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asked Dec 10, 2005 at 11:29pm
Epson Epson Stylus Photo 2200

Epson 2200 dumping black ink..HELP!

I have an Epson 2200 which has been producing acceptable prints for 2 years. I am a professional photographer and I am careful about the media I use and all settings. I only use original Epson cartridges. Last week my printer dumped so much black ink on a print (premium lustre-best photo-standard color controls) that it was running off the page! I immediatley replaced the black ink cartridge and cleaned the heads a few change. I took out and re-seated all the cartidges and cleaned the change. I dumped the software and drivers and installed the latest drivers from Epson (windows xp pro) re-seated and cleaned the heads once more...hey, now I was printing again! For a day...then the same problem occured, puddles of black ink on my prints and when I try to print regular text, I just get thick black bars across the paper where the text should be. No flashing lights, no warning messages..very strange. Epson tech's seem vague on what the problem is. Could somebody please shed some light on this. I would really appreciate it. Adrian
have you changed the paper you are using lately? the only time i have seen anything like this is when the media is not compatible with the ink and the ink just runs off of the page.
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No media or paper changes. all settings correct. This is not just ink that has not been absorbed by the media. This is WAY too much ink! I think something is telling the head to do the wrong thing, or the head can't do the right thing. Could it be a head controller card? or a driver conflict? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. Adrian - Mr. G
Clran the face of the print head. A lot of times old ink/paper dust gest stuck on the print head face. Read this link for info.
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Thanks for the tip. I have thouroughly cleaned the print head as described with the coffee filter method. removed and re-seated the cartridges and thus far, I have printed 4 index sheets and 4 5x7's....Yee Ha! Fingers crossed. The last time I got it printing up to par, It performed for just 1 day. - Mr. G
My 2200 is doing the same as yours. Worked great for three years. Now Pools of dark ink and color streaks, patterns etc. What's the latest about your fix?
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Well...after performing the deep cleaning of the print head face, as recommended above, I got a days worth of printing out of the unit. Then, it resummed its habit of dumping pools of ink on photo quality prints and printing wide bands of black where there should be text. Epson gave me a number of a service center here in San Diego and they said a new print head is approx $110-$130 and then labor would be approx' $100. I know if I take it in this will translate to a final repair bill of at least $300 (funny how that happens). So now I am contemplating getting the 2400 or the 4800. Neither Epson nor the service center could be sure of what the problem is. I wish someone would say "Oh yeah, I know what that is, you need to....." but this seems like a rare problem.

When cleaning the heads I noticed that the felt under the track beneath the heads is sodden with black ink. I think there might be a leak somewhere. I've removed and reseated the cartridges many times. Do you notice any ink build up on yours Uncle Bob? I also find it strange that I get about a days printing out of it after major cleaning and/or replacing drivers and then it reverts to its old tricks. Anybody with insight, please help. Thanks.
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Presuming that you have thoroughly cleaned under the carriage assembly, I suggest 3 possibilities in the following order: Fault cap assembly, faulty pump, faulty printhead.
Hope this helps.
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Thanks for your suggestions. Are the faults you listed something I could address? Are they what would be considered major (cost wise) in terms of a repair? I'm trying to evaluate the pro's and con's of fixing the machine verses upgrading to the 2400 or the 4800. I'm a little hesitant to invest $300 only to have something else fail in the near future. I have used approx' 200 ink cartridges in the last 2 years, 45 of them light magenta :-). Thanks again for your response. Adrian - Mr. G
I can only speak for our shop (Epson certified). The pump, cap, assembly and head cleaning wiper cost about $25.00 for the parts. The printhead is expensive, about $200.00. Labor would be in addition.
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Same story. I did the big time cleaning job and just when I thought all was going to be good, massive amount of ink come out in dark bands. I'm not sure it's black ink only. Looks like a combination of colors. I have the same thoughts as you. It's been a great printer for three years. Should I fix it or upgrade to the 2400 or 4800? If it was working I would be quite satisfied to keep using it. I can't afford to have it be unreliable and inconsistent. I've jobs to get done. My local Epson authorized repair place says he can send it to Epson for a refurbish for $188 flat fee. Two week turn-around. I wonder....
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Hey UB. I just spoke to Jamie (Epson technician) at 562-276-7202 which is their number for inkjet technical support. He has no knowledge of a $188 flat fee for refurbishment and said that any out of warranty repair has to go through an ECC (Epson Certified Care) center and can not be shipped to Epson direct. I would definitely go for a $188 refurb'. I am in San diego. Where are you? Can you give me details of where I can send this thing for that flat fee service? I am in the same boat as you. Jobs are piling up and something has to be done. Alas, I am an impoverished photographer and don't like the idea of spending $700-$800 every 2 years on a printer. But like you said, reliablity and consistancy is key and I have to make a move soon.
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Mr. G. I just sent an email to the facility in San San Bernardino, CA to verify and to ask about shipping costs that I might have to pay. I will let you know ASAP. - Uncle Bob
Mr. G. - I just got the email confirmation from Inland Computer Systems (Epson Authorized), San Bernardino saying that for $188 they will send my Epson 2200 to Epson for a "Whole Unit Repair". Turn around time during the holidays is 10-14 days. This price includes shipping. I am taking my printer to them tomorrow (12-22) with the hope that this might let me keep this machine active and useful for at least another year. I have really liked this printer and it has worked hard for me. Hope this helps you. - Uncle Bob
If you were in the Los Angeles area we could take care of the whole unit repair for you. Contact Epson directly 1-800-go-epson or on the web,, and you can find an ECC by zip code.
Hope this helps.
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Hi there printerrepairpros...

