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Hp HP LaserJet 2410

HP PSC 2410 - SLOW!!! Copying and Printing

For the past month or so, my HP PSC 2410 has been printing and copying extremely slow---almost like it's printing at the best quality when it's not. Then, every once in a while, it will behave properly and print as it did for the past year prior to this anomaly. I have uninstalled the printer and re-installed hoping that would help, but it has not. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Help!!
Copying does not use the PC, so the driver would not be causing the problem.

It seems like you are having either a logic failure, or possibly a power supply problem.
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I'm having the same problem with my PSC 2410. I've spent more than an hour with HP support with no success. I've reinstalled the driver and cleaned the print cartridge connections as suggested on another tech support site. Nothing has worked so far. Someone suggested that I try a new printer cable. I'm going to borrow one from a friend before investing in a new cable. Can anyone help Kelly and I with this problem?
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I'm having the same problem!!! even though to initiate is a slow process!!!
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I was hoping someone had an answer...I did the whole song and dance with HP tech support with no resolution
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It could be a cartridge problem, unfortunately the only way to find out is by trying different cartridges.

In the 900 series printers this type of problem was sometimes caused by the spot sensor detecting the wrong type paper.
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Same problem here and I'm on my 2nd unit. :( This one just started acting up a week ago.
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Did it start acting up shortly after you replaced a cartridge?

Have you tested the cartridges in a different printer? Or tried different cartridges in this one?

Did you read the post above yours?
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Oh, me too! It's been slow for a while, especially when copying. It just died today. Now it just sits there with the hourglass while booting up and the scanner bar makes noises, then it stops making noise, but won't boot up and I can't print.
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I tried a bunch of things and something fixed it.

First I reset the psc 2410 several times, several ways.
pressing OK and Cancel at the same time when plugging it in
this resets some memory registers
# and 3 while plugging in the power cord = this is a partial reset
# and 6 while plugging in the power cord = this is a semi reset
# and 9 while plugging in the power cord = this is a full reset
Check on HP's website how to reset your specific printer. This is for the 2410.

I also noticed that my plastic cover to the scanner was starting to yellow a little. So when turning on the printer, I put a white piece of paper closest to the scanner light. This helps the printer know exactly where the scanner head is and allign itself. (I took the printer apart and there is a white plastic strip with notches in it just under the edge of the glass where the head stops. This stip I bet is what the scanner detects and uses to allign itself. Without the white paper covering the yellowing part of my lid, the scanner would take a longer time booting up and then copying and scanning was very slow. The paper fixed it I think!!!!).

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Hello there!

I had the same problem where my HP PSC 2410 was not able to start anymore and after a while making a repetitive noise and the stuck
with the hourglass on the screen. Tries to reset many time but did not work.
Finally I've got angry! And decided to clean up the top copy glass!
Remove the top lid, unscrew the 5 screws, 2 on the left, 1 on the top (under the lid), and 2 more hidden under the grey board which can be remove with caution.
Once opened, clean up the glass with some special clean-up liquid and dry. Clean-up the white square also under the lid.
Put the peaces back together and it works,

I think, that just like someone said, the scanner light tries to determine the edge of the copy area and can not find it due to dirt!!! As easy as this.

IDT SA-SL - unknown
Same problem here. Subscribed
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I had a similar problem, my HP PSC 2410 would sometimes print very slowly, use too much ink, and smear. It turned out that the problem (as far as I can tell) is that the paper type was set to "automatic" and it was picking some other kind of paper (automatically). After going to the print settings, then the paper/quality tab, I changed the paper type to "Plain Paper" and all of my problems were solved.
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follow instructions of ducduc

Remove the top lid, unscrew the 5 screws, 2 on the left, 1 on the top (under the lid), and 2 more hidden under the grey board which can be remove with caution...

for the grey key board, you must remove first the written grey plate where the keys are then slide the whole greyboard towards yourself but first press the central hole gently with a screw driver so it will release the greyboard, then it comes out smooth.

but cleaning the glass did not solution my problem.
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pls i would like to know if the 2410 print, copy and scan printer uses toner. cause i just bought the printer and a pair of ink was fixed. some days after using it to make copies the ink finished, could it be that the copies made were done using the ink or is it that i have to refill the toner. pls i will apreciate an explainary reply. thanks
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My printer suffers from the same thing. It's the new off brand printer cartridges from office depot. I saved some money, and printed fine for 24 pages then it started to print slow. Even test pages.
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Slow printing on an ink jet printer is almost always a result of using refilled print cartridges. There is no such thing as new off brand printer cartridges. There is a patent on those cartridges and what you are getting from Office Depot is a refilled cartridge that has been re-labeled with their name.
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I had this problem and checked this website for a solution. Since my copier glass seemed pretty clean, I replaced the off-brand (Dataproducts purchased at Staples, I think) #56 ink cartridge with a genuine HP cartridge, and the printer went back to printing normally.
I hope it lasts. If not, I'll be posting here again.
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