... with a black x44 cartridge, first time I am replacing it.

But hey, it is really only an annoyance coming from the printer's display... because I can print from my computer as usual. Sure this is locking all of the printer's buttons and functions, but I found out that you could press on cancel to get past this notice and continue using your printer normally.
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I had similiar problem, but found that the cartridges must fit perfectly into their slots. Try taking them out and paying very close attention to how you put them back in. I believe that will solve the problem. Be careful - you may have inadvertently damaged a cartridge or the bay it is held in. Hope this helps!
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I have 2 of these printers and experience the same problem on a regular basis. I certainly won't be buying another one, but in the meantime, I have found that when the alignment issue occurs, just press the red X cancel key on the top of the printer and it then prints as normal. Quite a pain to have to do this every time you want to print something, but better than having to buy new cartridges unneccessarily.
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OK....So I have been having this same problem for months and I just found this thread and I FIXED IT!!! I had tried everything, done all of the maint. functions, removed/cleaned..etc.......

HERES WHAT I DID~ I took each cartridge out, I noticed a very small amount of GLUE-LIKE substance on the bottom surface of each cartridge (along the edges facing down). Prob. from the original stickers. Using my finger, all i did was rub this glue residue off. Placed cartgs back gently making sure the bottom surface sits perfectly flat. After that I used the clean cartridge function, then align cartridges function, and, VOILA!! NO MORE ALIGNMENT PROBLEM - FINALLY - OMG :DDDD
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I tried everything as posted here with no avail. I contacted via chat an agent and suggested to remove all ink cartridges and that I placed one cartridge at a starting with the newest one I bought. I placed the first one (Black) and left the color one out. After I placed it, I hit the align bottom and it took care of the problem. The issue was that the color ink cartridge, by been old and almost without ink, was creating the problem. End of my 3 hours research frustration. Contact "Live chat" to solve your issue if you need to.
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Thank you sooooooooooo much,problem gone... :)Brite
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Exact problem... I calles Lexmrk support and the guy says there is a one time charge of $100!!!!! Are you kidding me?!!!!
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