i just signed up for this forum after having different, yet similar problems as discribed in this thread with my Epson 2200...i purchased the unit used off eBay, and it looked like new when i received it...after some use, i noticed not only pretty severe ink use (and i have used a lot of printers, many of them Epson), but a particularily strong magenta cast and magenta (light) ink use (about 3 times more than the other colors).

after much head-scratching, testing, etc., i decided to just accept the heeavy ink use, and installed a Lyson CIS Cave Paint system...the ink use hasn't really mattered much since (since it is sooo much more economical), but the magenta case seems even worse after the switch...after another 2 weeks of online reading, profiling, etc., it seemed i was getting better results (using custom profiles), but something still seemed off...what concerned me most, was that the gray sponges/pads under the print head, always seemed to glisten with fresh in the track, and all colors under the parked position...sometime it is bright yellow, and on the next run deep's almost as if ink gets dumped in way too much quantity...this, btw, was also happening before my switch over to Lyson's CIS, so i can rule out a problem with placing the CIS bottles (they are exactly level with the printer's base, standing inside of their provided stand/plate).

anyway, after i had to leave the printeer standing for 3 months (while working in Europe) i came back to it functioning *almost* as i left it, only that now a few parts of a few of the light magenta lines in the nozzle check are doesn't matter how many cleanings i do (per software), the blank parts are always *exactly* the same, and all other colors/nozzles are *always* perfect.

i am tired of dicking with it, and was wondering how much it would coost to fix it? i am in San Francisco, but drive down to LA fairly you offer that $188/flat refurbish? is that what you suggest i do? do you know of somebody up here in SF that you could turn me toward?

looking for help, as i am sooo disappointed about not being able to rely on my printer.

thanks in advance! - till
Thanks Uncle Bob. This is indeed encouraging news. If you could give me their number I would like to call them and follow your example. Another year or so for $188 (a little extra shipping for me) is not a bad return and by then the price of the R2400 should have dropped a little anyway. Thanks again Uncle Bob.
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Re: 2200 Whole Unit Repair. (Epson Certified) : Inland Computer Systems 740 S. "H" St., San Bernardino, CA 92410 (909)383-3450.
Good luck. Someone closer to San Diego should be certified and able to send your printer to Epson for you.
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Thanks for the info' regarding "Inland Computer Systems". The telephone number is incorrect and I cannot get an update from a web search. I got an R2400 cause I had too many jobs piling up. I'll try a local service center to have my 2200 repaired although I'm sure it is going to end up around $300-$350.

