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Hp HP DeskJet 895

HP 895cse deskjet

Help! My 895 cse deskjet crashed. It won't run a sheet of paper thru and therefore won't print. No paper jammed. Sounds like a gear stripping when it won't feed paper. Can't figure out how to open it up to see what is wrong. How do you get the right and left end covers off. Just removing the screws on each side does not allow end covers to be removed.
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Ted Meredith
JIM: The most common problem is a DIRTY and or DRY "carriage assembly". Usually after cleaning and lubing of the carriage shaft and bushings the noise and error goes away...The other common problem is usually caused by a large chunck of built-up toner on top of the ABSORBER PAD in the SPITTOON ASSEMBLY. With the power on, open the top cover and the "print cartridge holder assembly" will move over towards the left or center position. Unplug the printer and now you can manually slide that assembly all the way over to the far left end of the printer. Shine a flashlight down into the lower right side of the printer, looking under where the "print cartridge holder assembly" would set in its normal home position. You will normally be able to see if there is a large chuck of toner sticking up and binding or jamming the "cleaning station assy" from normal movement. Use a long flat screwdriver to dig out as much of the chunk & pieces as you possibly can. Then use damp Q-TIPS to finish cleaning up that area, including the shaft just above the absorber pad and the gear on the right end of that shaft. You can reach above the shaft and manually slide out the "cleaning station assembly" that sets just above that shaft, but is now in its back position [it slides forward for cleaning]...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Has simple release tabs around base of top cover. Comes off pretty easy.
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If you haven't gotten your printer open.
1) remove the top cover--slips off at the right angle.
2) remove the screws holding down the end covers.
3) with a flat bladed screwdriver or a table knife inserted about an inch into the bottom of the side cover at the back of the printer near the inner edge, twist the screwdriver (back and forth) while at the same time pulling the top of the cover outwards. When the cover moves out a little (it is unhooked now), do the same at the front. The covers swing outward on two plastic ears at bottom plate of the printer.
Note that the pushbutton assembly inside the right-hand cover is easily popped out by lifting the clear plastic ear at the top of the cover.
If you need to take it apart more, let me know.
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ok, felix. i got it...lol.
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TED: I KNOW BY THIS TIME ITS PROBABLY TOO LATE TO HELP YOU. I just wanted to let you know that you may not have actually needed to remove the "top cover/top case" to be able to correct your possible problem. Most of us agree that removing HP Top Covers are a pain and generally hard to do. The most common problems and solutions can be done with the top cover left on. If you happen to still need any help, let me know thru this "printer repair site", If I can help, I will try...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Any idea what the fix was for this problem?

