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Canon Canon FC 3

canon ip4300 paper jam

I had a paper jam on my ip4300. When I removed the paper the orange error light continued to flash 3 times. Some others on this forum have reported similar problems and suggest that the problem is a damaged paper sensor lever. Could anyone give me any help about how to open the printer and get to this sensor.
to trigger1937 stated on your post 21/11/09

do you have a repair manual CanonIP4300?
Can anyone tell me how to release LHS front of the casing all the rest is loose?
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Hi, I'm having the same problem. Were you able to repair your paper jam problem? My lights keep blinking and all paper has been removed. Thanks for any help you or anyone can give.
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hello want to know if you've solved the paper stuck with me and the same and do not thank you in advance email is [email protected]
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Anonymous,... wow this is a really old thread. Started in 2008.

You need to give me more information. How many flashing lights to do you have and are they alternating green-orange, or just green-orange-orange-etc. This makes a big difference.

The jam may be caused by a tiny piece of paper or that your Purge unit is stuck out of position. Respond and then I can help.
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Hi Trigger,
sorry for budding into this question however I have the same printer and just yesterday it has a problem you've described.
Its alternating green-orange lights... any idea why is that? also when I try to print (to see an error code) it shows
'service error 6A00'
thanks heaps helen - Anonymous
Thank you for responding. My printer is flashing 3 yellow lights, and on my monitor it says paper jam. I have looked everywhere and can't find any paper stuck anywhere. Also when I first turn the printer on, one sheet of paper comes out and then the blinking yellow lights start.
Any help you can give me will be appreciated.
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its bended swich on top gears. take cover out unscrew
little green board , move a little torch back of printer
secure with tape done!
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i cannot find the place to "unhook" the front cover.

what is "move a little torch back of printer"?

thanks - Anonymous
A Swindell,...What is the specific error code that you got on your PC. There are 3 possible codes; 1300= Error fromt the ASF (Auto Sheet Feeder). 1303= Error Paper Jam in rear guide in the Duplex transport area in the rear of printer. 1304=Error-Paper Jam feeding from lower cassete paper tray. If you've not seen the error code on your PC, remove the paper that was fed, press the Resume. Unplug the printer for 3+ minutes, then turn it on and attemp to print something from you PC and watch for an error code.

All of these "Paper Jam" error are due to misallinged or damaged sensors in the lower paper path. You can check the rear one by removing the rear turn around cover. Use a flashlight to look inside about 1-2" from the left edge as you look from the rear. There is a very small black plastic lever that is pushed up out of the way when paper is feed. This lever breaks the path of a photocell/LED pair and signals the logic board that paper was successfully fed to the power rollers. If it does not get this signal, it believes there is a paper jam.

If this is broken or the spring that holds it in place has come off, it will not work. You need to take the printer apart and fix it. Click on my USER ID and send me an email and I will provide you more infomration.
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Helen,... The FAMOUS 6A00 error is again the failure of the purge unit to do a full cycle,... so it is either jammed in the extended position, or it is broken. Open the cover and wait till the printhead comes to the center,...then pull the power cord. Now you can move the carriage asm to the left to get it out of your way. Put on a vinyl and latex glove and use a flashlight to view the Purge unit. It is on the inside far right where the printhead is always parked. You want to see if there are any "Wiper blades" extended towards the front. If there is,...gently press them and they should snap back in position. If they are not there, gently press down on the pads using a paper towel to see if they are stuck. They should easily press down 1/2".

Click on my USER ID and send me an email with the result you get. I'll send you some more detailed information about the purge unit.
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Trigger I did what you said, and what a shock to find a cigarrette butt instead....(somehow, it must have fallen from the ashtray that was probably placed on the printer)My man is definetely banned from smoking near my printer...
Thanks heaps for that, it works perfectly fine now, I must say, you saved me heaps of money as I was going to purchase a new printer, thanks to your advice I wouldnt have had found that butt.

Helen - helenxo
Hi there,

my printer blinks 3 orange lights...and this message pops up on the monitor.

Error Number : 1300 Paper jammed at the paper ejection slot. Remove the jammed paper and press the RESUME button on the printer. Reprint the page you were printing if it was not printed properly due to the paper jam.

I have cleaned my printer and do not find any small pieces of paper jammed.

