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asked May 25, 2007 at 7:45pm
Lexmark Lexmark Optra S

Mystery of Lexmark 3400 Cover Open Error: Solved!

I wandered over to the Lexmark Indonesia web site to find out why my X3470 would keep saying 'cover open'. The site said 'lever arm of cover sensor has fallen off'.

AHA! with the scanner part taken off the top, and the grayish plastic bit unscrewed and popped off, there is a white nylon lever arm that should be seen sticking up thru a rectangular hole...roughly about 1/2" to the right of the printhead behind it. This lever arm clips onto a microswitch/sensor (the lid switch). I just popped the white nylon bit back on and presto, it's fixed. Mine had popped off and was way deep down in the bowels of the printer.

This sensor is mounted on the circuit board about midway across, and you can see it if you look straight down, through the hole in the black plastic shrouding that covers the circuit board.

It might be possible to snap the part back on without partial disassembly, or simply shove something in there to hold the sensor in the 'closed' possition (If you lose a finger or two using this method, don't blame me).
How do you get the scanner part off?

mine has cover open error message
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That was posted on another thread by Rob M. Why on earth no one uses the site search engine is beyond me! If a woman with her little boy can do it, I would think anyone can. Read the thread!
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Dude you are a genius!! Thanks a million for your detailed instructions. I looked everywhere for a switch of some sort, in all the wrong places of course. Just wanted to let you know that I was able to solve that problem also. Of course, the little "rod" on the inside of the lever arm broke I taped it (duct tape of course) to close the switch and voila it works. You have to pull the cartridge manually to change but at least it prints. Well, thanks again to Rob M!!!
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Thank you so much Rob for sharing your solution, I was getting fed up trying to figure out what was going on with my printer!!Thanks to you , It ended up being easier than I thought,It took me less than 20 min and I didn't break anything!! You saved me money too , I was going to buy another printer!! (not a lexmark)lol :)
Anyway thanks alot!!
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thx mate ,cut an eraser to fit and badabing badaboom fixed.
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Nice work Rob! That was my problem as well. Step for step. Thanks for your research.
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How do I get the 'scanner part off'? Do you have a picture of where this magic white level is?

Lexmark told me it was defective yesterday....and offered me a discount on another one. I'd love to fix it myself if possible.
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Thankyou friend,
I was beginning to think I was a real dummy, even with your desciptive instruction, anyway after location the mini switch
and fiddling with the white lever it eventually clipped in.
And yes it it working again.
Perrin in Australia
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I called Lexmark and they said they would ship me a new one within 4 to 5 business days at no additional charge!!! After several weeks trying to fix it myself... I should have called them right away.
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Yes, but were you still under warranty? - unknown
I am extremely fustrated at the fact that I cannot see where the lever may have broken off. Where is the circuit board, and the rectangular hole & such. This is really confusing, I need someone to go step by step with me. Please && thank you.
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what grayish plastic are you talking about i just slid off the top of scanner and the exposed part where you lay the paper to be scanned on does not have screws in it. i have only used this prnter a very short whild bummed cause it is messing up thanks for your help
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Why don't you read the whole thread??? - moe
Well, scanner is off, gray cover is off, I've found the microswitch (the little black button, on which you can push :p )...but no sign of a yellow lever...should it be lying on the floor?because he has bene transported a few times.. and that may be lost)...i do see some white things next to the switchboard, (left of it) with a cable attached to it (a flat one)..but no sign aof a lever...the damn thing can't exacape I think, there are no holes in it.. :) plz advise
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thanks for advice we put a pen lid in and it worked a treat!!!
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If you have trouble finding the lever like i did.. it's not in the front of the printer, near the gray lever that you latches to hold the lid (which is where i kept looking) it's in the very back of the printer by the big circuit board, it's actually BEHIND the circuit board... here is a sight that has a picture of exactly where it is.. Good luck!
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Right on Man (:
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Great - thanks - but it took several hours to pull apart, find plastic part, figure out exact installation, reconnect wires, test, one wire to scanner popped off while putting plastic gray part on that fits under scanner board, reconnect that wire, test again but now it works. Thanks
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Thank you so much, that PICTURE was so helpful.
I had the small white lever,I new that is the problem, I opened it completly but could not locate where the lever belongs. I did it now, and it is printing agin.

Thanks again.
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