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Brother Brother DCP 110C

Brother DCP-110C waste counter reset

dos anyone have the waste counter reset procedure for a Brother DCP-110C? Mine is displaying Machine error 46 and I am told this will cure it. [email protected]
I had an error 46 on a DCP115C, the procedure above worked fine.

Many Thanks Monty.D
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thank you so much. I follow your instructions and then it worked very well. So I can solve serious problems in my dcp 115c and no need to carry my dcp 115c to service center where i have to pay high repairing fees. Thanks a lot for sharing good solution for all of us.
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1. press the Menu & Mono start keys. next press the up arrow key 4 times to make the machine enter the maintenance mode.

2. Enter 8 & 0 by using the up arrow key & SET keys.

3. press the mono start key several times untill the purge count appears on the LCD.

4. enter 2 7 8 & 3 by using the up arrow key & set keys to reset the purge count to zero

5. press the stop/exit key to return to the initial stage of the maintanance mode.

6. enter 9 twice by using the up arrow & set key's to exit from maintenance mode
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It works I had the same problem, thank you. - unknown
I experienced the same problem, i had reset count back to zero. still unable to init. pls advise. thanks - Anonymous
I tried it with my DCP 115C - but it doesn't work for me... (but it should).

If press a button the is are 3 peeps... i get into a maintenace menu and if i try the step with: enter 8 and 0 - it peeps again and show me again the "error 46" message...

can u help me?

thx - unknown
Used for a DCP-315CN and cleared the status. Will have a go at soaking up some of the ink from the waste bin.
Thanks for this info, the Brother manual lists the status with no helpful info and nothing as far as I can find at the Brother site.
So many thanks. - unknown
Thank you!! It worked with my DCP-330C. I really appreciate your help.
Note. On my DCP-330C after step 5 the LCD went back to error 46. What I did was power "OFF" the unit then "ON" again, the unit returned to normal operation after that.

- Anonymous
this worked perfectly - i got a bit confused when it said enter the numbers 2, 7 etc but it must be some sort of default passcode. it worked perfectly after i switched off and back on

well done - Anonymous
Salut je suis de la Guyane, je vous remercie énormément car grâce à vos judicieux conseils j'ai réussi à dépanner mon imprimante 115C en panne Depuis plusieurs mois, que j'ai meme failli jeter d'ailleurs. Grace à vous je n'aurais pas à en Acheter une neuve, encore grand merci.
- Anonymous
Thank you so much for you brill advice. I was about to go round the bend!! - Anonymous
Works fine for a Brother DCP 315CN too!

I'm just curious: isn't is necessary to empty the ink absorber box, so it won't overflow?
I thought "Machine error 46" means "absorber box full".
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Hope the above discussion is helpfull for me too as i will definately use these tricks for my dcp-115c.
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I tried to follow the above procedure to reset the counter. I have a dcp-115c, too. Unortunately when I press the Menu & Mono start keys I enter the standard menu "1. Copy". What did I wrong?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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lol gmt68 you have to do it in sequence fairly fast, so go menu then mono then up 4 times in a row without stoping.
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Thanks fishyink. It worked well for me, too.
Best wishes from Alsace.
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i am having a erro code 4f, what can i do?
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Sorted the problem for me streight away.
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how about the error "unable to print" once i powerOn the printer?any solution..i tried the instructions above,but no luck.badly needed guys.
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i have a problem with my brother dcp 110c
ive tried to fix the problem by doing the reset setting you have described to do and when i get the the part after retting the purge counter to zero and then i press the mono/xit it comes up with error 41 message what does this mean and how do i fix this problem

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Thank you! This procedure just brought my DCP-110c back to life. I thought that I would have to replace it, now it's working again.
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thxs bro...i fix my problem after 2 week searching in all forum about printer problem. this procedure is useful for my DCP-115c.thxs again.
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thank you guys!!! i tried this procedure, now my printer 100\% working!!!

a million thanks!!!
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i did the process twice on my printer (DCP 115c) and it still has the error :(
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It worked for me too !!!
Thank you very much !!!
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worked fine on my dcp-357c thanks man
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THNX!! Worked for my Brother as well!!!
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The only black head does'nt print, since the last change of ink cartridge (for a no name one. No way to make it work, despite several cleanings with the program.
Is there a handy way to access to the clogged nozzles and what liquid has to be used preferably.

