asked Jul 11, 2007 at 12:27pm
Canon Canon Bubblejet (BJ) 5

Canon i960 Print Head

I have a Canon i960 inkjet printer that is flashing r times. 5 orange is print head. I have removed the print head and flushed with windex. I have removed the circuit bored and flushed plastic body, not circuit board with windex many times.
I don't understand why I can not do a print head cleaning using the software when the printer is in error. I think I would have a better shot getting this printer fixed if I could see what was going on.
Is there a way to force the printer to do a test page, or a print head cleaning when it has an error light flashing?
Is there something else to look at or reset to clear this problem?
I do believe the print head is clean. I see a similar drip rate coming from the nozzles when they are flushed. Will the 5 pattern amber error light flash for a problem other then a bad print head?

Does any one know how to force this printer to try and print something? In this error condition it does not want to do anything.

What charges the print heads on this printer? Is it internal to the print head, or is the charger come from the printer?
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I have also been battling a clogged print heads on an Epson CX5200. All 3 color print heads were completely clogged, as was the purge tube. Using windex I was able to get all but the magenta print head to clear 100\%, the magenta is about 50\% now. I did purchase the Epson cleaner from this site and it helped a bit. Guess I will have to flush it a couple more times.

I have gone through $75.00 in cartridges to try and get this Epson to work. I started with all new cartridges and they are about empty after all the head cleanings I have performed.
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