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Dell Dell Inkjet 962

Dell 962 Error message 2200

Does anyone know what error message 2200 refers to?
My Dell 962 is suddenly whirring away without advancing the paper, but I don't think it's a jamming problem because when I opened it up to check what I could --- including removing and replacing both the b/w and color cartridges --- it went through a self-alignment routine perfectly, spitting out an alignment page without problem.
But when I try to copy something it just whirs away and finally displays error 2200. Says to consult manual, but my manual only has a few text-based error messages in it. Thanks.
I too just got this error. Were you able to figure anything out?
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This just happened to me. Do you have any advice? thanks.
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I called Dell and they told me to turn off the printer first. I then removed the power supply and pressed the power button for 15 seconds (they told me it cleared info out of the printer???). I then plugged the power back in and pressed the power button. It now works fine. No more error 2200.
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That takes care of the error 2200 message, temporarily. If I hit the copy button, the scanner tries - then spits out a blank sheet of paper and the error message (2200) is back. Is it coincidence that this started happening just after I did a firmware update? Also, regular printing is fine. - Anonymous
I Have the same problem. The Printer works to give an alignment page and I can print documents via the computer, BUT I cannot Scan,Fax or Copy with printer. The Scanner comes off the base position only 2 inches or so and then goes back instead of going across the whole glass. It does this 3 times then spits out a blank page!! The screen says "Scanning to Application"
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Same problem. Prints fine. Won't scan or copy. Hear tray moving a few inches, then fails to scan the entire window, then tries same thing 2 more times, then error message 2200.

No information on self support website for error 2200.
No information in book.

Took offleft top fax feed hniged tray. notice in copy mode, scan lamp Very Dim and pinkish, not bright white. Machine may be determining no scan data from dim light, or processor may be determining HV power supply problem and quiting with error.

Can't find parts. Anyone?
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Just happened to me and I just unplugged everything. Pressed the power button for a few seconds and it at first gave me a partial page, then started printing again. Hope this is a permanent solution.
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the above did not work for me...
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Same problem here. It is really annoying, however more annoying that there is no solution to the problem.
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Someone please let me know if you know how I can fix this problem. I tried the solution posted by sqlbug. Took care of the problem for now but not convinced it will be a permanent fix. I will appreciate any input. Thanks
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I am having the same problem with printer 962 AIO.
A Dell tech. said that this printer driver is not compatible with Windows 7.
It worked fine for over a year and suddenly error 2200 appeared.
Someone at Dell should have a fix for this issue.
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My printer gave me a 2200 error message and would not stop attempting but failing to copy. I turned off the power, and now it will not power-up.

Any solutions??
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my printer is showing the dreaded 2200 error code and what it does it does not advance the paper in fax/scan or copy modes any other suggestions
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For Free Dell Printer Tech Support Contact Us: 1-800-935-0537
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