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x5470 Scanner cant retrieve application list

I have a lexmark x5470 All-in-one.
I'd like to scan images to my computer but when i click on the scan button it says "Downloading application list"

After a while the Screen says "Cannot retrive applcation list" I tried doing this again but no luck.

Any soloutions?

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P.S. Sorry for spelling erros or confusing sentences.
I Have the same problem, Emailed Lexmark who replied with what appeared to me,(basic knowledge only)to be a complicated solution. it also required the printers IP address,but the details on how to obtain it were given for a different Lexmark model.Whilst trying to find the IP address in settigs,I opened the All in One centre,and much to my amazement, when I clicked on scan it worked,and has worked since.Yet when I press the scan button on the printer it still reads can not download application list.

I think it is worth a try.If you want Lexmarks solution I enclose it below

Thank you for contacting Lexmark International.

Please follow the steps given below:

1. Open your Internet browser application.

2. In the web address field, enter the printer's IP address.

Next to http://, enter , where is
the address located on the Network Settings sheet.



3. Press ENTER.

4. Click Configuration.

5. Click Scan to Network Host Management.

6. Place a checkmark next to the name (hosts) you wish to remove, or select
Delete all registered hosts.

7. Click Delete. NOTE: Clicking Reset clears all checkmarks to allow you
to start over.

8. The words Submitting Selection will be displayed.

9. Please copy and paste the links given below in the web browser.



10. Save both the files on Desktop.

11. Once the file has been downloaded, log off the Internet and close all

12. Close the Lexmark Imaging Studio from system tray ( To do this right
click on Lexmark Imaging Studio which is on the bottom right hand corner of
the computer screen (System Tray) and Left click on exit)

13. Double-click on 3500-4500.exe and run it. You will first see a Lexmark
License Agreement and click on 'I agree' and follow the on-screen

(NOTE: If you are using windows vista, right click on 3500-4500.exe and
click on run as administrator)

14. Double-click on 3500-4500wifiethernetpatch.exe and run it. You will
first see a Lexmark License Agreement and click on 'I agree' and follow the
on-screen instructions...

(NOTE: If you are using windows vista, right click on
3500-4500wifiethernetpatch.exe and click on run as administrator)

15. Restart both computer and printer.

16. Wait for some time till you see the wifi light turning green.

17. Try printing wirelessly

18. Try scanning wirelessly.

Please provide the information listed below to facilitate the record of
your case.

Printer Model(Machine type number):

Please let us know the results as we can assist you further.

Note: Please do not modify or delete the subject text and use the same
email address for all your replies.

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email in the usual
way or contact us at our Technical Support Centre on the number above.

Best regards,
Lexmark Technical Support Team

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