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HP 9100 OfficeJet Printhead

1st this is a great website & forum! Nearly 2 yrs ago with the info from this forum, we were able to fix (paper feed tabs broken) with 3rd party part, our G95 printer.

Our HP 9130 (belongs to HP 9100 series OfficeJet printers) is reporting that the PrintHeads are in fair condition and we should prepare to replace them (black, cyan, magenta, yellow (4 in total)).
1st Question is can these be cleaned or is just wear & tear on this part (printheads) such that they just should be replaced.
History of 9130.
At approximately 2,000 pages the printer reported had exceeded PrintHead use for Cyan & Yellow, which we replaced at the time (spring 2006). Our guess at the time was that due to the 9130 being used very little or no use during the last 8 months of the first 10 mths (spring 2006) after purchase (summer 2005).
Since then the 9130 is used daily and 9130 reports 15,000+/- pages printed and recently we notice an improvement after running Printhead cleaning maintance software function.
Incidently the HP details the 9130 for 10,000 per month use.

2nd Question if your firm has available the service manual for the HP 9130 & HP G95? If so we would like to purchase them from you, insupport of your website.

3rd Question, in reading the forum messages about cleaning Printheads the writer suggests using Goof-Off 2. Though the manufactuers website says Home Depot & Lowes carries Goof-Off 2 we have not been able to locate it, at least in the nearby San Francisco Bay Area stores. Any suggestion or if there is another product to clean these printheads?

Again, thank you for this website (FixYourOwnPrinter.com).

Ink and p-heads have a shelf life. Re-filling, and re-setting the chip is a waste of time, and money. Always check the dates on supplies. Just because it has not been opened, it can be expired. {HP's dirty little secret}
Cleaning can be done with a soft paper towel and Iso-alcohol.
Service info on these two units is sketchy,and HP does not have much to use.
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Thank you for your response.

Chips you referenced on both Printhead & Ink cartrdige and a date included so they would have to be re-set?
(HP 9100 series Ink cartridge is seperate from the Printhead)
Not sure I understand how a (printer) supply can expire since the Ink cartridges or Printheads come in a sealed bag?

Noted dates printed on the HP Printhead box (purchased spring 2006) are SINGAPORE JAN 2006 and 2nd box SINGAPORE FEB 2006.

Assume from your reply that there are no service manuals for the HP G95 and HP 9130 (9100 series)?

Again thank you for reply,
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As far as I know, the printheads are dated the same way bread is dated; FYI, but it won't refuse to work simply because it's an outdate. However, depending on how old it is, it may have begun to plug up from evaporation, so don't assume that it will still be OK. If you get a bunch of outdates really cheaply, you might as well try them.

The monitor reporting "fair condition" is based on sensors inside the printhead that are reporting signs of impending failure. Sometimes they will go back to "good" after awhile, but usually they soon go to "poor," and eventually demand replacement. Don't replace them until a) the printer demands it, or b) the quality is poor and doesn't improve with cleaning.

The cartridges are another matter entirely. When they expire, they simply will refuse to print. The only thing that can be done about that is to change the date on your computer to make the printer think that it's earlier than it is. And that doesn't even always work.
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Thank you for your informative reply.

Hints - Hints
I currently have HP Officejet 9110 with new printheads and cartridges. How do I stop the realignment of printheads after every print?

I've been told certain buttons must be pushed simultaneously, anyone know solution?
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