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Dell Dell Inkjet 962

Dell AIO 962- Scanner/Fax Problems

Good Morning! Glad to find this forum! After days wasted on the Dell "support" forums i found you!
Out of the blue my AIO 962 started having scanner/fax issues- it sounds as tho the scanner wants to work- yet the paper doesn't feed thru when trying to fax out nor when trying to scan. HOWEVER after the fax fails the paper DOES go thru! I do also notice that the light in the scanner isn't working.
I hope i'm explaining myself well enough...I did the basic troubleshooting..and nothing has worked. I get an error code of 2200.
Any & all input & advice greatly appreciated!
Does anyone have a clue what this might cost to repair?
I'm unemployed as are many people in the "sunshine state".
Please & Thanks!
Just wondering if you and I have the same thing going on.
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Recently I noticed my Dell 962 All-in-One Printer wouldn't recieve a Fax and it says "ERROR." When I try to Scan and print a photo...same with a document, the scanner is extremely slow to scan it, (like five minutes) or so, but the scanning light moves under it at normal speed. Also, after scanning it shows on the computer screen one line at a time (very very Slowly) Then it wouldn't show the dotted line around the subject like it always did before. Frustrated with that, I tried to turn it off. It wouldn't turn off manually or through the computer. Kind of like it was telling me what to do instead of the other way around. Finally it did turn off. The strange part is, it copies just fine off the computer screen, Black & White or Color. So the printer is working fine.

I tried the Dell Fix, then disconnected the power cord, then disconnected the insert, waited 15 seconds, reconnected the insert and then the power cord, but it was still doing the same thing. I'm very confused! I went to Dell Support, but they said your WARANTEE is up. End of that story. So I'm looking for help. My Thanks to all. Ken
ou and i have basily the same thing going on.
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I have a Dell 962 AIO that has worked very well for four years, and I regularly print, scan, fax, and copy. But, the scanner light seems to be dying. When I scan or copy I get a dark shadow and pen-written marks don't show up (printed ones do though). I assume this also affects sent faxes, but I haven't confirmed that. Can I replace the light? Or is the only solution to get a new AIO?
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