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Samsung Samsung ML 3051N

Samsung ML 3051N Paper Jam (No paper)

I have checked and cannot find this problem elsewhere. I have a samsung 3051n which I can't use because it insists there is a paper jam. Nothing there but the error message will not clear. Turned on and off. Left off for periods of weeks. Stripped down as far as I dare. Blown into all paper areas (recommended by Samsung).
Nothing. Hope someone can shed a little light.
Hello, I know this is an old thread, but someone just gave me an ML-1915 that might have a similar problem with sensors....

The printer does print, but it doesn't finish ejecting the page properly.

The expulsion mechanism stops, with the page printed, but only about 50\%-75\% of the page out of the printing mechanism, so the page jams inside.

It sounds very much like a problem with:

> fuser exit paper sensor or
> sensor flag which interrupts the light beam

Mind you, I don't know this printer at all, so I am just guessing.

Does anyone have any photos/diagrams/service manuals that show those sensors/parts clearly??

Thanks a lot,

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Have you opened up the fuser?? Sometimes just a small piece of paper the size of a dime will cause this. Remove paper tray, toner and fuser. Open up the back of the fuser and check all little nooks of the printer again.
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I found what's causing the error. The fuser exit paper sensor will give "paper jam 2" error messages when it is open.

Upon inspection, this sensor seemed to be o.k. and there was no paper inside. However, the sensor flag which interrupts the light beam is too small by design, and barely functional in a new printer. As the printer aged, the parts holding this flag bent slightly out of shape, and the flag is no properly positioned to interrupt the light beam in its normal (no paper jam) configuration.

Basically the light gate flag should have been made larger to have a greater fault tolerance.

I fixed it by making this light gate interrupting flag a bit larger by attaching some black vinyl tape to it. Now everything seems to work fine again.
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