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asked Jul 12, 2007 at 8:57am
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Xante Illumina

I am thinking of getting an Illumina - digital color on heavyweight board will be easy to sell - but would appreciate any feedback from current users. Is it as reliable as its cracked up to be? Are copies as clean & sharp as on the samples? Are there any paper feed issues to worry about?

All advice very gratefully received.
I think this says it best... see

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Brutal review! I especially liked the part where he recommended a sledgehammer as an optional accessory.
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WARNING!! Think hard before you buy this. I've got one and have had problems since I've had it (for over a year now). I even read the "epionion review" and thought that maybe I wouldn't run into that sort of thing, but I did! Major printing issues with the black not adhearing to the paper, toner drums don't last even close to their advertized lifespan, consumables are way more than they should be, not many people have one so can hardly find any help in forums, their customer support stinks, the techs talk you over the phone with repairs (no reps anywhere near), the printer is apparently super sensitive to humidity levels so your gonna need a dehumidifier/humidifier, they give you a small choice of recommended papers and if you have any problems they want to blame it on the paper first (even on their recommended papers), and to answer your question, no, I haven't been able to print anything that looks as good as the samples they sent me (they can't even tell me what type of paper they use for the samples), and now they tell me that printing those larger sizes puts more strain on the printer which can make those expensive consumables die much quicker than normal (that's the whole reason I bought the thing!!) I should've just kept the Xerox 7750 that I sold to get the Illumina.
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i have had an xante illumina for about 2 years now and if I could afford it I would use it for a Boat anchore. I am looking for another machine. There supplies are to high priced and
they warrenty on drums sucks. Only the first 5\%of use.

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GYUS i am from greece and iam using compatible toners for 3 years now with no problems at all the original cost far too much the first year i tried to work with them realised that it was not worthed... try compatible toners - Anonymous
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"GYUS i am from greece and iam using compatible toners for 3 years now with no problems at all the original cost far too much the first year i tried to work with them realised that it was not worthed... try compatible toners"

is it worth to use compatible toners? and what kind of toners? oki or refill for xante illumina?
i have also a xante. i am in second year and i am still using the original toners. and i attend to sell it because i can't afford the toners !!! please tell me a way to use the compatible toners and to reset the chip or whatever it needs!!! thanks in advance
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Man, you guys are confusing me. Should i buy it or leave it!
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Our Illumina works very well. Color is true and it WILL print on just about any thickness, and almost anything! Consumables will break the bank if this is your main press but make sure to set your blacks to Greyscale and reuse the toner waste drum as long as you can. It is not a press so you have to treat it like a printer. My pressman was used to Heidelbergs but knew enough to baby the Illumina when replacing parts and consumables. We had only one jam and it was due to operator error. A plastic clip broke off from the fuser when it was dropped on the floor. After digging out the clip, we could still use the fuser as usual. As for service, you can buy service as a contract or per hour without contract. When we thought at first we were going to have to use a service tech for the fuser, the tech promised he would be out the next morning even though later we didn't need him as we solved the prob ourselves.

Above all, the Illumina is job type specific: small run, limited bleeds, high profile so you can justify the consumable cost. This would be great for a sign shop. I've just learned they have magnet stock available for it too.

