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Brother Brother HL 5250DN

Brother 5250DN Wrinkled pages and lots of jams

First, I have to admit that I am not experienced at fixing printers. I have been trying to find a fix for this for weeks and I am completely lost.

I have had my printer for a couple of years and up until now I have been completely happy with it. It started out with a lot of wrinkled pages now it is jamming very often and wrinkling almost all of the pages and they are very large wrinkles.

The only thing I have every replaced is the cartridge.
When I printed the print settings it says
PF KITMP is at 100\%
PF KIT1 is at 85\%
Fuser is at 80.3\%
Laser is at 80.3\%
Drum is at 98.3\%

Page count is 19685

Can someone please give me an idea of where to start?

look at the fuser rollers see if ther smooth or wrinkly if ther gone wrinkly might need new fuser(located at back of m/c). try fresh paper out of a new ream. clean the feed rollers. try stoping the machine before the paper hits the fuser to see if its crinkled before the fuser or after the fuser, help narrow it down
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The rollers are definitely wrinkly. So that means I might as well replace the printer right?

The printer is only about two years old is that about average for the life of the fuser? Could I have done something wrong to cause it to go bad?

Thank you so much for your help.
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Probably is your paper. If it is a low grade, maybe recycled or has been exposed to a lot of humidity, that can cause the problem. Also, if you've been printing A LOT at one time, that can cause the printer to be overheated and start causing the wrinkles. The same thing happened to me. Look at the paper specs for this printer and see if the paper you're using complies. It is definitely NOT a problem with your fuser, drum, toner, etc. that shows on your stats page. Good luck - hope this helps....
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I have a 4500dn that will not print when I send a message to print. It does print the test pages and configuration page. It sends a message that the lower tray is out of paper. The lower tray which has legal size is full? Any ideas?

Doug Patton
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Hi there -

I'm not familiar with that model, but sounds like it might be a setting in your print menu. You may already know this, but you might have to specially select that lower paper tray to "print from" because it sounds like it's a specialty paper tray, being it's legal size paper and not 8-1/2 by 11 size paper. So...go up to "File" in the top left corner, click "Print" - this will open your print menu. Then click "Properties" - should be at the top right side of screen. Then click "Advanced" and you'll see another menu where you'll see the "Paper size" option. This should hold your answer/solution. Make sure the paper size selected is "legal" or whatever measurement applies. OR in the print menu it might say "Preferences" instead of properties. If so, you would select the "Paper/Quality" tab at the top. This let you see which paper tray your computer is telling your printer to print from. It will say "Paper Source" and you tell it which tray you want it to print from. Lastly, and I know this is fundamental, but make sure that printer is set as your "default printer" - just to make sure. Okay. See if any of that works. If not, write me back. Good luck! Hope that solves your problem! :-)
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my 5250dn got a paper jam and now the paper tray wont go up to the rollers anymore. There seems to be a plastic (black) peice
thats is in the way keeping it from going up all the way to the rollers. Any Ideas becuase I don't know how it was positioned before the jam. Thanks
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Hello - what does the black plastic piece look like? What shape is it? Can you describe it? Is it on the pull-out paper tray itself?? - Anonymous
I am having the same problem with crinkled paper. I called Brother and they convenienced me that it was the Drum. After replacing the Drum, I find that the problem is still there. The fuser roller is not smooth and is wrinkled looking.

I printed out my stats and they are as follows:

PF KITMP 94.8$
PF KIT 1 51.9\%
Fuser 43.7\%
Laser 43.7\%
Drum 99.9\%

Please let me know what you think. I don't want to have to replace something else that may not be the problem.
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Well, your stats on the machine parts look good and should be in good operating condition. I have had the crinkled paper issue before too. Sometimes it's actually the paper. If it has too much humidity, it can do that. Try buying a NEW pack of paper and see what happens. Also, if I've been overworking my printer all day, it can get too hot and do the same thing. Let me know if any of this info solves the problem. :-)
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Hi All,
Here is are things to try:

1. Use a fresh ream.

2. Take out the drum toner assembly and paper tray. Take
it outside. Blow air from a can of compressed air (or better still,
an air compressor) and really get the junk out of your printer.
Use safety glasses and DO NOT breath in toner dust. That stuff is
sub-micron and your lungs are unable to expectorate it.

