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Canon Canon Color Bubblejet (BJC) 85

Canon BJC 85 erroneous Scanner cartridge detected

My BJC 85 printer just started reporting Scanner cartridge detected
when there is infact the normal BCI-11 Black cartridge and BCI-11 Color installed in the original BCI-11e printhead.

Yesterday I printed two documents with no problem, while today
all I did was power off and power on (cartridge remains the same)
and now the printer always reports the following in a popup under Windows XP:

Scanner cartridge detected
Click OK after replacing cartridge.
Current print job requires Black BJ Cartridge.

This error is not shown in Canon's trouble shooting FAQ here:

So I tried following the Help instructions
which tell me to change the cartridge.
I changed it for another Canon BCI-11 Black
(I have always used genuine, expensive, Canon cartridges),
but after I press the cartridge button, the printer sometimes (not always) beeps four times and the red error LED lights.

Beeping four times is explained at this link:
as meaning "Cartridge Mismatch"
"Wrong type of cartidge is installed, ie IS scanner cartidge installed at time of printing"

However the installed cartridge is NOT a scanner cartridge, but the BCI-11.

Does this mean some printer hardware mechanism or the firmware is broken?
Outside of getting it repaired by Canon
(I'll just buy a cheap replacement instead) is disassembly worth trying? (I have removed the top cover)

Is there a BJC 85 printer hardware reset available (not the waste reset)?

I have tried leaving printer off for 10 minutes, rebooting the Widnows XP,
all to no avail.

This poster had the same problem, but unanswered:

We have the same problem with BJC-250 printer telling us that the print job requires a BJ(non-photo) cartidge even though the cartidge is a genuine colour catridge of a type used previously.
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hi chaps

gordon bennett

merely go into your printer lists vis control panel

then click on your printer BJC 85 then print preferences and set cartridge to colour or black and white whichever you want.

or simple tick IGNORE settings in print menu

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Did you ever find out how to fix the scanner cartridge detected problem in your BJC-85 printer?
I have the same issue.
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