I saw the small lever on the bottom left of the printer, how do i know if it is broken?
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i also forgot to mention that when i turn on the printer a piece of paper feeds through...

please help! - unknown
Bobcat86, I'm on vacation right now and don't have all my manuals with me. when I get home I will check on the error conditions and reply to your note.

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I have the paperjam error, from the duplex printing, i think i know what sensor it is, just what bridge connections do i need
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Shadghost,... Your user's manual will teach you how to clear a paper jam from the lower paper tray. If the printer is still under the 1 year warranty, Call Canon Tech Support at 1-899-828-4040 and ask them for help.

If nothing else, remove the rear turn around and find and remove the paper jam.

I don't know what you are talking about when you mention "bridge connections"...?????????
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my printer, a iP4300, does not want to print, it gives a paper jam error. the yellow light flashes three times.. there is nothing stuck in my printer. sometimes when i put on the printer a page feeds through with nothing printed on.. it even says paper jam when there is no paper in my printer. i also saw the small lever, but does the printer use that lever if i print from the top and not the bottom?
i would really appreciate any help!
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Nollie,... Yes the printer uses the small lever reguardless of where the paper started. This is a position sensor and once the logic card FEEDS a sheet of paper it counts time until it gets the signal from that small sensor, which tells the logic card that "Paper has arrived within time". Then it will print. It for whatever reason the logic card does not get that signal in time it will DECLARE that there MUST HAVE BEEN A PAPER JAM.

It will remmeber this until the printer is reset. So there are a couple of possibilities; 1. The sensor is broken or it is stuck either up or down and can not move then paper is passed through that area. 2. The sensor photo diode or the LED is dead. 3. There is a tiny piece of paper, or paper clip, or tie string, or something blocking the path such that the paper does not get there in time. It could also be a sticky or dirty paper feed roller that is not picking the paper properly.

I assume you are telling me that it gets the same jam condition reguardless if the paper is fed from the top or bottom. So, open the rear turn around and use a flashlight to search for anything that could be jammed. Once I serviced a printer that had a tie string for a garbage back stuck at the pinch roller and once I removed that, the paper jam signal worked fine.

Your next option will be to disassemble the printer such that you can do a much closer inspection of the internal parts, and if necessary, replace the Sensor if it is damaged or broken. In my experience, 90\% of the time the problem is something that is jammed or stuck somewhere.

If you want to get more information on how to take your printer apart, click on my USER ID and send me an email.

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For me, there is no paper in the printer anyware, i am wonderind how to disable the sensor to see if it was bad
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Anonymous,... Canon has gone to great pains to interlock all of the covers just so that un-trained people won't get inside. That is not really that important, because once you got inside you probably would not know where to start to take the printer the rest of the way apart.

Your question about the "Torch at the back of the printer", is simple. "Torch" is the word for flashlight in the UK or other British locations. They were instructing you to use a flashlight at the rear of the printer to open up the turn-around door and examine the insides for jammed paper.

If you really want to know more about how to repair you printer, including everything from getting the covers off, down to removing and replacing the purge unit and waste ink pads, you need to get one of my Repair Manuals for Canon printers. If you want more information about them, just click on my USER ID and send me an email and I will respond.

The iP4300 is a great printer and you need to take the effort to learn how to maintain it and keep it in top condition. If you do it will last you forever.
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I'm getting the same problem with an ip4300.
It began when a piece of paper actually did jam - feeding itself through from the rear tray but folding as it went. I removed the paper before it went any further through the machine - it was tough to pull it out in the reverse direction, but it came out without tearing.
Now the machine displays the above symptoms: orange light in 3-flash mode; when switched off and on again, it feeds a piece of paper smoothly through, but returns to the jam signal.

I've read advice about passing a piece of paper or card in reverse direction through the machine, but I can't work out how to do this - it will go through the front rollers, but no further.
And I don't know how to open the machine up, other than the doors on top and back provided. There's no visible problem as far as I can see internally, but I can't see that far!

