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Dell Dell Laser 1600N

Dell Laser Multi-Function Printer 1600n

I’ve basically been given a broken printer and I’m trying to fix it. The printer will take paper from the tray or manual feeder and then jam “[Paper Jam1] Open\\Close Door”. If I keep loading paper, after the 2nd or 3rd sheet, it will spit out a copy. The people that gave it to me were sent a part from Dell, “J6335 ROLL ASSY FEED”. I have no clue where it goes or how to install it and the people that gave it to me seemed to think they were sent the wrong part. As far as I can tell there is nothing visible jamming printer. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Found this on the dell forum site, worked great for me back and running in less than 5 minutes:

I just went through the trouble shooting with Dell the other night. They offered to fix it but its actually simple pretty to fix yourself if you are at all mechanically inclined.

I'll do my best to explain the fix. First, verify that there is actually no paper jam (open all the doors, take out the paper tray, take out the toner/drum unit and visually inspect),

If none, chances are there is a little plastic piece inside the printer that has popped out. The little piece allows the printer to detect when a sheet is exiting the printer. When it pops out, its gives the printer a false reading which makes the printer think there is a paper jam.

So, onto the fix. Turn printer off and unplug the printer from all cables (power, USB, phone, RJ45, etc). Secondly, take out the drum/toner unit and place in a dark spot like a closet.

Next, with the back of the printer facing you, turn the printer over so that it is resting on its front. The bottom should be facing you, and the back of the unit should be pointing towards the ceiling. I will use this orientation when describing the following steps.

Most of the back of the printer is actually a removable piece held in place by 4 silver cross head screws. Two are near the bottom of the printer in fairly deep recesses. The top two are easily accessible. Using a regular cross head (not flat head) screw driver, remove the 4 screws.

Once removed, the entire back panel should lift right off. You will then see the inside of the printer. You are looking for a small, gray plastic piece with a spring attached to it. It will probably be loose in the back of the printer. Its approximately 1.5" long and is roughly S-shaped. One end is different then the other, with one end being relatively skinny and the other end having a sort of paddle shape.

This is the piece that has popped out and makes the printer think there is always a paper jam. If this piece is not loose and is properly secured in place then you have a different problem. Reassemble the printer and call Dell for a replacement printer.

If the piece is loose, pick it up but ground yourself to the printer by touching any metal in the printer. Try not to touch the various electronics inside the printer unnecessarily.

Looking at the back of the printer, roughly in the middle where the paper exits is a black bar with various rollers on it. Below this should be a piece of sheet metal, gray in color, running from once side to the other (left to right) of the printer.

Visually follow this sheet metal piece. Roughly in the middle (left to right again) should be a small rectangular opening. Immediately below this should be a little black plastic piece with two little arms sticking out towards you, with a third arm perpendicular to the first two. This piece will be mounted on a small beige/brown PCB.

This is the actual sensor that the gray S-piece popped out of. If you look at the gray S-piece, you will notice that it has two little round knobs, one sticking out on each side. These knobs snap into the small semi-circular feature on the top of the two arms. The third arm is where the spring on the S-piece pushes against.

So, take the gray S-piece and hold it so that the spring is on the left, the thick paddle part is pointing towards the bottom of the printer, and the skinny part is pointing towards the top of the printer (towards the scanner section).

The skinny curved section of the gray S-Piece actually hooks behind the black roller. Thread the skinny curved section of the S-piece through the rectangular opening in the sheet metal piece and hook it behind the black roller.

Next, locate the two knobs on gray s-piece with the arms on the sensor so that they align with the top of the arms. Ensure that the spring's free arm is also lined up with the third arm on the sensor. When lined up, push down with a a small amount of force. You feel/hear a faint snap as the piece clips onto place.

Check that the spring is properly located in its arm by pushing against S-piece to make it rotate. When you let go, it should spring back to its default position.

That's it! Reassemble the back cover using the 4 screws. Go finger-tight only. These screws are only tapping into the plastic so if you over-torque them you will strip the holes.

