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Hp HP PSC - Printer / Scanner / Copier 2510

HP psc 2510 photosmart all in one

My printer makes a clicking noise on the top section on right hand side. It appears that the light section is caught on something. It will only come across about 1/4 on an inch then the clicking begins. Printer will not do anything because of this. Please help
Thanks guys!!!

Worked for me!!!

Boo Ya!!
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"Remove and check color cartridge". I bought a new cartridge and it still gives me the same message. I tried to reset to factory default (won't). I cleaned the contacts. Please help
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I am getting the message "Remove and check Print Cartridges". I have bought 2 new cartridges colour & black, cleaned the contacts numerous times and did a reset but still get the same message. Did you resolve the problem?
- Anonymous
I had the same problem and never found a fix. trash printer and got another one. New cartridge cleaned slot and contacts nothing helped. - Anonymous
Help my HP 2510 LCD does not work and now my printer is not responding at all to any commands from the PC or on the printer itself anyone have any ideas ?
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when i try to print the printer will pull a piece of paper up then display a message that it is out of paper, when i push ok it says theres a jam, when i push ok again it will send that piece of paper out and pull up another and start printing fine...the problem is that the display says that i need to align the cartridges and when i go through the process just listed instead of printing like normal it cancels print and returns to saying "press ok to align cartridges" and i cant get into any of the other settings or do anything at all on the lcd....... anybody know how to get rid of that?
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I can't remember if the scanner head runs on a metal rod on this modle. If it does clean the rod with alcohol and lubricate it with a few drops of Tri-Flow, available in small squeeze bottles at cycle shops.

Clean the underside of the scanner glass.

Bill posted these instructions for removing the top of the scanner on the 2110 series. They may apply to the 2510 also.

"Using a small screw driver pry off the control panel cover from the end nearest the display. Using the screw driver depress the tab found in the square hole under the panel and slide the panel forward to remove it. Remove the two star screws exposed by the panel removal and the screw near the rear right corner of the printer. Look through the glass with a flashlight at the center front of the printer and you will see a U shaped tab sticking down from the top cover that engages a projection on the main cover. Using a thin blade inserted between the covers push the U shaped piece to the rear and carefully lift off the cover. There is a ribbon cable connected to the circuit board on the cover. Just slip it out of it's connector. Be sure to note it's orientation. You can also carefully clean the scanner mirror with a Q tip is it is dirty."
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Thank You for the help. this was easier then I thought. - unknown
This worked like a charm. Thanks! The 2510 does indeed have a metal rod, however it is more difficult to access than the one for the 2110. Here are the access instructions for the 2510.

Unplug the printer. Open the scanner lid and remove the two star screws on the left side of the printer. Using a small screw driver pry off the control panel cover from the end nearest the display. Using a screw driver, depress the tab that is in the hole that would be under the “Black” button on the panel cover. (It will move about 3/32”.) Slide the control panel forward to release it. Unplug the ribbon cables from the bottom of the control panel, and remove the control panel. Remove the two star screws exposed by the panel removal. From the back of the printer, unplug the cable to the scanner lid from the body of the printer. Press each of the two hinge pins toward the center of the printer to free the scanner lid. Stick the blade of a flat blade screwdriver between the hinge and the hinge housing at the very back of the printer. Pry the hinge housing to the back of the printer to release the hinge. Remove the hinge. Take out the star screw that is under the hinge.
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Wow!!! So really great and detailed instructions, I've already clean my 2510. And It's works fine. Thanks a lot!!! - Anonymous
Thank you so much for this helpful information. We have been able to fix our printer thanks to you. I will not be buying HP again. - Anonymous
Thanks! I followed this, manually moved the scanner head then did the partial restart and it worked!

- Ansonia Systems
Did you get this resolved? I am having the same problem.
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My printer got changed to Japanese by accident. I cannot find my manual. Help! How do we get it back to English??
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I need the top cover - the cover that goes over the glass where the item to be copied or scanned is laid. I also need the power adapter that plugs into the printer from a ll0 volt source. I am also looking for the special screw drivers necessary to remove the screws in order to take the cover off and, if possible, a factory service manual that will explain disassembly procedures. Thanks
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Could someone please post a diagram for the 3 ribbon cable connectors on the PSC 2510? I was stupid and forgot to note the connection positions of the 3 ribbon cables to the pc board. TIA
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Cleaning doesnt do any good. Those who think that was the problem are wrong. The real fix is from unplugging and plugging back in a while later. However, this no longer worked for me. After searching all day I found That this is a very common problem that HP wont acknowlege. I finally found this and it worked:

- Take the scanner apart like described on that page
- Clean everything
- Check where the white stripe is on the bottom of the glass plate
- Put a mark on the plastic, where this stripe, so you know the location of the stripe on the outside as well.
- Enlarge this mark, so it is on the main body as well
- Remove the glass again
- Align the scan head by hand, so that the bottom mirror is exactly on line with your mark
- Put everything back together
- Be careful, don't move the scan unit!!
- Turn it on when it's complete

Accually all i had to do was lift the front part of the top up just enough to peek in and push the head over and align the mirror (not the bulb) to the middle of the white stripe

Good Luck
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Worked like a charm!! Thanks a lot jb. - Anonymous
This is in reply to jb 9/25 5:54 post:

Thank you! I had cleaned and recleaned many times and I still had the scanning head stuck in the right hand position. When I lined the mirror up with the white strip, it worked. I greatly appreciate your advice. - bhn
Worked Great! Mine did the exact same thing. I cleaned the scanner movement pieces first and reassembled but that did not take care of the problem. I took the unit apart again and looked at the mirrors and two on the bottom were smudged. I cleaned those and put everything back together in a matter of seconds and it initialized perfect.