Uncle Bob, If you could give me an update for Inlands' number, that would be great. Did they take care of your 2200 for $188? I like the idea of a complete unit repair at Epson. My local Epson certified repair centers will only fix it in-house. Thanks. - Anonymous
You can save yourself alot of money by having Epson do a whole unit repair\\exchange for less than $100 plus shipping. Log onto their website,, and find an authorized repair center in your area. If you are in the Los Angeles area (San Fernando Valley) we can handle this for you.
Hope this helps.
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Sorry! I posted the old phone number and address for Inland Computer Systems. They have moved across town. I didn't know it until I tried to deliver my printer to the old place and read their forwaring note. Current address: Inland Computer Systems, 114 Airport Drive, Suite 107, San Bernardino, CA 92408. Phone: 909-890-9696 FAX:909-890-9095. I dropped my priner off on 12/22/05 and they told me it usually takes 10 to 14 business days for the turn around (they send it to Epson in Indiana) but will take longer through the holidays. I expect it any time now. The $188 for the Whole Unit Repair was the total. There was no charge for shipping or handling. Crossing my fingers...
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Does anyone know the button combination to make the 2200 do a deep or power clean cycle? Not the ordinary clean - I did it once in the past - it uses a *lot* of ink but fully fixed my problems but I forgot how to do it.

Also you epson guys should I replace the little pad that is now saturated with ink? Several people claim you can use windex on the pad but I read that with ultrachrome inks that may actually clog the ink.

I did use fixyour own printer solution once and it cleared the heads but I think just the power ink cycle will do it now.

Any help appreciated
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Hi Jeff: Clogged ink is the common problem for most of the printers. I found it really useful to use eyedrop/warm water as ink solvent. Well, I am not a computer expert. The suggested methods are learnt from others. Suggestion 1: Soak as much solvent as possible to the Cap assemble and leave the printhead above it for 24hrs. 2: Use some cotton with solvent to place on top of the cones that get ink and leave for 15mins. 3: Turn off the printer, put thick tissue on the roller area, then pull the printhead above it(to absorb the excess inks).

Here's my problem: My printer worked perfectly before the printhead was stucked to the LHS during printing. The ink cable was pulled to disconnect and then the printing stopped. I turned off the printer and reconnected the ink cable but the printer could only print blank papers afterwards. I did many cleaning cycles and swop inks. The color ink was soon be recognised as empty by fault. I bought another box of color ink 10days later. Still, only blank pages can be printed.

During cleaning cycles, I could see inks sucked from the Cap Assemble to the ink straw. But just not a single line can be printed on paper when doing nozzle check.

Anyone can help?

P.S. Weird. How come it won't show my name even I typed it so many times?

QQ - Anonymous
Furthermore, I checked the ends of ink tube is connected ok. The funny bit is that, during disassembling the case, some black inks were spilt from the bottom part of gaps. (I wondered where the inks came from)

SSC Service Utility was used as I have running out of black ink(it was new except 2text pages were printed) after so many cleaning cycles.

However, I couldn't use COLOR HEAD CLEANING although my model is listed pefectly ok in SSC. The printer wouldn't do anything but power light keep flashing. I had to clear the job by restarting the printer finally.

Jeff: Have you tried SSC "Powerful Cleaning"?
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All of my lights on my 2200 are blinking together and the printer is not responding. Anyone have an idea of what to do in this situation?

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In all likelihood the waste ink pads are full and the printer needs to have its ink counter reset.
Hope this helps.
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How do I empty my ink pads and reset my ink counter?
Allen - unknown
The printer must be disassembled (remove the top cover, clip holding the waste ink pad tray etc.) Then clean or replace the pads. There is a reset program available. Search the web for the SSC Service utility.
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I had a similar problem with my Epson 2100. It was just printing bands of black ink across pages....instead of type, It was doing it in a very measured it wasnt a leak or anything.

After head cleaning and ink replacement....I worked out that the problem was a dodgy firewire!!! I changed the firewire and it was perfect. I must have spent hours changing drivers etc..

What surpeised me was that the firewire spoke to the printer...and did what was instructed...(test printing, head cleaning etc...) just that when it came to fine printing, thats when the communication issue came to light.

So...before you do anything, buy a brand new firewire.
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Where can a person purchase new ink waste pads.
[email protected]
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