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Hp HP OfficeJet 7110

HP 7100 Series (7140, 7120, 7110) "Scanner Failure"

Our 7140 powers up with "SCANNER FAILURE, switch off and switch on again" on screen, it used to do it on the first scanner use after being idle for a while, then gradually got to the point that it just powers up with the error. Any suggestions, tried cleaning the scan mirror and the inside of the glass. How does one actually remove the main glass?

I have been told the scanner assembly is common to the d155, d145, d135 as weel. Is this correct?
The scanner has two small mirrors underneath used for calibrating. You have to remove the ADF assy., the control panel, to access a few screws as well as the four you can see on top, to remove the glass.
Lift the scanner off the rail, and turn over to clean. Use a flashlight to show any smudges.
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Well, just got done with that monster, what a pain in the butt to disassemble! Cleaned EVERYTHING, there are like 7 mirrors in that scan assembly, cleaned them all, and the camera lens, cleaned the glass inside, wiped everythin out making sure nothing could recontaminate the optics, no "oopses" but no success. Before and after results in 4 minutes after powerup if I do nothing, and 4 minutes after trying color copy after self test and approx 3 mins of "warming up" tubes are still pretty bright, so any one got a service manual? (did try the #3 and #6 resets as well)
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It gets MORE interesting, tried the #9 (full reset) while loading up paper for the alignment page, the unit is apparently going through the scanner initialization (sounds good) anyway, in that same 3 minutes the scan lamp(s) go off and scanner failure comes up. What is causing this, surely HP has a way of getting more fault data than "SCANNER FAILURE" isn't there a way to pull a code? - ClefCruiser
I am getting the 'scanner failure' message constantly. I read through rgleason's detailed post from 2007 on how to disassemble and clean glass and scanner assembly mirrors, which I have done. I however, could only 'see' 2 mirrors in the actual scanner, which I cleaned with a q-tip. One was short, in the middle, and the other almost as wide as the scanner assembly itself. I risked taking off the blue belt drive, to turn it over, but found nothing to clean underneath. I hope I've cleaned everything. When printer starts up, the scanner light comes on, and scanner assembly moves to the right all the way, then moves to the left just a little and comes to rest. When I try to copy a page, it seems as if the scanner assembly 'bumps' (like it's trying to move) about every 10 seconds or so, for maybe 30 seconds, and then it gives 'scanner failure error', and the scanner light goes off. Did any of you ever find a solution to this? It will print, but not fax/scan/copy. Thanks.
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We have a C7180 with the same problem. Ours will print only using a flash fax/scan/copy. Just got off the phone with HP. He said he could give me three options then proceeded to try to sell me one of three different printers. He said when the screen reads scanner failure, the scanner is broken and cannot be fixed. Of course ours is just out of warranty... - Anonymous
NOPE! No solution, mine is sitting collecting dust, all hundreds of dollars worth of unit! If HP doesn't do something about this we are considering dropping our dealership for HP products (printers, computers, storage, networking). This is ridiculous. No Service Manuals or anything for these things...
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After taking my 7140xi apart several times, cleaning everything I could, doing every step that HP recommended, I gave up. I bought a Brother MFC-465cn last night for $106, with tax. It does everything my HP did, except duplexing. That HP was over $700, but I got 5 years out of it (but not every feature always worked, like scanning). But since I had so many problems with it along the way, I won't buy HP again. Thanks for all the postings to try to fix this. Best of luck. - chris2008
If any one has one of these that IS NOT giving the "SCANNER FAILURE" message and wants to get rid of it for another failure, PLEASE let me know, I might be interested in taking your old unit off your hands...
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I had the same "scanner warming up" and "scanner failure" errors on my 750 all-in-one. I've had the printer a number of years and it has always performed well, but over the last year, I've been pestered with these errors more and more frequently. I tried all the "Fred Sanford" remedies of banging on the side, shaking it, reseting it, powering down, and cleaning the glass. But recently it refuses to work at all. I followed some advice I found here and did an extra "DEEP" cleaning of the mirrors and glass reflectors in the scanner unit and BINGO! IT IMMEDIATELY STARTED WORKING AGAIN JUST LIKE NEW! I only did it about an hour ago, so hopefully the problem wont return, but I doubt that it will. This thing hasn't worked so quickly in over a year.

Now, I won't lie, the mirrors were very tricky to get apart. They are housed in a plastic module (the unit that moves under the glass when you scan/copy). The unit has a plastic cover that is snapped into place. Under that, the mirrors are held in place with metal spring clips. Once you are in there, and have the scanner unit completely unplugged from the printer and in your hands, get something small and pointy under the clips to GENTLY pry them up. Once the upper mirrors are out, you can get to the lens and the bottom mirror fairly easily. Take your time and clean them well with a clean, soft cloth, then re-assemble (much easier-everything just snaps together). Put the mirrors back in the way they came out. Avoid finger prints by holding the edges of the glass. Hopefully your unit will be happy again too.

Honestly, it is such a shame to throw away a perfectly good printer (which is what I was ready to do) just because of a slight haze of ultra-fine dust on two mirrors the size of pop-sickle sticks. If you feel the same way about wastefullness and our throw-away society, goggle "The Story of Stuff" it's really eye-opening. Good luck.
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Ok -- now for the printer-challenged among us - exactly where are the mirrors that may need to be cleaned?
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The scanner is the thingy with the light on top. It moves back and forth under the glass. The glass is on top of the printer, under the lift up top part. The mirrors are under the light tube.
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Is anyone familar with the comparative repair techniques and parts compatibilities of the HP ANO R-Series, 7100 Series and the d135? I am very familar with the R-Series SCANNER FAILURE REPAIR/PARTS and from some of my forum readings here the problems experienced by the various users there seems to be a lot of similarities. I am trying to see if anyone may be familiar enough to compare the repair processes and parts to the R-series particularly to the d135 which I am not fully familiar with.
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I have a HP7100 copier. It will not go past the 'warming up' messsage. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Do you want us to repeat everything in the thread above? - moe
In attempting to scan a picture, I load the pic and it comes up but when I click "accept" an error meaage coes up -- but doesn't give an explicit message or message number, and I cammot access the picture.

I CAN scan in a document; however it goes to Word Pad instead of Word. Any help would be appreciated. Desperate in Charlotte.
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Re he message I just posted (9/6/20090) I did reload the printr drivers and any updates (there were none) to no avail.
Donna D
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Thanks so much for the thread.
I have had the scanner failure for a couple of months and this discussion convinced me not to bother with a repair. It currently can print but not fax/scan/copy. Sad.
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I've unscrewed the top 3 screws. Anyone want to share the secret on how to unsnap the top?? Doesn't seem obvious that it will pop rather than break.

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