asked Jan 29, 2008 at 5:02am
Brother Brother Compactronic I

Brother HL-5240 drum light flashing


Drum light was flashing on this printer, so I replaced the drum for another(original Brother DR-3100). Followed steps to reset the Drum counter.

However when I close the front, the drum light still flashes.

I try to print a status page , but the status light on the printer turns orange (from green) and the drum light flashes.

It appears the printer is not resetting the drum counter.

It doesn't matter how many times I tried ; even tried another new drum.

Spoke to brother support who advised an engineer needs to look at it, but its a few months out of warranty.

I have even installed latest firmware , which didn't fix problem.

Any ideas how I can fix this?
Drum reset:
Open toner door, hold down go button until all lights are on, let go of button, close door, push go button. Will reset drum counter to 100\%.
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Perfect.. that worked for mine. - unknown
Thank you for that invaluable suggestion. - unknown
I also had to remove toner/drum unit before pressing & holding GO button to get the reset.

You gave me the solution that Brother support couldn't.....

Many thanks! - Anonymous
Thanks for the above great tip, it worked like a dream
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I'm surprised the Brother rep didn't suggest that, I would have (yes I work at Brother as a CSR)
99\% of the time doing a reset works.
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fuk yeah!
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Thanks for the tip, very helpful!!
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o blia
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What if you don't replace the drum, but reset the counter?
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Brother didn't give you the solution because they get money from selling a new module for your printer at very high price :)
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Thanks so much - you saved my day :)
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Wow. That really works! Thank you!
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Doing this made me look like a genius in the office. THANK YOU.
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This works like magic.
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