Best of Luck!
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I was thinking of buying one of these, but after a web search, I found out that it's basically an OKI 9000 series printer, so I bought 2 new (out of warranty) Oki 9300s on Ebay, for less than half the cost of one Illumina. I've been using them for about 1 year now, and I'm very happy with their output. At present I use aftermarket toner from Uninet and refill the original cartridges. Uninet toner doesn't shine as much as Oki toner, but it does shine, and since it costs about 60\% less, I can live with less shine. The thickest stock I've put through them so far, is 326 gsm Tag stock (200 lb., 15 pt.). It went through fine. These machines make a piece of plain old tag stock look great in color! I haven't had much luck running any type of Coated stock through these machines. There's always a lot of toning on the white coated stock. I routinely run carbonless papers that are specifically designed for laser printers with perfect results. I also use them for any type of #80 lb cover stock, except for coated.
The image drums seem to last only as long as they are rated for, and the fusers don't last much longer than their rated life. I suspect that it's just a fuse (thermistor) that burns out in the fuser, but so far I haven't found a supplier for the fuse, so I don't know for sure. The transfer belts seem to last a while longer than they're supposed to. I haven't had to replace one yet. I've seen a dramatic reduction in waste when printing small multipage booklets with these machines, compared to running the same booklets on a small offset press and, naturally, the output is far superior to a copy machine.
All in all, I'm happy I bought these machines instead of an Illumina. I realize this doesn't tell you any more about an Illumina, but I just wanted you to be aware of this alternative.
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1) Power ON printer while holding "+(up)" & "-(down)" and "help" buttons until “OKIUSER” message apear in LCD....
2) Press + or – button until “ENGINE DIAG MODE” is displayed;
3) Press "ENTER", will be displayed "DIAGNOSTIC MODE XX.XX.XX S-MODE"
4) Press + or – button until “NV-RAM INITIAL” is displayed
5) Press "ENTER" again;
6) Will appear "TABLE 1" message;
7) Press "ENTER" until "EXECUTING RESET" message appear. the "NV-RAM INITIAL" message will BLINK...
This procedure reset DRUM, FUSER and BELT...
8) power OFF printer, wait 10 sec, and power ON again... =)
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DO NOT BUY THE XANTE ILLUMINA!! As a matter of fact do not buy anything related to Xante to be quite honest. I have no idea where this bloke got the 'wonderful tech support' from, though I assure you it is not Xante. The only reason they will send ANYONE out is for replacement of a part. UNDER NO OTHER CURCUMSTANCES will they sand anyone out for anything.
The toner is exceedingly expensive and depletes at a phenominal rate! Honestly; if one pays $1,000+ for toner then one woudl not expect it to be completely emptied out in less than 2 weeks.
What Xante WILL provide you with is blaming either you or the stock for all the problems, you will have excessively much headache and eventually your Xante representative will 'conveniently' be on a lunch break every time you call them.
The Illumina is also by far one of the slowest (supposedly) 'digital color press' I have ever had the regret to lay my eyes on. A 500 copy, 3 sheet newsletter on tabloid format when collated, took about 38 hours to print!!!

So then whatever you do DO NOT BUY A XANTE. I have made it a point to heed poor printers all over the world from this abomination.

"Si vis pacem, para bellum"
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The code above to reset the Ilumina will not work if you have the PU version 00.03.02
Apparently Xante or OKI does not want the drums and fusers reset.
If you have PU version 00.01.04 it will work.
If you have an older Ilumina machine and they want to up grade your printer to do magnetic media,
they will have you install drivers to the machine and thus NO RESET.
The NV RAM INITIAL will not appear.

AnyOne have any ideas ?

We have had great success in refill toners from www.inktoner.net

I have also created a program to read toner coverage of a print ready pdf for mac only at
by randyhobb on Feb 28, 2009 at 9:20am Add comment
any ideas wot a 134 error code is on my xante ilummina
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I have a xante ilumina 00.03.00 you cannot reset there either with the system maintenance, anyone know how with this PU?
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I've had a Xante Illumina Envelope press for a year and it has given me nothing but headaches. I get paper jams constantly and it drains through the supplies. (I don't think I've ever seen it without an error message saying that it was low on toner or the drums needed replacing soon.) Seriously... it is constantly out of something.