I have run across the same symptoms. On power up the carriage stalls after making a grinding noise,and the "Power" and "Resume" light blink at the same time. No paper found to be jammed.
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Good information and advice Denny. I appreciate it.
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When printer begins to print it shoots out one sheet of paper. Then proceeds to advance a second sheet, but stops before paper is placed in position to begin printing. All the while the paper tray arms flap as if a page has been printed. At this time paper light begins to flash, and printer stops. Press reset button, printer advances second sheet, makes a few more grinding noises, then turns itself off. Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Chuck: As an "HP Authorized Service Provider", there's only so much information and help that I can legally give. There's of course no way for me to actually know whats wrong with your printer. You may even have an actual HARDWARE PROBLEM [parts problem], or its possible you might even have more than one area causing your problem. The only way to find out, is to eliminate possible problem areas...SO LETS GO THRU THE "STEPS" THAT I WOULD NORMALLY DO ON A CUSTOMERS PRINTER...#1: Unhook your printer cable from your PC. Load paper, plug in the power cable and turn on the printer. See if it will go to a normal ready condition, or not. Normal ready condition = only a solid "power led/light" on, with no other led's on, or flashing...TECH NOTE: If a noise happens, or an "error led/light" comes on, turn off your printer, or unplug it and then start over again on the power-on sequence. You want to verify that the same problem happens again, not just a one time event...#2: Even if the printer has error led/lights on: open the "top cover" and verify that the "print cartridge holder assy" UNLOCKS and starts MOVING towards the center area on the "carriage shaft/bar" [veries on different HP models]. If it does not UNLOCK and MOVE, the "Service Station Assy" may be defective/bad, or some other "hardware/part" may be defective/bad...IF NO "ERROR LEDS/LIGHTS" WERE ON AT POWER ON: When the "top cover" is opened, verify that not only did the assy unlock and move over, but that the "ink cartridge led/light" came on, or started flashing. Verify that when the "top cover" is closed, that the assy successfully returns to its normal "home position" [far right side of printer]. When the "top cover" is closed, Also verify that the "ink cartridge led/light" does turn off after the "top cover" is closed and the assy returns to its "home position" [some HP models turn off in a few seconds and some take longer]...TECH NOTES: I usually open and close the top cover several times, just to be sure this performs the same each time. ALSO NOTE: If a wrong cartridge is installed, or a bad cartridge, or dirty "electrical contacts", this step will fail and you will get a continuous "cartridge error led/light" [solid or flashing]. In this error condition, the print cartridge holder assy may not always return to the home position, or even move at all...#3: Even if no "cartridge error led/light" comes on, [in STEP #2], verify that the correct cartridges are installed...TECH NOTE: I have seen some wrong cartridges installed, where the contacts line up close enough so that no "error led/light" comes on, but the cartridge still does not work...TECH NOTE: If a wrong cartridge is installed, or a bad cartridge, or dirty "electrical contacts", this step will fail and you will get a continuous "cartridge error led/light" [solid or flashing]...#4: Especially if you are getting a "cartridge error led/light": Carefully clean the "electical contacts" on both cartridges and the "electrical contacts" for each cartridge, inside the print cartridge holder assy...#5 Check for ink "clumping/binding" problems in lower "Cleaning Station Assy"/"Service Station Assy" area, on some HP models... TECH NOTE: Some HP models use a different style "service station assy", so generally no "clumping problems", but the assy can be DIRTY, or even DEFECTIVE/BAD and cause print related problems, noise and other strange problems...#6: Carefully and very gently, clean the "sensor strip" that runs thru the print cartridge holder assy. This strip is located beside and slighty behind the "carriage bar/shaft". This strip appears to be almost see thru, but has tiny "encoded dots/marks" on the strip. These "dots/marks" give the instructions to the "printhead assy/print cartridge holder assy" during a printing job/run/test...#7: Clean and lube the "carriage assy" [carriage shaft/bar and both bushings]...#8: Not related to actual ink cartridge problems, but the CAUSE of many FEEDING PROBLEMS/MISFEEDS/JAMMING PROBLEMS/PAPER FEED NOISES: Dirty, or worn "paper feed-in"/"paper pick-up" ROLLERS...NORMALLY, IF ONE OF THESE AREAS ARE NOT CAUSING YOUR PROBLEMS, YOU PROBABLY HAVE A HARDWARE [PART] PROBLEM. USUALLY THAT WOULD BE TO HARD AND TO EXPENSIVE TO REPLACE AND REPAIR...If you need help on any of the cleaning and servicing of areas in #'s: 4,5,6,7, or 8, let me know. I have in-depth information saved as text files for most of these areas. These steps and info are usually long and in-depth, but can usually help if you are not that framilar with cleaning and servicing your printer...TECH NOTES: I usually work on a printer thats tested as a "STAND ALONE PRINTER" [not connected to a PC], so I don't always see some "error messages" that come up on a Monitor. Because the cartridges are mounted on the "carriage assy", a DIRTY or DRY [lack of lubrication] assy can give you "INK CARTRIDGE ERRORS" [solid or flashing "ink cartridge led/light"] and possibly "ink cartridge error messages" on your Monitor... ALSO NOTE: A DIRTY OR A DRY "CARRIAGE ASSY" IS USUALLY WHAT STOPS PAPER FROM FEEDING IN DURING THE PRINTERS "PRINTING CYCLE". ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE ALSO GETTING ANY "GRINDING NOISES", OR "RATCHETING NOISES", THEN THAT CAN BE FROM YOUR "CARRIAGE ASSY", "SERVICE STATION ASSY", OR OF COURSE BAD/BROKEN GEARS...#8 will cause paper feeding problems [misfeeds/jams/feeding noise/etc], but usually/normally is not directly related to "ink cartridge errors/messages"...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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I am having probiems with paper not loading.So it will not print.If I hold in ohanks Rodger
do ya think?n the button it will print test page just fine,.what
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Rodger: As an "HP Authorized Service Provider", there's only so much information and help that I can legally give. There's of course no way for me to actually know whats wrong with your printer. It's possible that you may even have an actual HARDWARE PROBLEM [parts problem], or your "pick-up/feed-in rollers", or "carriage assembly" may just be real dirty and causing your problems. I would clean and service those two areas first and see if that helps...When your "pick-up rollers" or "feed-in rollers" are causing misfeeds and jams, or are just hard, old, worn or dirty, I would recommend that you clean and treat them with "Rubber Rejuvinator" fluid. Its available to order for around $10.00 off the "fixyourownprinter.com" home page on their "printer repair site". Its the same fluid that I use and is the best I've found...IF YOU ARE GETTING "GRINDING TYPE NOISES", OR "RATCHETING TYPE NOISES" & WHAT APPEARS TO BE MISFEEDING PROBLEMS: I would recommend cleaning and lubing your printers "carriage assy", as this area causes most noise problems and the resulting strange problems. Even if this turned out not to be your problem, this area would probably have needed the cleaning and lubing in the near future anyway. If you look inside your printer and you can see a lot of dust/dirt/hair/lint/etc, its a good chance the noise is coming from the carriage assy... AN EASY AND QUICK TESTS TO CHECK YOUR CARRIAGE ASSY: Take a white rag and carefully rub the front side of the long, round carriage shaft/rod/bar. This is the shaft that passes thru the "print head assy"/"print cartridge holder assy". This shaft is metal, looks like chrome and when not dirty, looks shiney. After you clean off the front of this shaft with a white rag, look at the rag. If it has a blackish/greasy look on it, then the carriage assy is probably dirty and should be cleaned and lubed. I will e-mail you some general information on that area...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Hp 895Cse won’t print. I keep getting the message that the printer is out of paper; then a message that there is trouble sending the information to LPT1.