Thanks all. Just saved me from having to buy another printer.


-Steve - Anonymous
JB-- Had the same clicking and hourglass hangup on my HP 2510. Thanks for the help. I disassembled and cleaned and realigned the strip and mirror. PERFECT. I'm back printing without failure. Unfortunately, it was after a technician looked at it. I'm happy though...I fixed it with your help. - Anonymous
Re-alligning the scannerhead solved the problem for me.

I opened my printer without a star screwdriver. A normal 2mm screwdriver works just as well.

Thank you for your descriptions. - unknown
Sorry here is the url for the info from my last post

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My 2510 had the same problem as described before, I followed jb instructions and everything just worked fine.

- unknown
After the cleaning all you need to do is put the scanner to the left of the white stripe, then when it moves to the right looking for home position, it can find it.

Hp has a scanner walkout procedure for some machines where you plug in the power, turn on the machine, wait till the scanner moves to the left, then pull power wait 15 seconds, and repeat. The idea is to get the scanner several inches to the left of the strip. After you have "walked out" the scanner then you do a normal power on sequence and if the scanner is good it should find home position.
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I performed the steps just as you stated and it works like a champ now. Thanks. - Anonymous
I work for HP (call centre)

He he.....this is a shameful fact that this is the only place where this common fault has been diagnosed and fixed...Weldone!

I also have a 2510 myself!
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my 2510 wont print incomming faxes it will print any file i send to the printer but wont print incommimg faxes,please help, and no im not out of ink - Anonymous

My model has recently started to print one or two empty pages, then sucks in a third sheet, and then stops telling me the tray would be out of paper, while it is not.

I changed cartridges one after the other, now the "thing" first wants re-align the printer cartridges, but of course it cannot print to complete this operation, so the "thing" has become completely unusable.

Yes, I unplugged and replugged, but to no avail.

Any idea?
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it seems like im not the only one with the scanner locking problem.
ive been reading alot of other threads on line about this crap ass 2510 model and it's scanner lockup,
yes the scanner head just keeps going and going and going until it hit's the wall and it still want's to go more.
iv tryed process of elimination like disconecting the whole scanner head, or just some uneeded wires one at a time.
or anything to do with the scanner head.
but it seems the whole unit works together or nothing at all.
i know what the problem is but i don't know witch one it is yet,
everytime i get into fixing somthing it always seems to be one of those little friggin time bombs, "i like to call them timebombs cauce they explode just after the warranty expires".
any technician would refer to it as a resistor.
haha!!! but witch one?. (witch one to bypass)
these resistors blow out all the time on all electronics that have them.
ill be posting a new thread soon on how to fix all those
crap ass hp 2510 2210 or whatever crap ass HP models that compare to the 2510 crap ass model (haha)

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well, i have a cycle power light on anbd it wont let me do squat, no nothing..tried to reset it, nothing...any help????????????? - bigdeala102
My 2510 was acting up, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Now it won't let me fax from the Director. It tells me I must put the pages into the feeder. I do not have a feeder. The only way for me to fax now is to do it from the machine itself.

Anyone else having this problem? Can it be resolved or do I just have to deal with it?

Thanks in advance.
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Well, I'm having the same trouble as many others--the scan head hunting for a home position and never finding it, causing about two minutes of clicking and the never-ending hour glass in the lcd display. I did all the suggested maintenance...lubing the guide rod, cleaning mirrors, etc. No effect! This is the second major melt-down. First problem involved a horrendous grinding noise from the belt and sprocket. HP replaced the unit with a refurb. Now the unit's out of warrantee, so it'll be my expense to repair. I've had it with HP. They sell crap and have a screw-the-customer attitude.
Lookin' for a non-HP all-in-one.......
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Hi all... I have a 2510 as well. Starting recently, the display often reads "Press OK to align". (No changes were made to the cartriges or paper to prompt this). I thought nothing of it, so I aligned the page...it printed out a series of color rows, and that was that.

Now, the pages are mis-aligned, the cartriges (relatively new)do not put out much ink and printing is erratic...sometimes it will print a misaligned sheet of a job that I placed prior.

Any suggestions? Ugh...
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mine is doing the same
stuck on hit ok to align mode

i can do nothing
and when i hit ok
it prints the page very very slow - Anonymous
I would like to know what the power cord looks like on the printer end.
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Thanks...used the above methods and my unit is working a treat again
by unknown on Apr 3, 2006 at 3:11am Add comment
ive tried the lubrication and cleaning the mirrors........i still have the problem, any other suggestions????

It still insists on going to the home position and just clicks away untill it freezes up

i hate HP
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Actually...after my previous post, the issue just got worse. Cleaned everything and then some. Nothing worked.

However pushed down on the top corner of the glass and it finds home - WTF. BUT...every so often it likes to find home again. had enough of this piece of crap.

Ive got a spare scanner, a spare printer and a spare 2 year old laptop (that has a phone line). Looks like i'll be getting my all in one with a huge LCD screen. Plus if one of the items breaks then the whole thing isn't stuffed.

