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Print Head - Epson 7600

Hi. I recently acquired an Epson 7600 that was badly clogged up with cheap ink. After the windex trick failed multiple times, I took out the dampers and print head and cleaned them both. I put it all back together but now I either need the Epson technicians software or I need to know how to do the following operations through the control panel. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Head Rank
Clear Print Head Counter.
Input Rank.
Ink Charge (Do Not perform, proceed to Nozzle Check)
Nozzle Check
Cleaning cycles and then nozzle check
Head Slant
Top/Bottom/Side Margin
Platen Position Adjustment
Bi-D Adjustment
Uni-d Adjustment (Head Gap)
Leak Check
Test Print

Thanks again!
Nick Crumrine
You will need to get hold of a service manual to take you through the required steps, all too long winded to describe here.

Are you sure the printer has a full nozzle check now? The head does not normally survive that much abuse!

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Hey Paul. That list of operations was pulled out of the service manual. It is listed under the operations that need to be performed through the software but it the service manual does not show how to perform these through the control panel. Why is this software so hard to get ahold of?

by uncletammy on May 19, 2008 at 7:06am Add comment
I'm pretty sure there is no service software of this kind for this model, i've never seen it anyway, apart from the nvram backup program. All of the adjustments are carried out through the panel.

In the Pro 7600-9600 service manual, the adjustment procedure is explained in chapter 5.2.3

All of the above is explained in that section.

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In reality, authorized service centers use Epson's proprietary adjustment software to accomplish your goal. The software is not available to the general public.
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I actually got ahold of the software. Turns out its my pump that was bad all along. Now im looking for a new pump(or used if its signifiganly cheaper). If anyone has any leads, send them my way. Thanks for the reply.
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Hi Nick,

I have a Epson 4000 which is the same print tech as your 7600. I have been looking for the software as well to also clean out a bad clog.

If you are able and willing, it would be greatly appreciated if you would be able to pass along that software to another needy individual with a clogged Epson.

Let me know.



- keithmoore
The pump\\cap assembly unit runs about $75.00 + S\\H and possibly sales tax depending where it is shipped to. If you are interested, contact us directly by clicking on our name.
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hi there ive got a problem with one of the inks mainly the black that is printing sometimes all the rest work fine
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Switch on the printer and be sure that it is connected to your computer. Insert a couple of pieces of paper into the printer.
Go to the Control Panel and click on "Printers and Faxes." Right-click the Epson printer that you need to clean and go to "Printing Preferences." Select the "Maintenance" or "Head Cleaning" tab. (You can find the printer under the "Applications" folder if you're using a Mac.)
Select the option for a "Head Cleaning." Perform the actions requested by the Epson wizard in order to start the cleaning. Your printer will start working and then the cleaning process will begin. Do not play with the printer while it is cleaning and don't attempt to print anything while the print head is being cleaned.
When the cleaning is complete, select "Print Nozzle Check" under your printing preferences dialog box and then "Print." After the print heads are cleaned, the results of this printout will help you gauge whether the cleaning helped or not. If the lines on the printout are broken, then there is still a problem. But if it prints solid, then you're done. Redo the print head cleaning process if the lines on your nozzle check printout have gaps.
- unknown
simmy321, Depending on the results from the printhead cleaning, there are other possible corrective measures which may be taken. Was the printing acceptible until recently? How long have you had the problem? Does the printer sit idle for extended periods of time between print jobs?
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hi thanks michel for the input that you gave but ive tried all those methods i have even tried the system where you switch on machine holding the pause button then the hex dump pops up then you scroll to the sccl control and it does a special clean so i was told
the printer has been working fine for a long time its only been over the weekend but i did discover that i forgot to turn the cutter off when using the canvas so a bit of fibre may have got stuck when i power clean the colour on the bars are fine but when i go to print its still showing ink missing
any thoughts on that !