Ughh.. I wish I hadn't purchased this machine. I've had repair guys out no less than 8 times in the last year and it never works for more than two days without acting up again.
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we purchased a month ago the 502 ilumina and we see a ghosting efect in our impressions and horizontal and vertical lines. we tried different GSM and different types of papers and it was the same for all of them. Support is apparently going to help us but we are unsure if it ever going to give us a good impression. the samples they showed us look great but when we print the quality is poor, except for simple drawing and no backgrounds.
any coments on these effects.
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What a Pile OF &!^#&* Wouldn't recommend for any reason then throwing your money away. Inconstant colors depending on day, poor registration when running second side through by bypass, high consumable cost and the list goes on & on.

Not as advertise
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Eimai apo ellada kai exw kai gw enan illumina kai kostizei polu h ektupwsh. Tha mporouses na mou peis pou ksana gemizeis ta melania sou?

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I am getting a ghosting effect on paper, it is like a roller repeat pattern across the paper, very slight but not acceptable.

As a process of elimination I have changed the fuser unit and belt cartridge from another XantŽ and cleaned all rubber rollers, etc.

However this makes no difference any ideas what is causing this.

Also when I change the fuser unit and belt the Menu displaying "Supplies Life" gives the exact lifetime remaining as the previous fuser unit and belt life . . . Impossible !!!!!
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I have had my Illumina for about 3 years now and during the first year there were only a few problems that their tech successfully talked me through removing a main board and a small board as well which I never thought I would be able to do but it was a cake walk.
After about 2 years, I had a toner dump problem where the line was clogged or something and toner was spilling at the top of the page. Tech walked me through options and work arounds and had to order a new dump line, it cost me $40 for the part and about 2.5 hours to replace. Now the machine has been printing flawlessly.
We have the toner and drum cost issues as well and have found a awesome workaround that I will share with anyone that wants to know, I am just not going to publish it for the world to see since it wook me quite a bit of research and troubleshooting to resolve this. I can reset any drum or belt, as for the toner just buy 3rd party. Once you start resetting your drums and belts this machine is a profit machine, and after this you will start to understand your drums more and you yourself will be able to know when your drum is about to expire. We paid for our machine in under 2 years including the high price consumables, when an average full color envelope costs $.04 to run and you charge $.20 an envelope or even more it is a no brainer, ohhh yeah and in like 25 minutes. You should see the customers face when we say an hour and they say the last place said it would take 10-14 days.
Overall, the Xante has a bit of a learning curve but once you start understanding the process it is way profitable.
Also it sounds like the other people harshing on the machine couldn't put a jigsaw puzzle together let alone take this machine apart which FYI, it has a total of 10 replaceable parts.
It scared me to death when they said that they would be able to talk me through any problem that it has, and they have done an excellent job keeping their promise.
If this machine breaks down I will be replacing it with another Xante. Just a hint for resetting the parts, it comes down to a $.34 fuse.
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Not worth the price tag at all. The printing firm I work for has one and it has given us nothing but trouble since day one. We've had it now a little over a year but to be honest we have only been able to get a decent print run for maybe two months off and on mind you within that year. I wish I had known about how finicky she is about humidity. To high and the toner clumps paper curls etc. too low and the toner smears. It's kind of hard to avoid humidity in a tropical place like Puerto Rico. So we have purchased ac unit for the machine and a dehumidifier. I guess the common answer to this is don't buy it.
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We purchase this along with a business about six months ago. It has been nothing but the source of a ton of frustration. This machine sucks!!! The longest it has worked without a problem is about 3 days...I have done nothing but stick money into this thing and when I can afford it we will say goodbye with a stick of dynamite. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER entertain the notion of buying anything from this company again. They do not stand behind their stuff--we replace a $700 board and it lasted all of 1 month, they say we have to buy another one. I cannot express to you the amount of hate I have for this machine. I cannot wait for the day I can take a sledgehammer to it....

If you value your sanity, do not buy this machine!!!
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Worst machine you could ever imagine owning. Expensive consumables, constantly under repair, terrible manufacturer customer service. I basically just want to warn anyone who would ever think about spending a single dollar with this company. I'm not the only one but I needed to add to the pile. Save yourself.
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