My 2c worth
by unknown on Jun 21, 2006 at 3:00am Add comment
have tried every thig was about to through the piece of junk in the bin - then tried pushing down on the glass so that it finds home BINGO!!!!! it works. well done you have saved me a nervouse break down and some grey hairs! - Anonymous

My 2 year old printer is now squeaking and squealing when it prints. Does the printer need to be cleaned or oiled and how do I do this? I tried to find out something about regular maintenance in the manual but there was no info! Help! Thanks.
by Tammymc77 on Jun 25, 2006 at 7:53am Add comment
by Anonymous on Jul 17, 2006 at 12:35pm Add comment
I haven't seen any problems like mine.The display light went out. Do I have to take it to the repair shop to be fixed? It is a little over 2 yrs. old.
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Pulled mine apart per the instructions in this thread. Cleaned the mirror and glass. Aligned the scanner head and it now works.
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My HP psc 2510 photosmart all in one makes a sound "Track"(2 in 2 secunds)in back of the ink cartwrige and the viewfinder appears to think and in the end of 1 minute the sound stops and but it is always thinking. Somebody can help me? Sorry bad English.
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The scanner does indeed look for the black strip on the bottom side of the glass on the right. If it doesn't see this, it keeps on going and eventually hits the end of the rails. The motor keeps trying to pull the scanner to the right, creating that nasty clicking sound as the plastic gears grind away.

Mine wasn't getting that far. It hit the black strip and then slid back to the left about 1" from the plastic. It then started the "stepping" to the right again. Hits the black strip, jumps out 1", repeat ad nauseum.

I did the cleaning thing and it worked fine for about a month and then started doing it again. I was trying the method of leaving the screws out and lifting up the top half just enough to push the unit into position w/ a screwdriver. As I lifted up the top a little (and before said screwdriver was employed), the scanner stopped in its home position. I lowered the top back down and within a few minutes it started jogging again. Lifted the lid up again (this time too far) and it went all the way to the right and started clicking away. I finally got the scanner to go home by holding the lid up just a little. It seems like if the distance between the scanner and the black line is too great, it goes all the way to the right and clicks. If it's too close, it does the jogging thing.

I left all of the screws out, but I have one shoved sideways into the gap on the right side of the printer increasing the distance between the scanner unit (located in the bottom part) and the glass and the black line (located in the top part) just a little. The screw is between the two sections of the 2510. So far so good.

If this works for a while, I'll be constructing some plastic shims to fit better than a screw.

A cross section would look something like this:

(Top part of case)
<<<=| <---Screw
(Bottom part of case)
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This worked for me.Switch off machine,unscrew all the screws on top plus the ones under the display as mentioned,lift top of scanner glass unit approx 1/4 to 1/2 an inch. Turn machine on, keep gap constant, scanner bar searches and finds its correct position, lower top of unit and tighten screws.Machine working ok now. Well done to the person who put this fix on - Anonymous
What a useless piece of junk this All-in-one HP is!!

I have had the exact same trouble as loads of other owners; the scan head hunting for a home position and never finding it, two minutes of clicking and the never-ending hour glass in the LCD display (still there as I type this!).
I carried out all the suggested maintenance, everything and more and yet still the hour glass to look at. I must admit, the noisy scanner has stopped but no effect really - a dead useless machine - Thanks HP, last time I will buy from you!
by unknown on Apr 28, 2007 at 9:58am Add comment
I had the same problem w/the scanner head hunting for home position. Removed the glass, cleaned, reinstalled and that solved the problem.

Second problem I'm trying to tackle. The backlight for the 2.5" display has gone out. If I shine a flashlight at the correct angle, I can see the display. Anyone know if this might be an inverter problem or should I seek a 2.5" lcd display replacement.

Thank you in advance.
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hey i seemd to be having a problem with my HP psc 2510 phptpsmart all in one, the scanning option actually giving me nightmares.

i have downloaded the latest version of the software still no luck, i use the wireless print server at Home office.
please help with suggestion on how to solve this
by unknown on Jun 29, 2007 at 6:22am Add comment
Throw the piece of junk away!! I had wasted enough time!!!
by unknown on Jun 30, 2007 at 12:31pm Add comment
This was great. I tore mine all apart before I got here and snapped the tabs but heck it still works. I cleaned the glass and bam!!! it went right into print mode. This was so easy i may just buy all the junk ones I can find and invest in some paper towels and a bottel of glass cleaner. Thanks Fro the post I was going to throw it out. Back in bitnesssss!!!
by unknown on Jul 2, 2007 at 1:18pm Add comment

Just wanted to say the cleaning of the bottom of the glass solved the problem for me too.

Thanks !
by Cegoca on Nov 10, 2007 at 4:49pm Add comment
My 2510 will not print black. It prints color just fine. The Solution Center shows a full black cartridge, and I can get black ink on my finger just my pressing it against the bottom of the cartridge. I have tried everything I can think of, to no avail. I have purchased two brand new black cartridges and neither one will work.

I am about to send it to the landfill.

Any ideas on why it won't print black?
by Cooter on Nov 24, 2007 at 10:56am Add comment
Clean the electrical contacts on both cartridges and the carriage with a cotton swab and alcohol.

Blot the cartridge print nozzles on a damp paper towel a few times for two seconds to make sure ink can flow freely from them. Even new cartridges can be defective particularly if they are refilled.
by Bert on Nov 24, 2007 at 2:59pm Add comment
Thanks Bert, but I have already tried that too. What is crazy is that I have the psc 2510 that will print color and no black, and I have a 842C that will print black but no color. I would like to get them fixed, but I had to go buy another in the meantime to get me by. I would really like to get the 2510 going, because it has the built-in networking, and the family used that a lot.
by Cooter on Nov 24, 2007 at 3:57pm Add comment
For those with "Remove and Check Printer Cartridges" problems above... the information on this link worked for me:

by unknown on Nov 24, 2007 at 6:51pm Add comment
Thanks everyone! Worked to for me too! Yay!! The clicking was driving me to drink! It would happen each and every time we lost power; sometimes it would take two days to "come back up". This last time, nothing. I called Hp support, went through their resets and they ended up saying it was a "hardware issue" and offered to sell me another printer for $349.99, pick up the old one and send the new one with free shipping.