I have reinstalled the printer three times
I cannot get two way communication with the printer, only one way
The cable and USB port are OK in that they work normally with an HP3500 Scanner
The printer works normally when disconnected from the computer and I print the test page

Printer serial # HUO 3A1P1PC 895Cse
What could be wrong?
by unknown on Aug 17, 2003 at 8:10am Add comment
Colors are screwed up - only prints in magenta. Have tried several new ink cartridges as well as using the print head cleaning software. Any ideas?
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I keep recieving an error message saying my printer is out of paper, but it's not. It is full of paper, everything is connected properly and still it won't print. Has anybody else had this problem with this type of printer? Do you know how to fix it? If so, please let me know this is frustrating! Thanks.
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Nothing wrong with your printer. Computer can not tell if it has paper or not. Your problem is the computer can't communicate with the printer. Check your cable. Try deleting and reinstalling the driver.
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I tried everything in this thread with no success. Yes the carriage assembly had a large amount of toner buildup underneath the carriage assembly on and around the absorber pad in the spittoon. I cleaned all that up and still no luck. The printer would exhibit intermittent symptoms, it would print one page of a three page document, then the rollers would turn for awhile, no more paper would advance, then the paper out light would come on and start flashing. When I pushed the paper fault button, all the lights would flash and the printer would power off.
I finally removed all the covers, and then removed the rear plastic cover over the main board (covers the usb, parallel and power connectors. There was a small light sensor there on the bottom left, and I blew it out with DustOff. Now everything works fine. I think the sensor was dirty, so it never saw end of page, so it errored out and would not load another page.
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I had the same problem with my 895. I took the printer apart and found that the plastic sequencing disc found at the end of the main roller was scratched. The disc is far to close to other steal components and had been worn, over the years. I found some discs for sale on other sites, but they are asking between $50 - $150 for a plastic disc! I will try my best to repair the scratches, but the indexing marks are on the order of 15 lines per quarter inch. They are extremely small and thin. It is a great little printer and I hate the idea of trashing it, but I have a funny feeling that is what will happen. (jbsuchy at yahoo) - Anonymous
I have some discs in stock. I'll knock the "0" off your lower price if you want it. http://fixyourownprinter.com/specials/request
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My printer is behaving as if it can't recognize that the print lid is closed. The power and paper lights are flashing. Opening and shutting the lid doesn't affect it at all. Cartages are docked at the far left instead of its "ready" position. Printer was dropped a few feet during a move. Can I save it?
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If the lights are blinking alternately, paper is jammed in the printer or the printer is stalled. Go to this web page for a possible solution.

If the lights blink together, the print cartridge carriage has stalled. Unplug the printer and try to move the carriage by hand. If it will not move the drop probably dislocated something or some foreign object may be in the printer. Give it a close inspection. The cause my be obvious.

Don't give up easily because the DJ 895 print mechanism is one HP's best designs (except for drop resistance).
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Do you have a handy link to instructions on how to remove the carriage? (The lights blink together... I had looked up the blinking lights on hp's website and already determined that it was not a paper jam.) Thanks so much for your help! I love this printer and don’t want to replace it yet. (Also, I invested in bulk ink for it and I haven’t used it all up yet!)
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I think I figured out what's wrong but I don't know how to fix it. The place where the carriage returns to rest, it looks a little cockeyed and the carriage can't return to that area it hits plastic and returns to the left side where it halts.
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In the back of the ink reservoir there was a white (after a cleaning) gear axle (looks like two gears connected together by a plastic rod) that was just loose and knocked askew so I took it out and cleaned it off but now I don't know where to attach it to and the space is tight and hard to see in that area. I wish I could get the cover of the printer off. I think if that gear rod is put where it's supposed to be, the mechanism on the right will function again and pull itself out of the way when the carriage wants to show up in that area.
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If the axle with two gears is what I think it is, I can't imagine how it could come loose without the service station (ink reservoir) being broken. Regardless, here is how to gain access to the service station.