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simmy321, I would next look at the underside of the printhead to make sure that it is clean. Also look at the cap and wiper unit to make sure that they are clean and the wiper is in good operating position. Hope this helps.
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thanks again but i couldnt wait no longer ive taken the printer apart and finally got to the head ive brought some cleaner that might cleean the clogginess up I HOPE do you think this will help ive wiped most things and im going to replace the blade for the head cleaner and the flushbox cover and the cap assembly a bloody good soak but i have noticed too small pipes won or is it two that go back in cap assembly, i havent taken a print head of for years but there again they where alot bigger machines and AEASY TO REACH LOL
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I spent 40+ hours on a clogged MAGENTA problem on a 7600. I have finally determined that the problem SEEMS to be that the pump is just not pumping ENOUGH to fill the lines and damper. If I press against it, from the rear, while POWER CLEANING , it does suck the ink all the way and I see success.

The Question is .... has anyone else had this problem, and did you create a fix for it? I am thinking about bending the steel framework to force more FORWARD tension, but I do see the danger element in attempting this.

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Common problem. The proper repair is to replace the ink system (pump, cap and wiper) and reset the counter. We replace 6-10 per week. Hope this helps.
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Hi. I recently changed the print head and a new maintenance kit on my epson 9600. My question is how can I input the new Head Rank ID?
I have come so far that I'm in the "Input Rank menu" but how can I input all the letters and numbers for the Head Rank ID in the display menu? Please help!
by mpbosnas on Nov 9, 2010 at 12:47pm Add comment
I need the software to input the head rank id as well. We have close to 15 large format printers and the nearest service center is 300 miles away. I need nvram.exe and adjuster2.exe or access to the Epson resource cd ISO image. Can you help?
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Contact us directly by clicking on the link above. Be prepared to furnish your address. No guarantees, but may be able to get permission from Epson to furnish the required programs. Hope this helps.
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Hi, I'm having a problem with the two blacks. All the rest are perfect. My prints have been beautiful until we had the pump/cap/assembly replaced (for almost 800.00). When the tech was done he told me I may need a new print head too. Well, not too pleased with that...I thought maybe he could have mentioned it before spending all that money, I would have bought a new one at this point. But, anyway...I guess I need a new print head. I don't want to use the same service, but there are no others around. I would prefer to go this one alone.

Can anyone give me an idea of how involved and how much it will cost to purchase a print head. Is it true that the 7600 and 9600 have the same print head? Where can I find a print head for the 9600??

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The printheads for the 7600 and 9600 are the same. They are quite expensive and cost around $500. They are ordered by authorized service providers directly from Epson and require the serial number of the printer be provided at the time the order is placed. A qualified tech should be able to replace the printhead and align the unit in about 2 hours. Contact us directly by clicking on the blue link above if you wish to order the printhead or need further guidance. Ouch to the amount you paid for the pump\\cap assembly repair!!!!
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Hello all,

I have used a epson 7600 for a few years now. I would like to know if anyone of you have removed the nozzle head and unblocked it by syrindging ( with silicone tube) distilled water thru the blocked head. I have done this on my yellow head, and during syringing, I could visiobly see all the holes becoming unblocked allowing a visible fountain of fine spray to flow for about 1 foot from the nozzle head. So far so good. I then reinstalled the head and dampners re-connected the ink tubes and the printer will only print some of teh colours very faintly. is it because:

1. I have not reconnected properly.
2. I now have made an air lock due to disconnecting the head
3. I should not have done this I have now damaged the head
4. the head might not have been blocked in the fiorst place, it could have been the dampner that was blocked.

If it is because of an airlock - what can I do to remove the air block?

Best advice appreciated!

by lucidboy on Jan 28, 2012 at 10:26am Add comment
Boylucid, did you remove the dampers for all colors or only the yellow? As a general rule, separationg a damper from the printhead and flushing requires a power cleaning to get all the nozzles to print properly. Did you perform a power cleaning? Hope this helps.
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Hello all, I recently re-set the cleaner head counter to zero on my 7600, the big question is - can I damage the printer by not changing the unit? What is the worse taht can happen?


by lucidboy on Jul 8, 2012 at 2:05pm Add comment
You won't damage the printer. However, print quality may decline over time. Hope this helps.
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Hello All,

I have the same problem except it's yellow ink, and need some help!
I used the same method that you folks did- unscrew the white nut and released the tube, used straw instead of tube, removed some ink clogs. After having a little difficulty putting the yellow tube back into its place, I turned the printer on, and ran several software+power cleaning. However, the yellow tube looks still empty not sucking up the ink. The yellow cartridge is still 60\% full. What do you guys think the problem is? I am pretty sure I tightly locked the tube.