3. pop the rear cover.
See the blue plastic tabs labeled #1.
Lever these up and lock in place to show #2.

4. try printing using the straight-through path.

5. Check the pressure roller and clean if dirty.

6. Replace the fixing unit.

We (brother tech support and I) went through the procedures above and
then I used the brother laser printer service manual (from the 5070) to improve the
trouble shooting procedure.
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Thank You! I did #3 and it revealed that the fixing roller had the coating must have detached from one end and "walked" itself over to one side of the roller, in furrows and wrinkles. It appears to be a plastic cover/coating, so we cut it off the roller. Voila! Great copies again, with no fissures and wrinkles. Now, that being said, the "foam-looking roller underneath looks like it is deteriorating, and so this little fix will get us through until we are able to find a new Multi function Copier. The user assembly costs approx $150, about half the price of the machine, so we will likely buy a new one. - Morninglaurie
Hi All,
I went to staples and tried printing a test page on
every brother laserprinter they had in the store.

All were wrinkled!!

Brother printers are junk.
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Yeah about 90\% of the time its in the fuser lower pressure roller. In these machines they are known to get ripples in them and cuase jams or wrinkled paper.Unless the machine is heavily used they rarely last the intended life. Brother has updated the fusers so new purchases tend to last there full life. As far as the post above. Staples paper is junk. I've seen it cuase so many problems in machines its not even funny. Plus those machines are so mishandled on the showroom floor thats not really a fair comparison. Which I doubt you really did. I've been a brother ASC for 10 years and know brother makes one of the best monochrome lasers out there. Take it from me or somebody who has used one or two in his life.
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I use 24 LB hammermill and xerox laser printer paper.
Both the 5170dn and the 5240dn wrinkle like nuts.

Bother always blames the paper and the customer. Never takes responsibility and
fixes the problems.

We really should band together in a class action lawsuit.

- DL
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Hi All,
OK, at my wits end. How do you replace
the fuser lower pressure roller? are instructions available on line?
A fuser is $169 (i.e., more than the printer is now worth).
A roller is $29 (perhaps worth it, if I can figure out how to replace it).
I think the part number is: LPR-B5240
Parts for printer are shown here:
And what about the upper fuser roller?
Could that be a problem too?
Brother HL-5240 HL-5250 Upper Fuser Roller UFR-B5240
- DL
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There really isnt instructions on taking the fuser apart becuase as you can see in the parts manual there is no part numbers for the parts. The part numbers you listed above are typical third party part numbers. The hot rollers are made out of metal so they dont usually cuase a problem. But if your going to rebuild the unit it wouldnt hurt to replace that and the hot roller drive gear since they tend to break alot. As far as the printers worth. Older is typically better.
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I tried all the solutions listed above and none of them worked. After eliminating humidity and substandard paper as problems, I thought my fuser was going bad because the printer was wrinkling and curling the paper so badly. However, the printer had been lightly used (though now a few years old), and the fuser was far from the end of its rated life, so this didn't seem logical.

Instead, it turns out the problem was the printer feeding too many sheets at a time (test by printing a single page and see if it picks up more than one), because the roller was sticking. See here for the fix:
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It's the paper. I just changed my paper to a different brand and no more wrinkles!
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I've owned my 5250DN for about 9 years. Wrinkled paper and the paper jams that sometimes result have been a constant problem. I feel it is mainly related to humidity in the paper and the paper's ability to handle it. My location is on the higher elevations of the Eastside of the Cleveland Ohio area that capture lake effect precipitation which keeps things a little damp. The home itself in the woods which keeps things even damper. The problem is worse in the spring or on summer days when humidity is high. (I don't have air conditioning, which would reduce summer humidity). The problem is almost non-existent in the deep of winter when my home's heating system reduces indoor humidity. I found by chance that some papers have less of a problem than others. Checking the label on one ream of paper that did better than others it said "99.99\% Jam-Free." While it wasn't that perfect it was far better than most others. It was the International Paper Hammermill "Copy Plus" 20# 92 Brightness. I have since found one that works slightly better and that is the latest formulation of the Staples Multipurpose Paper 20# 96 Brightness item 513099-BL.
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Best cure is to move to LA. No humidity, no rain and if you live near the beach you don't need air conditioning.
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