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Hp HP LaserJet 4250N


I have the printer above reporting a 60.02 error which seems to be related to the paper tray not rising. The riser motor is functioning and there are no obstructions - stuck !
The control panel on my HP 4250 laserjet printer will not power on. I replaced the control panel and the same problem persists. The printer powers up when I press the power switch, but the control panel window does not come on. Does anyone know what can be causing this problem and could you tell me how it can be fixed? Thank you in advance
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Hi There is a memory on motherboard its 200 pin DDR Replace memory and see. Second reason firmware card install the firmware card in slot 1 see what happend. Third on formatter board there are two memory slots one is buffer memory and one is RAM. Last option is DC controller board.
Hope this will help

Mani - Anonymous
There is a small spring which clips on the motor housing and goes to the frame above. I have seen this spring break or just disappear. If it does the tray will not lift.
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Where do the springs disappear to? I've looked all over the bottom of the printer for them. It doesn't look like there is a hole for them to fall out of. I guess it's somewhat like disappearing socks in the dryer. I usually grab a spring that's about the right size out of the leftover spring bin. I have seen a p/n for the spring somewhere.
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The spring is present - seems like the motor is dead - anyone with any idea where to get a replacement part on-line
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The riser motor is functioning and there are no obstructions

The spring is present - seems like the motor is dead

You have contradicted yourself in your posts. It's quite uncertain what is happening. One thing I've observed in all the years of servicing printers, is that motors almost never go bad. I can't remember the last time I replaced any motor.
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dear sir
i found new proble 4350 printer when its initizing its gave bad noise from tray lifter sid and i open tray 2 nois is disapear or if tray is installed printer gave message on 60.02.............?
and its stop
i chand lifter motor and gear and tray but problem is still..
do u have solution ,..............?
lahore pakistAN
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HP4240N: Just happened to me, initializing, sounded like a platoon of ground pounders marching away.

Warranty repair found the rotating cylinder on the tray jammed, due to extraordinary friction on the black plastic fulcrum mounting. Opening that up a bit with a 11/32 inch twist drill appears to help. Still developing a solution. - Anonymous
There is a sensor in the upper tray cavity which lifts as the lifter lifts the tray and it tells the printer when the tray has reached the correct height. If that sensor flag is bad out of position or the sensor itself has gone south which is rare, then the printer will continue to try and lift the tray and when it reaches the top it will still continue which is the bad noise you hear and eventually it times out and the message appears.
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HP4240N Update: Opening the fulcrum hole in that black bracket plus some lube did the trick.
Look for high friction in the unit that rotates up, where the spring is attached, which in turn, rotates the plate lifter in the removable tray.

Expect a modified part from HP after they eat a couple hundred grand in warrany repairs.
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When I had this problem, it was caused by the tension of the springweakening over time - replacing the spring cured the problem
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I just took the printer out of the box.
Added the 3rd tray to the bottom of the printer as directed.
Turned it on, it initized, and a loud noise came on - sounded like a motor with no oil grinding.
and 60.02 error appeared.
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Call for warranty service if new out of the box.
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I had this problem on a machine that's used in the public libary at the local college...

If the gray guide at the rear of the tray gets cracked it lets the paper slide too far back to activate the sensor causing the 60.02 error code.

I didn't want to order an entire tray so i just used a couple self0taping screws to secure the guide :)
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I had the same problem on a customers 4250 and here is my solution. It appears that the spring which holds the lifter motor upright was designed without enough tension on it. If the spring is removed and the motor assembly is allowed to fall to the right when the paper tray is inserted the motor never engages the tray and a 60.02 error appears. However if the motor assembly is held upright while the tray is inserted the error message never appears as the motor always engages.
I have found that a spring from a laserjet 4v toner cartridge is the same length and shape but utilizes a heavier gauge steel. When I used this spring in place of the OEM spring the 60.02 error message never appeared again.
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Thank you - Anonymous
I was able to use the spring from a 4V cartridge and it worked perfectly. Thanks!
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The right edge of my printout is cut off

on another 4250 printer a white vertical blank area in my printout
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The right edge of my printout is cut off

On another 4250 printer a white vertical blank area in my printout.