This worked beautifully and it's printing better than ever! Thanks again!! Woo hoo!!!
by fooberryincense on Jan 15, 2008 at 8:24am Add comment
where can i buy the cables for my hp psc 2510 printer
by unknown on Feb 23, 2008 at 6:48pm Add comment
If you are referring to the internal cables they are not available other than from scrap printers.
by Bert on Feb 23, 2008 at 10:27pm Add comment
Here's an excellent guide on cleaning the scanner glass, complete with pictures:

by unknown on Apr 17, 2008 at 5:30pm Add comment

I have a hp psc 2510 which should be reset to factory settings.
The problem is the display is not showing anything but "wait" symbol.
Anyone have an idea about a "hard" reset??

Thank you !!
by Anonymous on May 4, 2008 at 1:59pm Add comment
Hello, I'm having the same trouble as many others--the scan head hunting for a home position and never finding it, causing about two minutes of clicking and the never-ending hour glass in the lcd display. I tried cleaning and still having the same problem. Can anyone please help?
by unknown on May 10, 2008 at 5:51am Add comment
Yes, taking apart the printer and cleaning the internal scanner glass made all the difference for me! My printer is back. The HP instructions are great. A bit tedious...but it will allow you to print again. This might not work for everyone...but certainly did for me. No more hourglass! woohoo! - Anonymous
YES!!! for months when I had this problem I just waited it out, but this time after three days I finally looked it up and I fixed it. My model is the hp psc 2510 photosmart all-in-one, and the issue im talking about is the click click clicking, eternal hourglass problem.
All you need is a T10 star head and a can of the right kind of lube (I used a silicon-based lube and I'm not sure if that was the right choice.... be careful not to let it touch the plastic as it seemed to have a minor melting effect. When you dismantle the printer top, follow the directions above (the third post, by anonymous)...It's a little tricky, but if anything doesn't budge, don't force it, you're doing something wrong. When you push the button under the face plate, you'll be pushing down on the lower part of the hole, use something long and thin. I'm not really a tech-savvy guy, but I started this project about 90 minutes ago, right now im printing. Thanks to everyone who helped above.
by unknown on Jun 17, 2008 at 1:15pm Add comment
I have an HP psc 2510 and it is now about 3 1/2 or so years old.

I love this thread and sure am keeping in in My Documents for future problems, which I hope never happen to me. My lil honey prints out like a trooper, and I love it for the quality of pictures printing. Knock on wood that it doesn't groan and moan and give out on me.

However, I noticed several of you are having an LCD problem, which is what I have. I cannot, any longer, use the fax part because I cannot read the LCD.

A little more than a year ago, I finally bought a Canon MP530 for faxing and printing out things from my two computers, (my personal and my laptop, which has Windows Vista, which the HP psc2510 can't relate to, I was told.)and have the HP psc 2510 networked to my grandsons' two computers. They print out their homework on it. When I want to print pictures, I use their computers.

So, does anyone have an answer to the LCD problem? Can it be repaired or do I just live with it, as I have the past two years?

Thanks again to all of you for such an great and informative thread.
by unknown on Jul 1, 2008 at 5:05pm Add comment
Amazing..this worked first time.
Have had my 2510 for over 3 years and had problem in the past. It always resolved itself but not this time.
I followed the cleaning instructions with pictures and voila it works like a charm.

by Anonymous on Jul 12, 2008 at 10:04am Add comment
Well, I got as far as 'unscrew with a small screwdriver the two screws on the left of the glass'. My small screwdriver stripped both screws. Any thoughts on how to get them out now?
by unknown on Jul 25, 2008 at 9:09pm Add comment
Try the proper tool, a T10 Torx head driver.
by Bert on Jul 25, 2008 at 9:12pm Add comment
I have had my 2510 for almost 4 years and always had the same clicking and hour glass display after a power outage like everyone else. Its always corrected itself after a couple of days. But this time it didn't... so I followed the instructions from here, took it apart (as instructed on the 3rd post above), cleaned the glass and lined up the scanner (as instructed on the 9th post above). I just put it all back together and IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!!! Take it from me, I'm not the most mechanical person in the world but I did it in less than an hour...saved me time and money big time!!! Thanks a lot
by unknown on Aug 8, 2008 at 5:55pm Add comment
Had the same problem as above but noticed after a power failure that cleaning up the glass DIDN'T solve the problem that time !

So I made a semi full reset by pushing back in the power cable while keeping "#" and "6" pressed down.
Had then to re-enter the language, country etc... it made a cartrige alignment and was then back ready for duty.

So guys think about it, before dismounting your printer, that just a semi full reset can do it !

Hope this can help someone.

Cegoca - Cegoca
I have an HP PSC 2510 photosmart all in one. It will not print from the computer. It will align, but will not print. I am on a wireless connection. Any suggestions. I have uninstalled, reinstalled.
by rn on Aug 12, 2008 at 5:15pm Add comment
I am on a wireless network. My printer will not print from the computer. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, still nothing. I am able to print an alignment page, but nothing else. HELP!!
by rn on Aug 12, 2008 at 5:17pm Add comment
Will it work with the USB connection or the network cable ?

