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Lexmark Lexmark Optra T

Lexmark x6100 Series printer won't print.Help!

My printer has a error message that says HARDWARE ERROR 0502. It will not print. My mother was trying to print photos at the time. Please help so I can do my homework! Thank you.
you have to go into lex mrk on your desk top a reconfigure and tell it it has a new ink cartridge then after that lift up open the scanner wipe the little tape down with a damp cloth sometimes the new ink cartridge and old tape build up ink
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this is usually cause by a twisted encoder strip, or a bad system board. These are typically in warenty from lexmark. Look for a plastic strip behind the carrier and play with it a bit.
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every time i try to print a page it shows print but it wont print i just instald a new black ink cartrige it looks like its in right - Anonymous
Take a lightly damp cloth and wipe down the compartment where the ink cartriges are. I was getting a 0502 every second page and I haven't had any since cleaning.
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My mom has lost her software to re-load her x6100 in her computer.
How or what can I do to get this software?
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Go to http://www.lexmark.com. Click on the tab that says "downloads." You will be prompted to put in what type of printer it is (x6150, etc.) You can download the drivers from there. - Anonymous
Cool it worked Damp Cloth FTW
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The printer cannot communicate with the computer
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My printer is running slow it want print - Anonymous
cleaned encoding strip cause of print problems but it fell out. Is there a way to re-install or just just buy a new printer. lexmark X6150 - also has always had paper feed problems from day one. HELP!!!
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The encoder strip on my Lexmark x6170 came off. on one end it has F with an arrow pointing downwards and the other end has a D. I tried the obvious way of putting the F facing forward and the arrow down but it still doesn't work. Does anybody know or have a picture of how it should go on there? Many thanks. Martin429 - martin429
I have a lexmark printer Printer 6100 Brand new cartridges and the black will print and the colored will not. What do I need to do?
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My Lexmark Printer is jamming the paper, as if the rollers aren't working properly
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when paper start it goes to one side and jam , what is solution - Anonymous
everytime i print theres a strip in the middle where theres no ink, and at the top of the strip it has a bunch of colors. and i can only print pics, if i try to print of tabs or watever, it will say error 5020. anybody no what i should do?
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I have a LEXMARK X6170 model of which I am extremely proud of. I am experiencing quite a bit of problem with my old faithful! I am now sitting with a problem - after scanning a document and the also a picture, my printer refuses to print. This is from a scanning situation. If I want to print directly to make copies, then 'she' also refuses to print. The ERROR CODE that comes up is: HARDWARE - ERROR 0502.
Please advise me what to do so that I can continue to enjoy my printer.
Awaiting your reply with bated breath and full of hope.

Thanks Phillip. Cape Town South Africa.
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That means that the encoding strip is dirty and needs to be cleaned or replaced if scratched like mine. I bought my x6170 printer for $10 at an auction and $28 for a black cartridge. I loved it because it was my first "All-in-one" printer and I needed one that scanned. My 2 year old reached in and grabbed the encoding strip and that was that. I spent $20 on an almost new Dell printer and it didn't scan and later found out that Lexmark makes the printers for Dell. Now I use it as a copy and print machine. I have tried to find a new encoding strip but they wanted $45 + s&h. I didn't think it was woth it. Good luck! - Anonymous
I am trying to install the cd for the x6100 series to my new computer. I am having a terrible time. The response from the installation guide says the cd is not in English? What can I do?
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I get message saying paper jamed but its not please help!
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Buy a new brand of printer. Simply Lexmark has so MANY problems, that you may as well spring a couple extra bucks for a better made printer and be done with it. Less hassle and better quality.
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My lexmark x6100 printer has a message that says "Unlock Scanner then press power" and I donot know how to unlock the scanner. When I try to print, the PC is reading that the printer is not turned on when the power is clearly on but has the above message about the scanner. What do I do?

Thank you

Dennis Vespe
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Open the main cavity. Underneath the lid there is a red lever. Push it to unlock it. That is the scanner lock. - BJL
i lost my installation cd and i need to reinstall my printer what do i do
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I have X6170 I hooked the USB cable in the computer...I have no disk so I downloaded the software form the Lexmark website.
I installed the software and also went into the settings on my computer and added this printer. I have it plugged in while doing all this. I cannot get this printer to work at all. its not communicating with my computer. Any advise?
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my printer says error message 0502 how do u fix this
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it will not print
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Help! My printer says that its printing documents. The paper goes through with ease as though its printing, however, the paper is blank when it comes out. What can I do?
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Is it the same issue even when making a copy using the buttons on the operator panel? If so, try reseating the cartridges on the printer. If copying is ok, then most probably it's a software issue. Uninstall the Lexmark sofware from your computer. To reinstall, I suggest you use the driver from the Lexmark website.
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My printer is the Lexmark X6100
Bought in 2005 at Best Buys.
It squeak alot when printing.
Black Ink sometime want print out everything on a page. Usually has alot faded skip spot.
Alot time said "Unlock Scanner". read my book manual and basic doesnt explain how stop Unlock scanning.
I were just wonder if my printer is going out on me.
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Everything for the printer seems to have installed properly but it still will not print. It often gives me a message telling me that its not connected to the right USB port even though Ive tried them all.. any suggestions?
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i have a lexmark x6150

i installed the most recent drivers for vista, and the installation process went through successfully. however, when i go to print, the print queue says 'offline -- printing"

i do not know how to get it to print online.

i turned the computer on and off, but i am at a loss.

please help.

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Our printer will print in color but not in black. It's a brand new cartridge, it was placed in correctly, and I tryed reinstalling the printer but nothing works...what should I do??
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I am having the same problem. Did you figure this one out yet? - doverment