asked Dec 15, 2005 at 6:05am
Hp HP LaserJet 2410


I have above printer above since Sep 2004
few times power failure occurred , than on restart the scanner motor gets activated and then makes noise of getting struck at the end of carriage towards the control panel . in few restarts the problem gets on own gets solved .
Now the problems is not going for last two days ......
Any help please ??????
HI im a HP repair agent and resantly had this problem as well
I had to pull the scanner unit out and clean the mirrors on the scanner unit and allso clean the under side of the scanning glass also there is a white strip under the glass closest to the control buttons give it a clean as well also you can lightly wipe the scanner bulb but be (careful with it!!!) You will need to remove the top section and control panel to get to the screws its not that difficult to do. IT woked for me

Also clean the crome rod that the scanner runs along and lightly lubricate with some sowing machine oil you only need a little bit of oil some times the scanner can bind up on this and time out.
Hope this helps
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Hi Matt, My Scanner i believe is dirty. When ever i make a copy of a document, it comes out really faded. Nothing compared to what it was like when i first got the Printer. So i want to do some cleaning using your tips but cannot figure out how to open it. Do i need a special screw driver with 6 points? Or does the keypad part just pop right off. I don't want to break the keypad part if it is not ment to pop off. If directing me to a website would make it easier, that would be great.

Arlington TX. - Anonymous
worked for me too.
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I have a 2410 and cannot get the scanner to work. help!
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I read your post on pulling the scanner unit out and cleaning the mirrors. How can I find out how to open the printer up to get access to the scanner unit? Is there a repair manual or exploded diagram to guide me?

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Having problems with Printer. When turned on it will show the timer and non of the settings loading. Also making non stop clicking noise. Please help
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to open the scanner top you have to remove the keybord cover than put some tool inthe little hole in the middle of the keybord (that one that's inside the drawing box, than slide it down
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How to remove scanner glass:
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