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Brother Brother MFC 4420C

Replace or Repair? Brother MFC 4420C

Your opinion would be appreciated. My Brother MFC 4420C has broken down for the second time. First time was a machine error 41 after about 2 years of use. Two years later I am faced with same machine error but refuse to take it back to the repair shop. I cleaned the print head as per suggestions on this forum. Now it has the persistent "PLS OPEN COVER" message. I bought the MFC to complement my HP Deskjet 722C because I need occasionally to print high volume quickly , fax a document, or scan something.

Many thanks in advance!
Well folks, this was my solution...and although it worked quite well - I still use my Canon Pixma for everything, and my newly repaired (FOR FREE) brother printer for faxing only!

I googled 'permanent printhead', and found a brother press release that stated that the brother MFC 4420C was advertised as having a permanent printhead! I found the press release at:
http://www.imaging-resource/NEWS/10446567908.html. For those of you that need to know it, enter http://www.imaging-resource first, then when you're on the site, continue with
When you get there,the press release says "Brother Announces Office-In-A-Box". In the last paragraph of the article, note that the MFC-4420C has a PERMANENT printhead.

Here are my results!

Hi brother!

After getting 'machine error 41' on my printer(almost a year ago), i visited the brother troubleshooting page and followed the advice to unplug the printer and plug it in again after a few minutes. That 'solution' worked for quite a while, and occasionally I would have to repeat it, but in essence it just put off the time when I would have to contact you....My printer rarely works now, sometimes being unplugged for 2 days and then plugged in, it will copy one page for me before showing the 'machine error 41' again. It is beyond frustrating, especially because the printer that I had prior to this one was a 20-year old HP that worked great - it just didn't print in colour! I regret having passed the HP printer off to a friend!! I have visited various web-sites that discuss this particular problem (error 41), and have come away slightly perturbed. Does the extended warranty that I've read exists in the U.S.A. also apply to Canada? If so, and I had complained to brother back when the problem first started, my printer would be within an extended warrranty period. However, having followed brother's advice regarding unplugging and plugging in the machine to get a print, I am probably complaining 'outside' of the warranty period!
What to do? Well, for a multi-functional machine to 'die' so early in it's life is pretty much unforgiveable (give me back my HP!). Do you have a solution for me that will keep me as a brother customer? Please do not suggest that I buy a new part for my printer - this is definitely a manufacturing problem (even is it is widespread)!
Proof of purchase and original warranty receipts are still on hand. Sincerely, ....

Dear valued Brother Customer,

You can try to unplug the power cord for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. If the problem persists then you will need to have your machine serviced at one of our service center. The warranty for this error is 2 years (Parts & Labor). To find the service center near you please go to http://www.brother.ca/en/customer_care/service_centers.asp , and from there you will be able to select an asc nearest you.
Thank you!


I do not appreciate getting a computer-generated reply to my letter regarding an obvious manufacturing error. If a humanoid had written your reply to my initial complaint, he/she would have noticed that not only do I mention 'machine error 41', but, in the same sentence, mention that I have tried the advice just given me - ie. unplugging and plugging in the printer.

My printer was purchased on August 25, 2003!

I followed advice given on brother's solutions page having no idea that a major part of the printer was failing!


I had no idea that any warranty had been extended 'til I started reading about this problem a few days ago, on other complaint sites. As this problem started with my printer well over a year ago, I would have been covered under said extended warranty.

I do not believe that brother is keeping many of its customers as repeat customers, if the company has not set up a better solution than this to a manufacturing error!

The question is: do you really value this brother Customer, or do you not care.

Sincerely, ..... (an under-valued brother printer customer)

PS. I WOULD APPRECIATE A NEW PRINT-HEAD and instructions on how to replace it as THIS PRINTER WAS ADVERTISED AS HAVING A PERMANENT PRINT-HEAD (not a disposable)!!!!

pss. please reply.

Dear Brother Valued Customer,

Thank you for the e-mail. In regards to the error 41, which as you see is a problem with the print head, we did extend the warranty for 24 months with the proof of purchase or 30 months with the serial number. Judging by your purchase date, unfortunately you are no longer covered under the extended warranty.

However, we would still like to try and help out as best as we could. We will require the serial number of the machine. It is usually on the back of the machine, on a grey sticker starting with the letter “U”. On some machines it will be found in front of the machine underneath the paper tray again starting with the letter “U”.

Please forward the following information at your earliest convenience to see how we can try to help you.
Thank you


Thank-you for listening, and for answering my email.
The serial number of my MFC 4420C is *U........*.

I have attached information regarding the MFC 4420C's press release from 2003.

I await your reply.



I appreciate your time and effort in this matter and for the quick reply.

The error 41 warranty on the print head for your machine as mentioned previously was extended. However, your serial number indicates to me that your machine was manufactured in May 2003. If we go by the 30 month extended warranty with the serial number, it has expired November of 2005.

Brother would like to offer you all repairs covered under warranty regarding the print head. I will be faxing an authorization to the service center closest to you for parts and labor to be covered under warranty. I am however missing information on you before I can do that. I will need to create a file for you starting with your telephone number and address. I already have all other necessary information. Once I have the following, I will be able to advise you were to take your machine and send the authorization.

Please understand that we can not keep extending your warranty after this. If for any reason the same problem reoccurs after the repairs within 90 days, the service centers have a warranty on the work that has just been done. It should not reoccur but it is for your own information.
Kind regards


My personal information is as follows:


I await further instruction from you regarding my printer repair, and I thank-you for your swift reply!


I have faxed an authorization to ........ . There telephone number is ......., ......., ....., ...

You can bring in your machine at your earliest convenience.
Thank you

When I took my brother into the service center it had no ink in it - and they tried to tell me that I would have to buy ink so that they could test their repair. I refused and they fixed it anyway! I only use this machine for faxing now....no ink necessary.
Hope this helps anyone else who is interested, although most of you have probably tossed your printer into the recycle. I will NEVER buy another brother printer again!
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Well.....I see I am not alone on this dilemma! I am so pi##ed off! I bought this Thing, and after looking at many various sites, I see that it is a universally common problem. I am going to call Brother and see if they will do what is right and repair the Thing, but I am not going to get my hopes up.

If anyone knows where I can purchase a new printhead that I can install myself for a reasonable price, please let me know!

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MY MFC 4420C printer pulls papers to some extent for printing and than does not pull the paper completely upfront to print. Can anyone suggest what is the problem
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My experience with mt Brother color laser printer was just as bad. It lasted a litltle over a year and now claims error code 36, making it inop. Brother says drive about 75 miles to a repair center - just to see if it can be fixed. Right. It is absolutely a waste of money to ever buy a Brother laser printer. There is no customer support and exceptionally poor product quality. They lost my business with only one purchase, so our company is now avoiding them in allof our offices.
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