1. Remove the Torx (T10) screw on the top of the right cover.
2. Pull up on the right cover to disengage it where the removed screw went through.
3. From the back, near the clean-out cover, insert a screwdriver between the right cover and the base coming in from the bottom. Pry up and the cover will release.
4. Do the same operation in the front near the paper tray and the cover will release completely and hinge to the right.
5. Release the clip that secures the switches to free the cover from the printer.
6. There is one Torx (T10) screw in the front of the service station holding it in place. Remove the screw and unplug the motor cable, and the service station will lift from the front and slide out

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I, "all thumbs McGee", have fixed my printer.

I am amazed. I feel so good for having done this I have ambitions of trying to tinker with my car next! (I'd better quit while I'm ahead...)

I was unable to successfully extract the service station as the Torx screw in front would not unscrew. I stripped the sucker good attempting it, chanting the mantra, Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey… the whole time and then double checking my hands to make sure I was actually turning the top of the screw to the left. Then double checking the rotation of the screw by using the one I had already successfully extracted. The one to unhinge and remove the right panel came off easy as pie, but that's all I really needed to really get my hands in there.

After unplugging the motor I stared at the white gears on the side that were attached to it. I knew this gear axel had to connect with those for anything to happen and the fact that it was found far in the back of the padded ink reservoir was a testament to the severity of the drop my husband gave the poor thing. (A couple of feet my butt!)

I wedged the gear axle under the moveable part and pushed until it seemed to click into place. I plugged the printer back in and “vee-o-lah”! (said the blonde) It worked! And now I can REALLY get in there and clean the thing out. Due to the right cover impeding me, the last time I cleaned it I had to use about a million q-tips because that’s all I could get to reach in there.

I just wish that stupid screw hadn’t stripped, then I could have taken the whole thing out and really given it a cleaning without fear of inking up the rest of the printer or my floor.. I tried to get some needle nosed pliers to try and unscrew that wonky screw but no go. That suckers in there until I feel like breaking the plastic around it.
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2 ways we extract stripped screws. One, we cut a slot in the top using a Dremel tool. Then use a flat blade screwdriver to remove it. Two, Sears sells a screw extraction kit with 3 different screw extractors. They look like a backward drill bit. You put them in your screwdriver and use it like you were removing a screw with a bit. The "wonky" tells me you're probably in the U.K. I don't think they have Sears stores there, and don't know if you know what a Dremel tool is either. It's a hand held rotary tool that spins at high speed for cutting, shaping and other tasks depending on the accessory in the chuck.
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haha nope... born and bred in the good ol' USA. Lived in California my whole life. Visited France once... (I don't recommend it.) I just pick up weird random slang.

I actually own a dremel! A generic version of a dremel but it will serve the same purpose. (I won’t be able to say I’m “dremeling” the screw, I’ll have to call it gemelin’ for generic dremeling…) I like the idea of mutilating the screw with what I have rather than spending more money on new tools or extraction kits.

I've used a dremel before but only to carve numbers into video game controls at my last job. We had to check them out to game testers and keep track of them so we knew who was destroying their hardware and who wasn't. They kept peeling off the stickers so we moved to indelible ink but that would get rubbed off by sweaty fingers.

So we had to carve into the plastic itself. Fun stuff.

Thanks again for all your help. I couldn't have done it without you guys!
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I've been working with HP deskjet repairs since inkjet printers were invented, however, occasionally a new problem will pop up on an older printer. For the first time I've had to replace the paper motor encoder circle (mylar) C4557-80019, and just pulled it off an old 895 in stock. My problem is, it must have to be put back on at a certain position, and am looking for instructions on this. The printer initializes properly on boot up, but after printing one page goes into blinking paper light and then I have to re-initialize the printer. Any ideas?
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My 895CSe cartridge gets dry. Can anyone tell me step by step how to remove and replace the service station and where I can buy the parts. Thanks, regards, Bob.
by BobFam on Dec 4, 2010 at 8:34pm Add comment
Wow! You've got one of these still working? Thre are no manuals for this beast except for the CD that HP put out several years ago. Parts might be tough to get though.
by philly5706 on Dec 6, 2010 at 6:31pm Add comment
I'm not understanding why you want to replace the service station. What do you mean by "gets dry"?
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