I'll appreciate your assitance. Thanks a lot for it
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I followed the instructions to a "T" and my printer now works like a charm!!

I'm using DCP 115C. Thanx a million for the instructions!
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Thanks. Fixed it a treat.. But error seemed to occur when I installed vista from xp.. could have been a coincidence but thanks again. :)
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hello my yello and red from my dcp 110 dosnt work who can help me

fr Peter
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hello who can help me my dcp 110c colers red and yello dont work anymore

fr Peter
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I was getting 'unable to clean' on DCP-115C. Have reset the waste ink counter OK and got rid of that message. Now I am receiving 'failure to initialize'. All ink cartridges showing full. Feed pipes have some air in them after using a syringe with JR free flush on each cartridge connector to suck and blow to remove any head blockage. Head moves and motors whirl as though cleaning but ink is not moving through tubes. Can anyone suggest how to initialize printer and get ink flowing again please?
by JUB1L on Jan 24, 2010 at 4:46am Add comment
Have found the problem! the ribbon cable connecting the head was not pushed in correctly and had come loose when fitting the cover.

There was a link to the problem cited:-
but it is no longer a valid link
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I have reset the waste ink counter, put black tape on fins of all cartridges and refilled them. All showed full. All was well for 2 sheets, then all 4 cartridges are showing as near empty on LCD also on software monitor program.

Whether or not they are near empty, how does the printer know with the light beam blocked? I have made filling holes on each cartridge (sealed with rubber plugs) so that I can refill without removing them. Doing this is not going to change the readout. How do I prevent them showing as empty after another few sheets and preventing printing. Anyone any suggestions please?

'Ink shots' are countered for the cleaning ink used. Are they also counted for each cartridge and reset when the cartridges are changed? If so, is there a proceedure for resetting them via the maintenance menu?
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For Brother 330C, instead of step 2 you could try hitting the Mono start, select 80 then proceed to step 3
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Fantastic Information. I have MFC 210C and I have to enter the same information but slightly different:

1. Press Menu and Black Start
2. Press up arrow 4 times
3. using number pad, enter 80 and press Menu/Set key
4. Press Black Start several times untill the purge count appears on the LCD.
5. enter 2783 using number pad and press Menu/Set key
5. Press Stop/Exit
6. Enter 99 using number tab and press Menu/Set key

Thanks to the original poster for this very usefull information.
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i have brother MFC-295CN printer these the problem of enable to 46 print problem troubleshooting & routin maintenance & also the cyan ink problem plz give me solution.
by unknown on Jun 18, 2010 at 4:11am Add comment
plz reply
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Thanks, Anonymus, this helped! I can print again. You're a genius
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Used this method to reset my DCP-195C. Zillion thanks. tried a few times, the first sequence menu-mono-4 x arrow ups- must be done in less than 3 seconds.
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troubleshoot maintance plroblem 46
by unknown on Aug 11, 2011 at 1:39am Add comment
troubleshoot maintance plroblem 46
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ma tete d'impression sur une brother dcp 115c, est bloquée completement a droite,que puije faire?
merci de me repondre en français
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Is this process standard for most Brother printers? I have a Brother MFC-J415W and I am wondering if its going to work or not?
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my Brother DCP 115C unable to print, I try the MENU & MONO solution but the printer lcd appeared MACHINE ERROR 5A. pls help. tnx alot
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Hello !
On my DCP-115C, I have the "Unable to init" message.
I tried to reset to 0000 the waste counter, using your help (thanks to all !).
I cut and put back the power... but the LCD still says "Unable to init".
What can I do, now ?
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I found out how to physically clean the sponge (DCP-J140w).

1. remove the square white sponge to the left side of the printer(it's ok if it rips)

2. replace it with a similar size piece of paper

3. replace that piece of paper with another when it starts to get soggy.
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