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Hp HP PSC - Printer / Scanner / Copier 1510

hp psc 1510 paper feed problem

The subject pretty much says it. The printer won't pick up and feed a sheet of paper. From other postings I've read there seem to be three main causes: 1.old/coated rubber 2. bad roller 3. paper sensor switch disengaged. I can't find any references with my particular printer. What should I look for/try first? And how to go about it? Thanks
When I turn on my computer it picks up a piece of paper and feeds it half way through and stops. Then the check paper light flashes and when I push that button it shoots out the first sheet of paper and pulls in the next page half way and so on.
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I am having the same problem. Any solution? - Anonymous
Cathi- I have the exact same problem. Did you ever find a solution? THANKS. - Anonymous
I am having the same problem with my printer. It feeds the paper half way through and stops, and does the same after you push the check paper light. Do you have any solutions? Thank you in advanced. - cliffcrain
Remove the rear access door and clean the three small rubber rollers with a cotton swab and water. As viewed from the rear, there is a roller on the left in the bottom of the printer that also needs to be cleaned.
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Bert's advice worked like a charm. Thanks very much!! - zelig
This problem has existed since the beginning of using the printer from new.
I can't seem to figure out how to open anything at the back. - Anonymous
Help. My printer won't print. It takes in several sheets of paper at one time, doesn't print anything, and then shoots the paper out. The paper jam button starts blinking. I push the button and the paper shoots out......
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Do as suggested in my previous post and restart the computer. Also "fan" the paper to reduce stiction between pages.
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Hey that solved my problem, I also found a sticky note stuck to the roller. The printer was smart enough to know it couldn't print - 13library
Thanks guys and especially Bert for the advice, though it doesn't work for me. There is another small wheel inside, I guess it has to be cleaned too to solve this problem, but I can't reach it.
I also own an HP 1315 and it was SO MUCH BETTER than the new one: I guess HP invested more in design than technology with this new one, I wouldn't recommend it honestly.

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See my 10/14/07 12:36 PM post in this thread. Go to page 63 in the Users Guide for instructions on how to remove the rear clean-out door. If you don't have it download the guide using the link below.
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See my previous post.
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My problem is similar to those described above but there is definitely problem with the single feeding wheel which initially pulls the paper toward the rollers which are accessible after removing the rear cover. From the rear view, the feeding wheel is at the right side deeper inside. The main cause is, that the wheel doesn't fully touch the opposite wheel (cilinder) along it's axis but just by it's one edge.

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I tried to disassemble the printer to get to this feeding wheel, but after removing the outer "shell" and the scanner I realized that it's impossible to get there without complete disassembly as there is no easy access to this crucial part of the paper feeding mechanism.
If there is anybody with the same problem who solved it, contact me or answer here. Thank you.
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If your problem is failure to feed paper see my 10/14/07 12:36 PM post. Removing the case to get access to the feed rollers is unnecessary. Go to page 63 in the Users Guide for instructions on how to remove the rear clean-out door. If you don't have it download the guide using the link below.
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cleaning the wheels did not work for me. i had to insert a piece of foam between wheel arm and body to help the spring hold the wheel down and grip. I know it's not the best solution but it works fine without taking it apart.maybe in the future i will replace the spring with a stronger one.
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The 1510 PSc is an inkjet printer. No fuser or toner. Ours is having tha same paper feed problems. Will try some fixes tomorrow.
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Same halfway page problem as some above. Seem unresponsive to a reset or cleaning... Does anyone have a solution? Or the trash can is the only one?
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My 1510 was half feeding the sheet and going to error mode.

I found a small piece of broken plastic on the sliding print head, it triggered a sensor telling the machine when to allow sheet to feed. No part to order, fixing with homemade part (epoxy) didn't work.

In the end, I trashed the whole thing and bought new. Lexmark this time - first non-HP in 20 years, but the 1510 left me feeling like I was sold a piece of junk. We'll see how the long the new one lasts.