Why don't you try that first ? - Anonymous
I had the same 'searching for home' problem. I thought I followed the instructions hp provided
(I can't seem to get the whole url, but go to hp.com and search for c00553775. This is the document to clean the glass on the 2510)

But it didn't work.
I repeated and paid particular attention to the black strip at the right side. This seems to have fixed the problem for now.

I also have an intermittent scan problem of diagonal lines and screwed up scans. I don't know if this is related.

Any Ideas?
by dutchtower on Sep 13, 2008 at 8:32am Add comment
This SAME exact thing is happening to my printer! The light section on of the scanner moves about 1/4 inch and seems hooked on something. Then, the clicking noise starts and it doesn't stop. This is a home printer that does not get overused in the least, and I am very disappointed regarding this HP psc 2510 that I paid between $300-400 for! I will follow the instructions found here and get back to you! Good luck all!
by Anonymous on Sep 14, 2008 at 9:49pm Add comment
Where are the official HP updgrade kit and instructions for this? Also my scanner bar is locked in an endless loop until the printer decides to shut of the power.

Thanks to the people on this forum for doing the troubleshooting - will try to fix my lot-of-agony-in-one soon.

by unknown on Sep 23, 2008 at 1:18pm Add comment
Oh yes, and if this doesn't work, try a full reset ("#"+"9").
(but I didn't try it as the semi full reset worked for me).

Apart from that problem, I must say my 2510 is a nice working machine !

by Anonymous on Sep 23, 2008 at 3:56pm Add comment
This machine has been a good workhorse. We lost power during hurricane Gustav and my dad hooked up the portable generator to the electrical box. I believe it might have been damaged from a generator spike. When I power the printer up, the scan bar slowly comes out about 1/2" and then reverses ad moves back about 1/8" steps at a time. Once it reaches the end, you can hear a couple of clicks where the belt is skipping teeth. Is this repairable or should it be scrapped. It cost new $299. Any help would be appreciated.

by unknown on Sep 28, 2008 at 7:35pm Add comment
Gustav and the failure could be a coincidence. The failure you are experiencing is symptomatic of the underside of the scanner glass needing to be cleaned. Go to this web page:
by Bert on Sep 28, 2008 at 8:34pm Add comment
The cleaning trick works great, been doing it a while now. But yesterday my unit powered up and the LCD screen looks liek its set to a Low res mode. The colors are all whack. It works fine, but Does anyone know HOW to reset the LCD screen parameters or has anyone else seen this. IF so email me please.
by unknown on Oct 28, 2008 at 3:54am Add comment
can any one tell me why my 2510 stopped printing my incomming faxes , i have plent of ink , i can send any file to the printer and it prints the but it stopped printing incomming faxes , please help im desperate
by rlaro on Nov 10, 2008 at 11:50am Add comment
Do a reset by pressing and holding the # and 3 buttons while plugging in the power.

Fax problems?

There is a possibility that the fax has failed, assuming that the problem is consistent regardless of the sender or recipient, but do these checks before coming to that conclusion.

1. Check the telephone line for noise by connecting a phone to it. Assuming there is a dial tone, press one key on the keypad and listen. You should not hear cracking or a hum. If there is noise on the line call for service.
2. Unplug the power source for 30 seconds.
3. Use a known good phone cable
4. Make sure the phone cable is plugged in securely on both ends.
by Bert on Nov 10, 2008 at 9:47pm Add comment
thanks bert but that didnt work , phone is working fine, uninstalled and reinstalled and it still wont print incomming faxes ,please help - rlaro
Disconnect from the computer and try receiving a fax. Assuming that you are attempting to receive from known working faxes and there is still a problem, it is likely time for a new all-in-one. No internal replacement parts are available other than from scrap printers.
by Bert on Nov 11, 2008 at 11:20pm Add comment
I have put in a new color ink cartridge but the color in not bright, kinda faded out. That was the reason for changing the cartridge in the first place. Any ideas. Do not have a lot of printer/computer knowledge.
by unknown on Dec 1, 2008 at 8:35am Add comment
Go to page 95 in the user guide and follow the instructions for printing a self-test report. If you don't have it go to the web page below

Examine the horizontal color bars on the report. If there is horizontal lines in them some of the cartridge nozzles are plugged. If one or more of the colors are incorrect (not true yellow, magenta, and cyan) the ink has mixed inside the color cartridge.
by Bert on Dec 1, 2008 at 6:15pm Add comment
I printed a self test report and everything look perfect. What next?
by BAC on Dec 2, 2008 at 6:06am Add comment
Go to the printer properties and click on the Advanced tab, or it may be a button, and check the brightness, intensity, color tone, and saturation settings. You may have subset of these on your printer or even different options. Return them to their defaults or adjust them to improve printing quality. If you cannot improve the print quality to your satisfaction and are convinced that the cartridges are working properly, uninstall and reinstall the printer software.
by Bert on Dec 2, 2008 at 6:47pm Add comment
Thanks it worked. I had to uninstall and reinstall for it to work. thanks again.
by BAC on Dec 3, 2008 at 1:32pm Add comment
Thank you so much for posting this info. My wife and I have had this clicking headache off and on for about two years now and we we're about ready to throw it out and get something else. And now t seems like the cleaning has fixed the problem! Thank you so much.
by unknown on Jan 15, 2009 at 11:00am Add comment
I've got the final solution!
by Anonymous on Feb 8, 2009 at 8:54pm Add comment
Ok, following the instructions from 25/3/05 4pm, I was able to finally fix the scanner/start up issue that has crippled my printer for almost 2 years and caused me to beat the living shit out of it atleast a million times.