If I print a test page it print normal. - Anonymous
Hard to diagnose something you can't see. You're really not very descriptive. Swap the toner cartridges between the 2 printers and see if either problem moves.
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I can't open the tray two it's stuck something to the left of it is holding it in.
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Look from the rear of the printer using a flashlight. Only thing on that side that can cause this is the cover for the separation roller on that side as maybe it has come partially out and will not let the tray come out. Either that or you have a ton of paper blocking the tray from coming out. If paper try to take it out from the back and if the plastic cover get yourself a long screwdriver and see if you a pop it loose.
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Alright Well do a half test. Print a config page from the printer control panel. "information","Configuration page" and after it picks up the paper and is going under the toner open the lid and see if the problem is ocurring with the toner. If not present at the time before it hits the fuser then you probably have a fuser issue. Remove rear exit tray and unclip using the two blue clips observe rollers. Also if you have two problem childs switch toners and see if the defects follow the toner or stay with the printer. You are using HP OEM toners right? Never ever trust Refurb toners if your having image quality problems. Still it sounds like toner or fuser or if they both check out then the laser/scanner could be getting dirty. Im starting to do more of these with age starting to set in. If the problem is strickly software then change or update your driver. if using PCL 6 try PCL 5 and check your margins. Yeah I did edit this nice question, asked two months ago, did you do what Moe asked and what I sugested before noticing the earlier post.
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Nivek, I think the anonymous you posted a reply to copied the previous post for some reason and added the last line. GeorgeKing was in Mass., the second anonymous guy is somewhere in Jamaica, mon. What are the odds that 2 people would have the exact same problems on 2 different printers?
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We had that issue and the components in the tray were overlapped causing the tray to not be able to rise. Check under where the paper goes and make sure everything is sliding and working properly.
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i think so too.jerry
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Just bought a used printer HP LazerJet 4250tn. I did try and print one page for one(1) copy but it print 100 copies. and I tried it again for just one copy it did print 100 sheets. Is there any setting to change.

Ruben Malinao
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Under the configure menu will be a printing sub menu and the first item is number of copies. You need to change it back to 1. You could also do a cold reset to set back to factory defaults since there may be other items changed which you want to reset. To perform a cold reset turn the printer off. Turn the printer on and when the memory starts to count, press and hold the green check button until all 3 lights come on solid and release. Scroll down to cold reset and press the green button and the printer will restore all defaults.
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I got the 60.02 error message as well. Took the printer side off and found that the spring holding the motor had snapped. I replaced the spring and the printer is happily working again.

Thanks for the tip!
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all three lights on with nothing on the screen when switch on
by zipcode on Jan 13, 2010 at 4:26am Add comment

After replacing the spring on the tray 2 lifter my printer is no longer powering up
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When you put the right side cover back on the printer did you insure the rocker arm piece fit into the metal bar that moves the power switch when the rocker arm is moved to the on position.
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the printing can't taken the default,, what can i do,, plase give me the solution ,,

if i press on the printer " retrive the job " then only the printing started.,., gie me the solution for taking the automatically,..

explain me how to restore the settings.. if we restore,, then ,,is the is is gone?

pls reply me
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Hey everybody,

I'm currently having that issue and I would agree that the spring is missing. I was wondering if anybody might know the part number of the spring or the part that would have the spring with it so I can order it to repair one I have.
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Tension spring for lifter assm is part # RC1-0198-000CN

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In a pinch I have used the spring out a ball point pen just cutting off 1/4 of the spring and reshaping the ends to fit onto the 2 parts.
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I keep getting a 49.4C02 Service error. It has a bunch of stuff it needs to print out. i turn it off and on and it says its ready. then it prints out 2 sheets. and then it gives me the same error over and over. can someone please help
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I have HP laserJet 4250 in my office. when I turn it on, it says initializing....then it says "processing job" and after a few seconds it gets stuck on "Ready." I have tried everything I know. It prints a test page. But there is nothing queued in the printer's status; it is still stuck on Ready. I have also changed the parallel cable but it was to no avail. HELP!

Thank you
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First off Ready means it is ready to receive data. If it prints a test page from the menu on the printer, then the printer is working and you have a communication issue. It could be the port on the computer, the cable or even the port on the printer. My gut feeling is you are having computer problems and not a printer issue. If you have another computer try connecting it and see if it is seen by that computer. If it is then the current computer has an issue.
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My printer is reporting a 60.02 error also. It has done this before - the last time I had to load it with paper. That time it cleared after a day of fussing with it, but what solved it is unknown. Now again, and many hours of messing with it and no progress. I believe HP design, as with all hardware manufactures, is very poor and service life and reliability beyond warranty is of little concern to them. I also have a 3700 series that is pooched - HP will not allow me to print using the black cartridge only and the color side is messed up. So what was an expensive printer c/w color cartridges and spares sit gathering dust. It seems a small switch indicating paper pick up is shot and they want $300+ to change out this $2.00 switch.

If anyone has other fixes for the 60.02 error on my 4700, I would sure appreciate getting it working again. I have downloaded an HP service bulletin about the rear cross bar and also a user guide. When I start up the printer, it make a loud "clunking" noise. The paper tray is working freely when I pull it out - that is, it lifts up. I cannot see the spring that is mentioned on the right side as viewed from the front when I look inside with the tray removed.
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Most times the issue is caused by a flaky lifter motor. Pain in the a** to replace but only way to solve. As to the 3700 you can print just using black very easy. Just go to the diagnostics menu and choose the item disable cartridge check. When the printer say ready, diagnostics mode, open the front door and remove all the color toners, close the door and you can now print away in black as much as you want.
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DMZcompute - is there a way to check the lifter motor to confirm it is the culprit before replacing?