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Update on half-fed paper problem. I contacted HP and they defined it as a "hardware failure" that needed repair in the "nearest service center". The only help from them was to tell me where the center is. The cost of mailing the printer, labor and parts makes it cheaper to buy a new one (This time non-HP for me)

It truly was a piece of junk!
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Here is what worked for me. See instructions in HP user guide (get from HP website) for details.
Turn off printer.
Open the rear access door and clean out the roller.
Turn printer back on.
Install latest firmware and software from HP website.
You may have to disconnect printer from computer - when asked.
Reboot Windows (updates will ask you to do this).
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I have a relatively new hp 1510 all-in-one. I have tried everything imaginable and the CHECK PAPER light will NOT go out. I've check for jams, cleaned the rollers, made sure paper was ok, moved the feed rollers and paper sensor around and still nothing. Is it possible the check paper sensor is faulty and if so can I by-pass it, fix it, trash it or have it repaired.
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My psc1510 xi all-in-one has started picking up paper now. The blinking "check paper" light is out.

the blinking light is GONE

I followed all the tips I found and nothing helped.

i had a message on the screen the door would not close so I carefully closed it
cleaned the rollers with ear tips and water
looked for jams - even used compressed air to clear it out
tried new paper
tried old paper
replaced ink cartridges
downloaded new drivers
reinstalled the printer
fiddled with the spooling

but I read in a post someone placed some foam above the roller. Seemed to mention the spring that presses the rollers down onto the paper was weak now and not getting the firm grip to pull the paper in. Some foam above the roller helped them get their printer going.

To fix mine:

1) I opened the back door
2) took needle nose pliers and cut an ear tip in half
3) looking into the printer from the back, I very carefully stuck half an ear tip into the recess above the little ramps that are above the 2 rollers that touch the paper.

It works now!

Hope this helps you!
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I also had this problem. I found a fix although it does require taking the majority of the printer apart to get to the feed roller. There is one screw that holds the actual roller into the mechanism. I wrapped a thick rubber band around the roller about 4 times and then reinstalled it. Works like a charm, and only had one screw left over after putting it all back together.
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I have got an HP OFFICEJET PRO L7480 and a problem with the paper feeding as well. I tried all the usual things (resetting, cleaning rollers, etc.)

It seems like it is mainly a problem with the FIRST paper fedding. It never gets into the printer, which results in the "out of paper error". Repeating the printing order several times might reach the goal, but mostly i have to help manually and move the paper forward myself.

Interestingly, once the first paper is in printing process, the other papers will be fed almost without problems (if there is more than 1 page to print).

The Problem is probably with the one (first) roller which moves down, Once it souches the paper it does not spinn early enough, long enough or whatever. I dont know if it is a hard- or software issue.

Is there any help?
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Model 1510

Did ANYONE have the fix to paper feeding halfway to paper jam error, and printer request to clear the paper - remove the paper, and this repeats endlessly with NO ink going to a page.

The paper feeds and sticks just turning it on?

Same problem MANY stated, but what's the solution??

Thank you!
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The paper feeds halfway and stops - with NO print in the queue - to ERROR Print jam.

WHAT EXACTLY is telling the printer to feed paper endlessly and coming to the paper jam error.

I have tried every form of reset?

Any help much appreciated!
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I have the same problem. The paper feeds fine but nothing will make it print. The cycle is endless: paper goes in halfway and stops with a blinking "out of paper" message, press the clear button, next sheet goes in, and so forth. This just started. I tried every solution suggested except cleaning the rollers...seems like it's picking up fine anyway. Crazy maker.
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Hi, same problem here, but:

I cleaned the big reel the one from the left that is supposed to feed the paper, and after I tried didn't work and I touched the reel and it wasn't moving!!

So as clean as it can be it won't work if it doesn't move right? I have the theory it reached some number of prints and just stop working on purpose...

I thought maybe this can be solved by updating the firmware as many people did, anyone know how to do that in Mac OS X?
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For those of you having trouble with feeding paper, it is NOT a sticky paper problem (i.e. you have a brand new one, like we do), you probably do not have the back piece on correctly. It snaps in place. The rollers on this helps guide the paper around back out the same direction you fed the paper in. If these rollers are sticky or the back peice isn't in right, it'll jam and give you the "check paper" or "no paper" error.
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I had a paper feed problem for my HP Deskjet 1050. Because I was using non-std paper I thought it was a paper size problem. A4 paper printed fine. My page setup was B5(JIS) in the word document,but in the Control Panel Printer settings in the Main Tray assignment it was Letter. Changed this setting to B5(JIS) and it worked great. So I guess the document and main printer settings must match if there is a paper feed problem and printer is brand new like mine.

