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How To Reset Epson Cx5500 Pls help!!

can some help me !!! Parts Inside your printer areat the end of service life. See Your printer documentation!! pls.. help me..

bagaimana cara reset printer epson cx5500 gak mau ngprint
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your waste ink pads are full. you need to replace them. only other way is to get the ajustment utility but good luck getting that as its digitally signed and why would a service agent supply that when it means they would loose money.
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my print Epson Cx5500 problem. I need your solution. thank
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my eson printer is cx5500 plz help me how to reset my printer...
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tang ina Nio mga VOVO
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try this program it work with my cx5500.the instructions are included in the program....
don't forget to clean the waste ink pad firs before resetting.....
There's an opening at the back of the will see a tube there......remove the tube and place it in a small container so the ink can flow there....and then you can run the program....

Download adjustment program epson CX5500:
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hi s_killer thank you so much!
i spent so much time googling for a solution to my problem and i followed your link, finally my printer is printing again!

thanks again.
thanks to the guys at indoreset, thanks to forums like this!

have a great day :) - abbieatplay
Epson Cx5500 Pls help!! PRINTER HEAD NOT MOVE
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