It sounds tedious, but it took about 5 minutes to fix and now the printer is working fine.
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Thanks; Rick G; you saved my night. I had a couple of paper jams one after the other and it was wrapping tight around the fixer and one of the spring loaded sensors had popped out when the paper wrapped. I had to remove the additional unit to get the paper off and the spring loaded sensor put back in. I couldn't get the power plug out of the electronics board so I took the two screws out for the power leads. Unfortunately I didn't see that there were nuts inside the two small holes and one fell out into the machine. It shook out when I turned the machine upside down but I looked for the other one for a half an hour before I gave up and was going to go to the store and get another nut. Then I saw it on the carpet when I went to put my stuff away!! Put it all back together and it works again. Thanks again; it was easy to take apart. Bob - Anonymous
I tried doing this and the back panel won't come off. I removed all the screws, there were actually 7 of them, not 4. And it still won't come off. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? - Anonymous
After printing some envelopes, I ran into a problem with the printing being light and a ghost image a couple inches below the actual printing. I had an extra refurbished toner cart so replaced to no avail. I then ordered and replaced the fuser unit but still no change. One odd thing that is when I run the "clean drum" option, the printing seems darker, but since it prints at bottom of page cant tell if the ghost it there. I did end up buying a new toner cartridge from dell and it did not help also.
I am not sure what to try next. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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I have an MFP 1600n that is giving me feeder problems. I thought the feeder roller assembly was bad, so I had it replaced. It still doesn't work. You can hear the roller when it turns, but it will not grab the paper.

The printer feeds from the single sheet manual feeder properly. but will not feed from the main tray unless you tip the printer sideways 45 degrees or more.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The support at Dell appeared not to know anymore about the printer than I do, unfortunately.

Thanks, in advance.

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I have used the 1600n for several years and it has performed well. I am on my third one. Both of my previous printers burned out at the fuser area; but this was after much printing, so I am still satisfied with its performance. I've noticed that the fan seems to run loudly until it shuts down after the power saving mode kicks in. I don't remember my second printer's fan being this loud, but I am not sure. Does anyone have any ideas on this?

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I recently had a paper jam and removed it - then when i tried to connect it to my computer - it would not recognize the printer.

I have tried this on several other computers and same problem.

Tried reinstalling software and changing USB cables all which it still does not get recognized.

Everything else works fine - faxes, copying, scanning to copy, etc. - but cannot get any computer to recognize this printer.

Should I junk it or is there any simple fix I am missing?

I have tried researching the web and cannot find an answer.

Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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I have Dell multi-function printer 1600n So my printer cartridge toner is finish so i have change its some day good resul like 10\% rsult is good going after today copy resul is not very lighter when i have gave option darker also copy result is very light so what can i do?

give me some idea for maintain prince

Shaikh Faruk
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My printer just does not turn on. No power. Nothing. What could be the problem?
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My Dell 1600n will not print. Paper feeds through just fine and it sounds like it's printing, but I just keep getting a blank page. I don't think the toner was empty, but tried a new one anyway. Nope, still no print on paper. Scan and fax functions work fine. This is not a network computer and is never on the web. Just business stuff. PLEASSSSSE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dell's Multifunction Laser Printer 1600n is a networked printer, copier, flatbed scanner, and fax, yet it has the lowest price of the laser MFPs we tested this month--just $399. Considering its low price, the 1600n impressed us with its performance on all functions except graphics printing.

The 1600n is more compact than most laser MFPs. The busy front panel on the simple black and silver case has buttons for most common functions (and even some uncommon ones), divided into sections. The copy section includes controls for selecting the quality, contrast, and size of your reproductions. An extensive fax section has buttons that open a phone book, set the resolution, start a broadcast fax, or initiate a redial. The device can send color faxes, too (but it cannot receive them). - samurusawyer
Does anyone know where I can locate/purchase a replacement paper tray for the Dell 1600n printer. There is a small nylon slide in the bottom front that releases the spring plate to provide upward pressure on the paper rollers.

Had someone drop the tray and accidentally broke that small nylon piece.

Had tried to repair it with hot glue but it just doesnt hold over time.

Need to purchase either that small piece or a replacement tray.

Any assist appreciated.
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More on said printer. Mine has worked perfectly since new - until this morning.
As soon as it starts to warm up and grab the first sheet there's a terrible clacking noise of a gear slipping on a jammed cog. The sheet part feeds dead straight.
A local repair firm says they don't deal with Dell printers now as they can't get parts.
Any ideas gratefully received.
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Bummer on your printer. That can indicate drive gear issues when the paper pickup sounds off. Of course, you looked to see if there's a paper chafe in the mechanism....

If you get to a situation where you are replacing it, I would be interested in the paper tray or a piece of is actually.

There's a small white plastic piece at the front of the tray (as you look at it plugged in - closest to you). It is the piece that allows the tray spring to pop up to meet the feed roller when you insert the tray.

My tray was dropped and that was broken. Looking for a new tray or that piece.

Any assist appreciated.

[email protected]
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Right, got the plastic sides and back off but it behaves just the same.
Nothing has fallen out, despite all the turning upside-down, and the one little roller visible from the back rotates to push the paper out.
I hesitate to take anything else apart without a service manual.
Any suggestions?
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