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Xerox Xerox WorkCentre 7700DN

Help!!! banded, ghosting, and splotchy printing

I hope someone out there can help me isolate what's wrong with my Xerox Phaser 7700dn printer. I'm a designer who desperately needs to be able to make good prints, and with business the way it is, is not excited about spending money without knowing it will fix the problems. I feel like I've tried everything I can think of without beginning to randomly replace parts (though I don't know where I would even start).

I will try to be as detailed as possible in this post.

Recently, my printer has been printing any color in fields/patterns with banding running across it, splotchy in areas, and sometimes with ghosting of elements that appear elsewhere on the page.

I have always used a good quality paper (Hammermill 98 lb. color copier paper), and have only used Xerox replacements. I have tried adjusting the toner transfer settings, and the paper settings.

When I print out my supplies status page it indicates that nothing is in need of replacement. It is presently indicating the following;

Toner Cartridges:

Black - OK (>150 @5\% coverage)
Cyan - OK (>150 @5\% coverage)
Magenta - OK (>150 @5\% coverage)
Yellow - OK (>150 @5\% coverage)

Print Cartridges:

All 4 are at 69\% of Life Remaining

Waste Cartridge - OK
Fuser - 77\%
Transfer Roller - 91\%
Accumulator Belt - 90\%
Belt Cleaner Assembly - 70\%

When I print out solid fill pages the following occurs;

Green: yellowish/whitish six inch wide faded areas with streaks running length-wise down the entire page perpendicular to the splotchiness.

Purple: ghosting (one time) of the small label that appears on the page. Additionally I have the same streaks running length-wise down the page, as well as a band of dark color on the right side, with a field that is lighter in color at the bottom of the page (which still contains the streaks).

Black: This page is fairly uniform except for a faded band one inch wide running lengthwise down the page, with a crisp delineation where the faded area gets even lighter about four inches from the bottom.

Yellow; Fairly good. Only some mild darker colored banding (running lengthwise)

Magenta: Wavy-ish lighter areas (almost like a very subtle aurora borealis, and the same lengthwise banding, lighter in color than the majority of the page)

Cyan: Just some lengthwise banding (lighter in color)

So, does anyone know what is causing this? Any help will be much appreciated.


First perform a crash fault analysis by shutting off the printer
when the offending print is BEFORE the fuser this will confirm if the problem is/ is not your fuser unit.the fuser is located after the 4 drum cartridges.

This will leave one or more of your drum cartridges as the problem
the printer should have built in image fault pages to print which
when sending the four cartridge colors C,Y,M,K will try to show you which drum unit is at fault.Or try to print a solid color of the 4 listed. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black

Lastly is the transfer kit/cleaning area which has a transfer roll-I have seen cleaner blades fail on the transfer assembly even though the counter says they are ok.

I have also had fuser units fail early.
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Thanks for offering the suggestions.


How do I perform a crash fault analysis? How do I know where the print is?

What are image fault pages? Wouldn't those be the same as the solid fill pages?

How could I test the transfer kit/cleaning area?

And then how do I test the fuser unit?

Shouldn't each of these failures create a different "symptom" that I could look for?

Thanks for the help.
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