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Xerox Xerox Phaser 8550

Xerox Phaser 8550 Blurred print

I am having trouble with a Xerox Phaser 8550 printer. It prints fine for a couple of pages then randomly starts blurring the print sometimes to the extreme you cannot tell what it is. PLEASE HELP!!!! For some odd reason the Xerox location in our area is sending us all their Phaser printer customers to us. I have worked on these here and there for 5 years or so, but have never really gotten the hang of it, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so very much for the detailed reply, Nivek - much appreciated. Will give it a shot.
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Not sure if I messed up or not but I was thinking I had to take the clear disc off to clean it (now I realize it might have been flexible enough to clean by just lifting an edge to get behind it). I did not bend the disc at all and I did get it all back together but now I can hear the disc when it spins. On the plus side the blurry images seem to have gone away.

1)Am I screwed because of the sound and will it fail sooner rather than later?

2)If I am screwed what part(s) do I need to replace? Just the encoder or the drum unit AND encoder? How difficult is the task?

Thanks in advance.
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Try running the Elimiate stripes function.

CLEAN Printer command
by Anonymous on Oct 4, 2007 at 11:20am Add comment
Tryed running both cleaning functions, does not help. I thik it may be a bad connection or something loose, since it does not fail everytime. Thanks for the suggestion.
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Could you provide a little more info? When you say it is blurring the print is it the whole page/ half a page/ streaks/ vertical or horizonal? Does it look as if something is rubbing the print? Anything else unusual that happens at the same time?
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I see this problem about twice per month. It's the drum. The easiest fix is to replace the drum assembly. The problem is usually caused by a dirty encoder. The encoder is on the right side of the drum under the fan. It gets oily and I've never had any luck trying to clean it.
Hope this helps.
by theprinterfixer on Oct 4, 2007 at 6:39pm Add comment
Thanks everyone for the input. To answer Redneck I ran it with the covers off there is no diffenent sounds or moving parts when it acts up. the print looks like when the wax is on the drum someone kicked the printer and made the wet heated wax move and get disfigured, almost like double vision. If it is the drum how much does it cost and where can I get one?
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The drum costs about $135. I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself unless you're very familiar with the printer. One more thing you might check. The drum has a temperature sensor on the top right side of the drum. It's accessible if you lift up the top cover. Lift up the green exit guide and the sensor is on the right. Slide a piece of paper under the sensor 2 or 3 times to clean it.
If it's still blurry it will need the drum replaced.
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Dear theprinterfixer,

I too have had this problem with my 8560DN in the UK. Xerox are quoting me £305 + 20\% tax + parts to even investigate it. Cleaning the temperature sensor as you suggested has not solved the problem. Could you help me to locate and try to clean the encoder? I don't want to scrap the machine, which will be the preferred option if I need to pay that sort of fee even to find out what the problem is.

Many thanks,

RR - roryrickard
Solution : Clean Ink Smears

Press the [Up] or [Down] arrow button on the Control Panel to select [Troubleshooting] on the Display Screen, and then press the [OK] button.
Press the [Up] or [Down] arrow button to select [Print Quality Problems], and then press the [OK] button.
Press the [Up] or [Down] arrow button to select [Remove Print Smears], and then press the [OK] button. The printer will clean the ink from the rollers by running several sheets of paper through the printer.
If the smears are still displayed, repeat steps 1 through 3 up to three more times.

NOTE: If the problem continues, make sure you are using a supported paper type. See the Related Items below for additional information.
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Replace the drum unit becuase the encoder is dirty? My car needs an oil change so I replaced the engine. Anyway the encoder strip is behind the drum fan on the right side of the machine. There is a clear plastic piece covering it with I believe four wires coming out the middle. Oil from the drum gets on the encoder disk and cuases it not to read correctly. Everyone I've ever done I just cleaned the encoder and never had a call back and I worked on the machines for years afterwards.
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Dear Nivek,

I have just started having the same problem on my Phaser 8550. But I cannot figure out exactly where the encoder strip or disk is from your original description. Any chance you could provide a little more info, or even a photo? Could blurring also be caused by an overworked Maintenance Kit, and how would you tell the difference? I am prepared to order a new MK, but it is about $175 here...

Trouble shooting on my end is rendered somewhat difficult because after about a year of owning this printer, the control panel stopped functioning.

Many thanks,

Mike - Hallival
Thanks Nivek. That makes sense. What did you use to clean it? Alcohol? Detergent?


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848k06552 Control Panel part number. Very common problem. Comes with instructions to replace or found on Xerox's site under support for the machine. The encoder disk is on the right side of the machine. Control panel instructions show you how to remove the top cover. After that open the front door. Remove the torx 20 screw in back of the machine, on the right side release the front tab on top the machine and pull the cover up and out. The encoder is behind the drum cooling fan. Hard to miss. You'll have to remove the fan, disconnect the drum heater wire harness, straighen it out, unclip the three or four clips holding the clear protective plastic cover for the encoder, then clean the encoder. Flashlight might help here so you can look at it from different angles. If its horrible I've taken them out but if its just a minor drip then I just use a Q-tip and alcohol. The main thing is to be gentle. If you scratch or bend it to far its trashed. Oil from the drum bushings is what cuases the issue. They've updated the part but I've never had repeat issue after cleaning one up.
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very good work for me too. I have a 8560 printer that this paper jams often can you help me? - lUIZVALM