For the benefit of all and to give back, I found on line an HP Update Newsletter C00808436 dated November 2006 Issue 2 which says:
60.02 lift motor error/Tray 2 grinding noise/Tray 2 no-picks
Some customers may report receiving a 60.02 lift motor error or a grinding noise from Tray 2, or that Tray 2 will not pick up paper. This frequently occurs immediately out of the box, but can occur after some time of operation.
This may occur if the HP Color LaserJet 4700 is not on a flat, level surface. For example, if the unit is on the edge of a table, the edge of the table will apply enough pressure to the bottom of Tray 2 to cause either a 60.02 error, no-picks from Tray 2, or make Tray 2 very difficult to remove.
The printer may have experienced mild damage during shipment—for example, the rear crossbar on the chassis (behind Tray 2) may bow inward, pushing Tray 2 slightly forward and out of a completely inserted position. See the photos on the next page
(They appear in newsletter).
Troubleshooting steps
• Check for other signs of shipping damage to the printer, including the left and right front door hinges and the rear output rollers. (See “Identifying shipping damage” on page 22.) If there is additional shipping damage, replace the printer.
• If there appears to be no other shipping damage, you may be able to pull the crossbar straight yourself. This can be done with the printer in one of two positions: either on the edge of a desk/table or on the floor.

Also, thanks so much for the tip about the 3700 - I may end up with a decent mono printer at least.

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A further update for those that might benefit in the future. In trying to troubleshoot the problem and to access the tie bar at the bottom rear of the machine behind the paper tray in case it got bent as described in the HP update newsletter I referred to in my last post (can be found many places on the web, but one is http://www.pdflibrary.info/). So I put the 100 lb printer on my desk to do this (whereas it had been on the carpeted floor for many months since I bought it. It then started to work, clunking noise was gone as was the 60.02 error code. So back on the floor it went and the problems reappeared. So I have put a piece of plywood underneath the printer and it now works.

All of this because of irresponsible design with no bottom plate to keep the paper tray area rigidly held and to keep out dirt & dust. If the computer industry was held responsible for downtime and premature costs of obsolescence contributing to landfill, its huge profits would be gutted.

Anyway, I hope this post may help others unhappy in their frustration in keeping their printer working!
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i have hp laserjet 4250 in my office. currently i have faced the problem with my printer. when i try to print my document at morning and at the moment after power is turned off there is no display at the display board and it is unable to print. give me the solution.
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I am not a printer repair person or anything, but for my many problems with many kinds of poorly designed equipment/software, for your problem I would suggest shutting off and then unplugging the power to the printer, remove the USB cable from the PC, uninstall the driver and then hook everything back up and reboot. I believe HO does not support their drivers properly - I have a scanner that would not work at all with the most recent HP driver and I tried everything. I bought a 3rd party scanner software manager and it worked right away. I have had many other driver problems, so be aware of the possibility. But if your display is not lighting up, you may have a problem with electronics but I cannot help there. Good luck!
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I have an error message 57.04 how do I sort it out??/
by unknown on Mar 5, 2012 at 4:41am Add comment
This is a main fan error. The fan on the left side in the center is not working right. Most times you need to replace the fan but sometmes you can remove the fan, clean off all the dirt and dust on the blades and frame of the fan, lift up the label part way and place a drop of oil below the label and put it back and then put back in the printer and keep your fingers crossed.
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bno mi impresora presenta este erro error 60.02 al colocar la bandeja 2 a la impresora y me envia como error , la unica manera de imprimir es solo con la bandeja 1 poq si le coloco la bandeja 2 reporta el mensaje de error y toca apagarla para que coja nuevamente con la bandeja 1 que se debe hacer o porque aparece ese error en mi impresora laser jef 4015
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Existe um motor de elevador de papel. Se o papel não se levantar, vai dar 60,02. Empurre a bandeja e assistir de trás da bandeja. Será que o papel de levantar? - moe
When a print job is sent to the printer, you hear the gears moving for 30 seconds or more, then the printout would be printed. But then the next job would print as normal speed. If the printer sits idle for several minutes (10)this happens again. The sleep is set to 60 min so I know that the printer is not going to sleep. I'm thinking that the machine is due for a maintenance kit. Does anyone have the same thoughts or could there be some other problem?
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i have bought used printer. when i turn on the priter it give me error 60.02 and tell turn off and turn on the printer ...
i make turn off and after that turn on but the problem still there.

can you help me to resolve this problem>

thanks too much.

ahmad al mousa
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Tray 2 is not lifting. Could be a bad tray, motor, or the spring that provides tension on the motor to the frame has come off. Latter is the most common. Remove right side cover and look for the spring that attaches to the frame from the motor assembly.
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