Could it be the ink cartridge, pump, or, head? Any suggestion or advice will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

by compainter on Sep 5, 2012 at 8:55pm Add comment
compainter, suggest you try sucking the yellow ink through the tube and damper into which it connects. Run another cleaning cycle and see whether the yellow prints. Hope this helps.
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So i'm pretty sure my 7600 is having a pump issue which is leading to constantly drying print heads. I notice that there are gaps in the ink lines after its done printing.

I've done repairs on the printer before, and I'm pretty comfortable getting my hands dirty (literally).

Where can I get the parts to replace the pump/cap assembly?

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First off-Thank you for the advice on the unplugging of the ink delivery tube with a syringe, worked great...
cleaned the resevior for the ink..

Now the problem starts-I didn't bend the ribbon connector back down,after reinstalling the ink tubes into the head, and the ribbons pulled out of the print head when it went to the park position. So I unscrewed the two screws holding the print head in, and this part drops from somewhere-something called a head slant adjuster??? Oh and the ribbons were keeping a lever on the side in place,now that is out. Any thoughts on the correct reassembly of these would really help, as hopefully with no clog I can print a picture...
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I bought an Epson 9600 printhead, nothing said about needing machine ID Number. Installed it, and getting error message 1001B. All lights flashing, looks angry. Anyway, any ideas as to what should be done? Dip switches? Resetting ink types? And what do input ranks and head ranks look like? One sticker on back says 2826

Sticker on front reads

Any help most welcome, can't seem to reach supplier. I know, cheap move.

Thanks, Sue
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Sue, printswilliams, a few thoughts. First the 100B error usually indicates that the printhead driver temperature is not correct. Frequently this occurs when the cables are not connected into the printhead squarely. You need to reinsert the cables. Make sure that you do this with the printer unplugged from the wall. There can be no voltage at all flowing when connecting the printhead cables. Second, the sticker indicates the head rank. This is the data necessary to optimize printhead performance. The printer will operate without inputting this information, but may not be perfect. Unfortunately, authorized service centers use Epson's proprietary adjustment software to make this and other adjustments. The software is not available to the general public. That being said, search the web for the Stylus Pro 9600 Adjustment Wizzard program. Epson stopped supporting the 7600\\9600 units more than a year ago. Contact us directly by clicking on our link above for further guidance. Hope this helps.
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I purchased a supposedly refurbished print head for my Epson 9600 off of ebay, the seller didn't disclose that there was a scratch on the head across the light magenta and magenta nozzles. (yah I know my bad for trying to save some money) I've installed the print head after informing the seller about said scratch and he assured me that the head was good. After going through inputting the head rank and all the setup for a new print head. The magenta nozzles checks are terrible and the magenta isn't all that great either. I think this is due to the scratch in the head, the seller insists that there is air on the print head and my pump isn't good. I've done several power cleanings and even as he suggested and draw some ink through the capping station with a syringe. None of this has improved the nozzle checks for the light magenta and magenta.

So, I guess my question is this... Could there be a problem with my pump, its only a couple of months old or are the magenta and light magenta nozzles damaged from that scratch?