Further to this, I also had the check and remove cartridge error.. I ended up having to buy another black cartridge, seemed to be all that would fix the issue..

Best of luck..

P.S: This is the second hp printer in 10 years that I've had problems with.. Not sure that'll be buying one again.. :(
by unknown on Feb 24, 2009 at 8:51pm Add comment
Great jobs folks

have my 2510 clean and operational now

hehehe HP guy yes it's a tragedy isn't it!?!?
by unknown on May 15, 2009 at 4:13pm Add comment
Having exact same problem as saigu of (3/19/08 2:32 PM):
when i try to print, the printer will pull a piece of paper up then display a message that it is out of paper, when i push ok it says there's a jam, when i push ok again it will send that piece of paper through and pull up another and start printing fine.
The problem is that the display says that i need to align the cartridges and when i go through the process just listed instead of printing like normal it cancels print and returns to saying "press ok to align cartridges" and i can't get into any of the other settings. It is completely stuck in this loop........ anybody know how to get rid of that?
by unknown on Jun 24, 2009 at 12:11pm Add comment
Great instructions ! Thanks a bunch. My PSC 2510 crashed after a nasty lightning storm, where power went off/on a few times. Then it never woke up - hour glass stuck. I followed these instructions, pushed the whole light mechanism to the left a few inches. Started it up and it did a homing routine, inching the mechanism to the right till it was happy. Now it works fine.
by Anonymous on Jun 30, 2009 at 7:01pm Add comment
Dismantle instructions at top of page and JB reply worked a treat! ... again!
Didn't have to clean a thing inside the printer. Since it's sealed (until you open it to push the scanner head left, to the left edge of the white strip), there shouldn't be any dust inside. Just make sure you perform the op in a dust free room!
I guess you only need to lube the rod if the scanner head is meeting some resistence
D :)
by Anonymous on Aug 18, 2009 at 3:29am Add comment
Had multiple problems with printer asking me to print an alignment page over and over without success. Found info on HP site that warned about reusing blank pages during alignment. I tried brand new paper that never ran through the printer and this seemed to fix it. Two days later, it started doing the same thing after I put in a new cartridge. I took out both cartridges and got the flashlight out to look inside suspecting a build up of dried ink blocking the head. What looked like a shiny black piece of plastic under the black cartridge was actually a smoothed blob of ink that built up over the years. I used a chop stick to carefully knock it loose and pull it out. A Qtip or stiff straw or piece of coat hanger would work well also.

After a thorough cleaning out of the deposited ink and some rinsing with a wet paintbrush (or a toothbrush) and stuffing a paper towel in to dry it up it printed the alignment page and is working again.

All this was done while the printer was unplugged to hopefully ensure that any messages sitting in memory were drained. I DID NOT have to do the soft reset that HP tells you about.
by unknown on Sep 28, 2009 at 4:38pm Add comment
Got a grinding problem coming from the left hand side of the printer. It starts when I start the printer, and it goes through a grinding cycle three times before the paper feeds through and it prints the page. Then starts all over again with the next page...
Any ideas would be appreciated. I have yet to get 500 pages through this unit, and would love to get this fixed.
by unknown on Nov 2, 2009 at 1:03am Add comment
My PSC 2510 had the scanner clicking problem and so I followed the thread posted by "Bert".Removed the control panel and scanner glass and cleaned the white stripe and reset the travelling carriage so the slot with the mirror below it was directly over the white stripe. Tried this several times with no success.
Next time I removed the travelling carriage from the endless belt.
On the underside there is a small tab poking through on one side and another under the small printed circuit which drives the lamp.Once these are released the cover which is holding the ribbon cable comes away. It was then easy to clean the three mirrors and the round lense of the detector.
In all these action there was virtually no dirt visible and only a very slight greying of the cotton buds used.
However, it resulted in the printer initialising and control of the LCD display being possible.Can't believe things should be so critical!
by dampfloks94 on Nov 3, 2009 at 5:23am Add comment
JB is a genious! My PSC 2510 is 4 1/2 years old and, aside from the usual software problems, I haven't had too many problems with the machine. We experienced frequent electricity outtages recently, as many as 5 or 6 in one day, which I believe provoked the **tick tick** and hourglass problem that you have all described.

Cleaning everything, although necessary, did not fix the problem. Re-aligning the plastic thingy (post #9) did it for me. Once I figured out what you meant by the white plastic stripe on the bottom (must be my blond hair :)) the whole thing was a piece of cake! Thank you JB!!!!!!
by unknown on Nov 22, 2009 at 6:25am Add comment
Cleaned the glass and left the moving head in the centre. it slowly moved to the right, no grinding and then found the main screen :)
also lubed the metal rod incase.
by Anonymous on Jan 8, 2010 at 1:01am Add comment
Whomever posted this advice:

[- Take the scanner apart like described on that page
- Clean everything
- Check where the white stripe is on the bottom of the glass plate
- Put a mark on the plastic, where this stripe, so you know the location of the stripe on the outside as well.
- Enlarge this mark, so it is on the main body as well
- Remove the glass again
- Align the scan head by hand, so that the bottom mirror is exactly on line with your mark
- Put everything back together
- Be careful, don't move the scan unit!!
- Turn it on when it's complete]

THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER. I've been up all night, disassembling my printer and cleaning it, when I stumbled upon this trick. And it finally worked. THANK YOU so much.
by Anonymous on Feb 11, 2010 at 3:25am Add comment
THANK YOU!!!!! Cleaned glass, all scans look good now.
by Anonymous on May 27, 2010 at 7:54pm Add comment
We have just set up our HP psc 2510 after 3 years in storage - we have power but get a "Carriage jam" message. The capping station appears to be locked in the raised postion - have tried power on/off, partial re-set, close/wait/open door etc but station wont lower. any ideas? thanks
by unknown on May 30, 2010 at 12:37am Add comment
Had similar problem to various folks above, I cleaned and lubed the print carriage, I did ditto to the scanner, but although I heard mechanical noise when the printer started there was still nothing but eggtimer on the LCD. Then I noticed I saw NO ACTIVITY from the scanner on startup. Figured the scanner motor was dead or no connection. I took the back off and found 3 ribbon cables going from the lid section into the left side of the back casing (as you look at it from the back). One did not look like it was properly seated. I reseated it and Bingo!, working printer. I'm posting this in the hope that it may help someone else as well - I spent a frustrating day on this.

by caro_davy on Jun 10, 2010 at 8:51am Add comment
mine has minor problem vs what i've been reading on this thread.

It's a printing issue. will print part page in black or one whole page then other pages have lines through them or come through blank. had cartridges checked with electrics- made no difference. colour seems ok done the whole on and off and cleaning things and reset function to no avail. needed for small business use so now had to buy new and uninstall software for 2510 to load new HP software.
I've had this over 5 years and this is the first issue i've had. Want to fix so can sell or give to friend in good working order....any ideas.
thanks one and all for help and advice given

by 123.2510 user on Jul 18, 2010 at 12:28am Add comment
Thank you, Bert and jb, you provided the instructions that I used to clean and fix my stepdad's printer. Thanks to your instructions, I was able to quickly avert a last-minute disaster, and improve my somewhat finicky stepfather-stepson relationship.
by unknown on Aug 16, 2010 at 6:00pm Add comment
Even with new color cartridges, using 57 + 56 or 57 + 58, my printer only prints in black. A color photograph printed as black and white. The same thing happened using my Mac and my PC, so I know it is the printer. Any ideas? Thanks very much.
by Giuditta on Nov 14, 2010 at 7:24pm Add comment
I did all the cleaning and aligning, it doesn't work. I can't seem to find the mirrors or the 'bottom mirrors' as some of you call it. Would someone please tell me where to locate it please? Thanks!
by unknown on Jan 19, 2011 at 8:50pm Add comment
We have this printer and just got back from vacation. When we tried to print something, anything...jpeg, pdf, word file the little printer image would appear in the bottom right corner and when clicked on would show the documents I requested it print and do nothing. The weirdest part is that there were no error messages on the printer or computer. It simply won't print. I tried restarting the printer and computer...didn't work. I tried jiggling the cords. I tried unplugging and replugging cords back in. I even tried switching the computer/printer cord out and putting a new one in. It is a direct connection between the computer and printer so what's the problem? The printer worked fine 10 days ago before the vacation. Is it possible that it pooped out on us?
by unknown on Jan 22, 2011 at 6:13pm Add comment
Dear Frustrated, I have had this happen several times. I've done all that you said you did, at first to no avail. What worked for me was to unplug the printer completely for at least 30 minutes. Go into your computer and make sure that in your control panel, the choice of printer hasn't switched to something else. One time I found it had switched to the PSC 2500 Fax, rather than the printer. I contributed the switch to my electric going off briefly, then surging back on. I changed the choice back to the printer, saved the choice, then restarted my computer. Made sure it stayed with the PSC 2500 Printer, rather than fax, stayed. Then I turned off my computer, plugged in the printer again, made sure all cords were tight, and restarted the computer. It worked. I think the important thing is the length of time I left the printer completely off and unplugged. When it was only for a short time, it did not work. It had to be longer than 20 minutes for it to reset itself. Let me know if this works for you???
by unknown on Jan 24, 2011 at 5:18am Add comment
I had the same problem... but there is a way to work around it. Go to MS word. Copy and paste the picture into ms word, or "insert" from menu. Then, under format, go to "ROTATE." Drop down menu to "FLIP HORIZONTAL." VOILA. I hope this helps. Very frustrating that the printer will not allow such a basic command.
by MommyDearest on Jun 22, 2011 at 9:38pm Add comment
Yea, finally found the fix. This little workhorse has been serving me well for years..Had some issues with refilled cartridges and this
scanner noise.Fired right up after cleaning and moving it to the left.Thanks and God bless. Jesus is our hope for the future !
by unknown on Aug 10, 2011 at 12:22pm Add comment
Bless you all!!

After several inept and ineffective attempts to follow HP's suggestions, I did the partial dismantle and clean operation in post numbers 2 and 3.

I am printing again. Took 30 minutes. BTW, the "star screws" are AKA "Torx"-head screws, for folks looking for a driver that will fit. Hardware stores have 'em.
by jes101360 on Dec 16, 2011 at 2:47pm Add comment
Good for you ! Printing problems are always there. I had a similar problem, my ink cartridges were out of ink (I got it later). I bought new printer cartridges from:


and now I am printing again!


by BasilAchaius on Dec 21, 2011 at 2:55am Add comment
Remove and Check print cartridges error.