Hope this helps anyone having this sort of problem with this printer.
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I guess matching the paper setting for HP Deskjet 1050 was merely a lucky thing, so the problem got repeated. The paper I am using has cut edges on both sides. Result while feeding the paper tended to tilt to my left and got stuck every time. To solve this I realised placing the paper in the tray tilted a little to the right should solve the problem. So I tried this and though while printing every now and then I had to set it right. Anyway the tilt to my left got corrected by placing the paper to be printed with a tilt to my right and paper got straightened while printing. I could get a lot of printouts (around 400) with this solution and every once in a while of course I had to remove a paper jam. So I reckon this solution was a success.
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hey thnx bert ur rpl @(10/14/07 12:36 PM) help me a lot .. thnx for it
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open the top cover of the printer to expose the ink containers; on the back of the assembly you will find a transparent strip of plastic; if this gets smudged by ink, paper jams of all sort will appear; using a piece of dry cotton, carefully wipe this plastic clean - this will correct your problem. Smile...
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Here's what I've learned the hard way about HP printers: Treat them like fine surgical equipment... When a paper feed problem first occurs, DO NOT grab the sheet from the front and forcefully pull it out!!! No, no, no!!! That damages this fine, sensitive equipment. I've probably killed two HP printers this way. Even the HP website says if the printer has a paper feed problem (real or imagined), treat it as if it is real. Shut down everything and open the back. Somehow, the printer senses that. If you can even shut down your computer, do it. Restart computer. Restart printer and try it again. Treat it gently!

I did fix my current problem by going to the HP website and downloading new drivers for my printer. It now is just barely working, but good enough so that I can wait a bit to get some money together to buy a new one, because I have damaged my own equipment by pulling the pages out from the front of the machine.

And, as usual, I just bought new ink cartridges... So needless to say, I'm NOT going to purchase another HP product even though I do like the scanner and software...

Hope this helps someone else...
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I had a problem of non feeding paper. Tried all the solutions, including taking it all apart (learnt a lot and had no screws left) but the problem was found when I really got down with powerful torch and watched the paper feeding. At the back of the tray there are several plastic guides (removable from outside) and one of them has a green rubber strip up the middle. Take away that and it feeds all the paper at once, so it's there to restrict the feed by a bit of friction. My problem is that the rubber has gone sticky and it now has lots of nicks in it. So the paper simply can't run over ot. Of course, it's impossible to get a replacement for this tiny bit.

If anyone knows of a solution/replacement, I will be very grateful.
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for anybody with printer problems please take the time to check underneath the printer for pesky kopparberg bottle tops which may have somehow climbed into your printer...it worked for me. hope this helps.
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Did you ever fix it? I have the same problem.
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After reading all the above, I am going to back the car over my PSC 1510, which is a miserable piece of you-know-what.

It will work better then - it could not possibly work any worse.

I will NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER buy another HP anything, nor will I accept anything HP as a Gift, so don't offer. Rubbish!
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I've had the HP Deskjet 1510 for around 5 months and only ever used the scanner, which is really why I bought it.

The scanner works fine but I just tried to use the printer for the first time (other than to print a test page when I first set it up) and the paper gets stuck half way going into the printer EVERY SINGLE TIME!

I downloaded the manual but my model doesn't have a rear compartment to open, so that was a waste of time that only added to my frustration!

For the paper to never load after but a single usage, there's clearly something very BROKEN with this machine and I wouldn't recommend anybody to buy it.
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  • After a long thought a finally came up with an answer that really worked. Not for a short while or a solution that ordered for all sorts of non-HP accessories glued of stocked somewhere on or in this apparatus in order to feet me the papers I so desperately desired for.
    Here is what I found to be the perfect solution to this painful problem:
    1 -Before I begin to print, I make sure that there is absolutely no paper on the paper tray.
    2 -Next I put the machine on and go for a cup of coffee.
  • 3 -By the time I finish my coffee, I know my printer is ready and able to walk to China and back to me. (It's THAT GOOD)
  • 4 -The moment I decided what I want to print I take one sheet from the top of my paperberg and insert it into the machine and push it gently to the back.
  • 5 -Once I click on print with my right hand, the left waits for the transport to start and manually feed the paper sheet into the machine.
  • Delicate, Simple, trustworthy and no effort at all.
    Thought you'd wanna know so this is my perfect solution to the problem. Just ignore...
by Knarph from Holland on Aug 12, 2016 at 6:10pm Add comment
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