Thanks for reading.
by Geek_Grl on Apr 21, 2013 at 6:49pm Add comment
Clogs or aiock mah be the problem. If the scratch is on tbe metal film and not the plastic nozzle surface below, tbe nozzles should be ok.
by unknown on Apr 22, 2013 at 4:04pm Add comment
If the metal plate\\screen on the underside of the printhead is not scratched you should be OK. When you changed the pump did you replace the wiper blade at the same time?
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The scratch runs right across the magenta and light magenta nozzles. Yes the wiper blade and caping station was replaced with the pump.
by Geek_Grl on Apr 22, 2013 at 7:21pm Add comment
Geek Grl, I am still confused by your description. Is the scratch on the metal nozzle plate\\screen? If not, on which plastic portion of the printhead?
by unknown on Apr 22, 2013 at 8:18pm Add comment
It's on the metal bottom it runs across where the magenta and light magenta nozzles are.
by Geek_Grl on Apr 22, 2013 at 9:27pm Add comment
I know this is a 7600 thread, but I think the 9600 is similar in ways. i have a 9600 sitting here not being used. I had the pump cap assembly replaced...see 7/11/11 when I posted about it the first time. The printer was never the same after they "fixed" it and I had to buy a new one (9890).
So now I would like to get it out of the way. I live in NJ (near Long Beach Island) if any one wants it for parts, come and get it. I suppose I could figure out how to take the P/C/A out and sell that (its never been used) re-coop some of the 800.00 loss. Email me if interested. Thanks Laura
by Laurajean15 on Apr 23, 2013 at 8:30am Add comment
Geek Grl, the nozzle plate is very sensitive. Have you checked the ink flow in the dampers\\valves atop the printhead? Is there a good seal between the dampers and the printhead? Presuming that the pump, cap, wiper and dampers\\valves related to the two colors are OK, it would seem the printhead is the cause of the problem.
by unknown on Apr 23, 2013 at 9:47am Add comment
I replaced the dampers when I installed the new to me print head.
Out of frustration I've taken everything apart again. Ink flow is good through the dampers, I may replace just the light magenta again to see if that makes a difference. I've used a syringe to push some cleaner through the head hopefully that may have unblocked anything that was clogging the print nozzels.

Everything seems ok. I'm going to double check everything and put it back together and see if I get a good nozzel check or not. If I get the same nozzel check then I'll think I'll try and return it.
by Geek_Grl on Apr 23, 2013 at 3:12pm Add comment
I have an Epson 9600 which I have had since new, only run Epson inks in it. Two Christmases ago the magenta stopped flowing, everything worked fine even after I don't know how many cleanings. I di buy a new damper for the magenta but never replaced it. Any suggestions on where I should start? TIA
by digiartpics on Aug 24, 2013 at 6:01pm Add comment

This may be unrelated, but I have 2 Epson 7600's and one has the light magenta issues, but the real visit is for the second which is having an issue unlike I've seen so far.

Lights on the panel blink ever so slightly..faintly.. and I cant pin point which its coming from, but if I have a another color using blues(to mix or straight up)next to a black.. its looking saturated. as if the colors are bleeding into eachother.

this happened like overnight.

the only time I've seen it act right is where is paused per pass for 3 inches, and the print was perfect in that area? Weird?

Any insight? Because I am ready to go and purchase another used 7600. Time is my issue.. and the software.LOL!
by digdug74 on Feb 17, 2014 at 1:54pm Add comment
digdug74. . . Why not try changing the control panels from one printer to the other and see whether that narrows down the weak illumination issue. As far as the other unit is concerned I would check out the pump\\cap assembly and make sure it is clean and sucking ink properly. Next I would look at the nozzle plate on the printhead and make sure it is clean. If all that is good, run a power cleaning cycle. If this doesn't help most likely you have a printhead which is failing. Hope this helps.
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When you replace (or swap) the print head you have to enter the codes printed on the printhead. This sets the voltages for the dots and is individual for each print head. If you miss out this step you will get a printhead temperature error. You can find this step in the 7600 service manual and if anyone wants help with it I can list the steps if you contact me.

Even if you have not changed the printhead but are getting a temperature error the first thing I would do is to check the "head rank" codes in test mode against those printed on the printhead. It means you have to get the printhead out but hell, you are getting into difficult territory with the head temperature error - if you don't fix it you could blow the printhead and then you would have to get it out anyway to hit it with an axe.
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