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Hp HP LaserJet 4250

HP LaserJet 49 Error Troubleshooting

A General Approach To 49 Errors.

a 49 error is a firmware error, it might be caused by the firmware itself, or by the failure of a printer module.

Here's my method for isolating the cause:

Verify that the problem is not being caused by a specific job, this error can be caused by bad information being sent to the printer, never try to fix a printer when it's not broken, <g>.

Power off and remove any installed EIO devices, (JetDirect Cards, Hard Drives), power on and test.

Cold Reset the printer. (some procedures below)

Power off, remove any optional memory, power on and retest.

Power off and reseat any memory and firmware modules on the formatter board, power on and test.

Power off, reseat the formatter board, power on and test.

Check firmware version, on newer machines with flashable firmware upgrade to the latest version. If you are running the latest version reload it, this might fix corrupted firmware. (Some printers have flashable firmware, others use a Firmware DIMM which must be replaced to upgrade.)

If you haven't found the cause yet it's time to start swapping parts, here's the order I find logical.

Firmware module if it's a DIMM as opposed to being part of the formatter.

Memory if installed, some printers have to have at least one memory module installed to run, and it must have enough capacity to function, in some cases installing a module that does not meet the minimum requirements of the machine will cause a 49 error, (I saw this recently testing a LaserJet 9000).

The Formatter.

Cold Reset:

LaserJet 4000/4100/5000: Power off printer, wait about 5 seconds, push and hold the GO button, then power it on. When Cold Reset appears on the display let go of the button.

LaserJet 4250: Power off printer, wait about 5 seconds, then power it on, when asterisks start appearing on the display press and hold the check mark until all 3 lights come on solid, then use arrow keys to find cold reset and push check mark to perform the reset.


I would appreciate other Tech's reading this thread to add their thought and approaches.

In 9/10 situations 49 errors comes from the job itself. Only thing you need to do is to clear the printserver and restart the printer. If you dont remove the job from the printserver the printer works great without beeing plugged in and when you connect it the bad job comes again and cause 49.xx.xx.
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Did you read the first step of the procedure?
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Yeah I just felt that a little note from my own experience could be posted :) To make it simple for those who dont know how to "Verify that the problem is not being caused by a specific job" :) I dont wanna be rude and pointing with fingers.
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please note that on many models of printer, the cold reset will wipe the network settings. selecting disble embedded LAN from the same menu will prevent this.
be sure to re-enable it after the reset is done.
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Please help me to reset :
49.4c04 service error at HP LaserJet 4100 TN

Ikrar Arifin

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Hi, I have error 49 on brand new 400 M451nw - received as a replacement for the original one, which one had the same error.
HP said I have a network problem - all the other computers, printers are working fine.
All suggestions are appreciated.
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I would have to go with what hp is telling you. Disconnect the printer from the network and turn it on. Does it print test pages from the menu? Odds are it will. What you will want to do next is to install the printer on the network, but change the ip address to one not being used and load the printer on one local computer using tcp/ip. See if it now works. If it does that would confirm you are having network issues and the most likely cause is there is a computer or server that still has a job in the printq that tries to print each time the printer is turned off and back on and because the job is corrupt is confuses the formatter and causes the error.
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I have a HP 400 that is displaying this same error 49. I have done the cold reset, unplugged the printer from the network, set the ip to a new ip, even put the printer on a different subnet. As soon as I plug the network cable in, the error returns. We actually use ip printing and not a printer server. I have checked all the workstations that print to this print and have cleared the print queues of these workstations. The error returns. I have even tried to let DHCP set the ip, but the error returns before the printer receives an ip.

Any other thoughts on this?

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