Any more tips? Could I have damaged the machine by removing the paper too soon, or in the wrong way?
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can someone help with my paper jam. There was a paper that was jammed, we freed it and then it still says there is paper jam which I take to be a damaged paper sensor or something. This was from the back tray, there was no error message. The yellow light flashes 3 times. I cannot change from outside paper tray to bottom tray.
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I am getting the following error: "Error Number : 1300 Paper jammed at the paper ejection slot. Remove the jammed paper and press the OK button on the printer. Reprint the page you were printing if it was not printed properly due to the paper jam." But there is nothing in my printer, I think a sensor is not working but how do I find out?
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Mandy,... I have no information about the MX series of printers, but I expect they are not much different from other Canon printers. All you can do is to open the top cover and when the printhead moves to the center pull out the power cord. Now use you flashlight to examine very CLOSE everything you can see. You are looking for any kind of obstruction, such as a paper clip, staple, hair pin, scrap of paper, or ink spattered onto somewhere it shouldn't be. Move the carriage by hand once the power is off and see if you can feel any bumps in the path. Remove the lower paper tray and examine everything down there.
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Hello! I have a situation similar to JonR2010, except I was able to remove the paper forwards. Now I get the three flashes of orange light. When I open the top, the carriage does not move to the middle to allow a closer visual inspection. I'm not sure where to find the error codes. All my computer says is: "Paper is jammed at the paper output slot." I'm happy to work on my own printer... I am pretty handy with electronics if I can just be pointed in the right direction.
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Hi I have a cannon printer but it wont feed the paper. It seems as though its trying to feed but one side starts to feed then the paper get all creased. I was told it could be a sensor by Cannon and I tried your idea for the paper jam. Its seems that was not the problem. It keeps telling me that there is no paper in the feed but there is.
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drnate,...You need to get a flashlight and examine the exit area to see if any small bit of paper is stuck anyplace. Also,..look for anything else that might cause such an error signal like a paper clip, staple, hair pin, etc. Open the cover and when the carriage moves to the center pull out the power cord and then you can move the carriage by hand. Move it from side to side and look everywhere for anything that could cause a jam.

Nedda,...Your problem is different. Open the rear turn around door and use a light to examine everything you can see. Anything caught in the lower rollers will cause the next sheet fed to crumple and jam. Since the paper jams before it can get to the paper sensor the printer keeps thinking that there was no paper feed. There is a tiny sensor just past the rollers that is expecting a sheet of paper to pass through. Since it did not make it that far the printer things there was no paper in the rear tray. Look until you find it.
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Sorry I got the wrong model number.If the same information applies
could you tell me what a rear turn round door is and where to find it
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Nedda,...That model printer does not have a rear turn around door so the only way to find anything is to remove all the paper in the auto feeder tray and use the flashlight to examine the entire area for something that may have dropped into that area and is causeing the jam. If you find nothing then you have no choice but to take the printer apart. I am sending you an email and when you reply I will be able to send you more information on how to do that.
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I need the instructions on how to take apart the printer to fix the little black flipper on the back. I am getting the 3 amber flashes that the printer is still jammed when it is not. I think the spring has come off and needs repair. Thanks
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Ikmclain,... It is a little more complicated than your comment. I will send you an email and when you send back your reply I will be able to send you more information about the rear paper sensor and some actual pictures of that sensor.
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I have an IP4300

I have a similar problem of 3 flashes and a message saying there is a paper Jam in the paper output unit.

I know that there is nothing stuck inside the printer because, the cause of my problem was that the Mouse USB lead got caught by the printer paper feed mechanism and fed part way into the printer (LoL don't ask) and my efforts to free said Mouse lead have caused this problem to occur.

SO I suspect that my efforts (while as careful as I could be) have at the very least knocked a sensor off position and at the worst broken the sensor. Any advise you could give me would be much appreciated.
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Flinx100,... From your description and the 3 flashes it may have nothing to do with the "Paper Output Unit". The iP4300 has no display but you may have seen a error code on your PC from the printer. Most likely you damaged one of the paper feed sensor in the paper path. I am sending you this email and when you send me back an email reply with your printer model number and the same problem description I will send you more information on what you can do.
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Red light flashes and there is no visable or any type of paper jam I can see. I did a test print by holding doen the OK button and it did print a test page fine. I can not use the copy, scan or email function as the light keeps blinking and prevents anything to happen
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jdhoss,...sorry but you are posting an error for Laser Printers in the inkjet forum. Don't expect many comments.
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