Well I suddenly started getting this error after putting in a new OfficeMax color cartridge. I removed the color one and cleaned it and still got the error, did the same for the black one. I turned the printer off and on. Still the same error.

Then I had a thought...this printer is really old, I wonder if ink is built up underneath and fouling the cartridge. I got a plastic spoon from the pantry, White ones seem to be perfect for this, but other colors will work in a pinch. I waved the spoon over the printer, said a mystical chant, opened the lid, pushed the ink cartridge tray to the left and out of the way. Took that magic spoon and dug out globs of ink from down below and wiped the ink on a paper towel (Hefty brand or generic, or the palm of your hand), went back and dug out some more. Moved the cartridge tray back to the right, closed the hatch,....AND....THE PRINTER STARTED PRINTING OUT PERFECT PRINTS AGAIN!!!
by unknown on Feb 14, 2012 at 9:22am Add comment
I just can't seem to get this printer to work. I'm having the same problem with the scanner head not being able to find home position. I've done everything that this forum suggested except clean the metal rod, which I don't find necessary. For the one suggestion that said to line the scanner head up manually, I just don't understand how to do that, and I feel like it might work. Can anybody explain that to me a tad more detailed? It would be greatly appreciated.
by unknown on Feb 18, 2012 at 9:40am Add comment
Lift or open the top cover of the scanner. If you notice the light bar moves to right a little bit and goes inside again everytime you power it on which causes it to get stuck and make that grinding noise. Here is the fix what you do is you power it up & time it when the light bar moves to left unplug it right away so it stay where it is. Power it up again by pluging the power cord on back of the printer. So everytime is moves to the left unplug the power until it goes about 3 inches away. Now power it up normally and that would do the trick. This happen when the printer is uplug by accident while it still on. Hope this will help a lot of people.
by unknown on Mar 6, 2012 at 5:27pm Add comment
Lift or open the top cover of the scanner. If you notice the light bar moves to right a little bit and goes inside again everytime you power it on which causes it to get stuck and make that grinding noise. Here is the fix what you do is you power it up & time it when the light bar moves to left unplug it right away so it stay where it is. Power it up again by pluging the power cord on back of the printer. So everytime is moves to the left unplug the power until it goes about 3 inches away. Now power it up normally and that would do the trick. This happen when the printer is uplug by accident while it still on. Hope this will help a lot of people.
by unknown on Mar 6, 2012 at 5:29pm Add comment
Lift or open the top cover of the scanner. If you notice the light bar moves to right a little bit and goes inside again everytime you power it on which causes it to get stuck and make that grinding noise. Here is the fix what you do is you power it up & time it when the light bar moves to left unplug it right away so it stay where it is. Power it up again by pluging the power cord on back of the printer. So everytime is moves to the left unplug the power until it goes about 3 inches away. Now power it up normally and that would do the trick. This happen when the printer is unplug by accident while it still on. So you do not need to open your printer to fix it. Hope this will help a lot of people.
by unknown on Mar 6, 2012 at 5:32pm Add comment
I am having a problem with getting the printer to talk to the internal network card. When the power fails / blinks, I loose the blue networked light, even though the lights on the network card itself indicate data flow. In the past I have been able to convince it to work with a combination of pulling the power cord / waiting a long time / hitting network reset with pulling the power during the reset and I don't know what else. Another symptom of it not going on the network is that when I try to "Print Network Configuration Page" nothing happens with or without the Ethernet in. Then when I "Restore Network Defaults", & try to print the config, I get an error on the 2510 onboard screen "This Service is Currently Unavailable. Try Again later.". Nothing will change that until a cord-pull reset.

I finally saw the Partial Reset, Semi-Full Reset, and Full Reset commands above (that info is HARD to find); are there ANY OTHER "secret" key press combos for this printer? Please?

So far I saw in this forum:
[# + 3 = Partial] - [# + 6 = Semi] - [# + 6 = Full]
Did I miss any? And has anybody else seen the "This Service is Currently Unavailable." message? I have never found any other reference to it on the web.

Thanks for any help.
by OldPrinterGuy on Feb 3, 2013 at 12:09pm Add comment
The Scanner Problem:

Grinding to the right, cleaning doesnt help any.

Looking closer:

I noticed that there were in fact TWO black strips (not white!) between the white strip and the scanning area.

A grey one (the right) and a VERY dark one (the left, 3-4mm).

This black strip seems to be glued somehow directly on the scanner glass.

Unfortunately it got loose on some places, and if you look directly from above to it (like the scanner does), its no more black than rather greyish in some places.

My Solution:

Because i didnt get the da**ed glass out without breaking something, to replace/reglue it, i simply REPAINTED the greyish places with EDDING.

Now it works like a charm, finds his starting point on power loss, etc.

Yes, you can remove the paintings with simple alcohol.

No, i didnt use a ruler, which might have been clever, i just painted black where it seemed to be right (always looking from right above), call me Rembrandt, or Nuts, whatever you prefer ;).

greetings from .at
by einfachcomputer on Apr 11, 2013 at 11:00am Add comment
Thank you, you saved yet another printer!
by unknown on Oct 14, 2014 at 6:08pm Add comment
The lock down latch for the black cartridge broke off near the rear so I cannot lock in the cartridge. It looks like I might be able to remove this entire asembly by removing the 3 screws in front. If so I could probably repair it with JB weld or gorilla glue.

Am I wasting my time? I assume I could only get this part from a used machine.
by unknown on Feb 3, 2015 at 3:05pm Add comment
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