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Hp HP Color LaserJet CM2320FXI

HP Color Laserjet CM2320fxi MFP Woes

I am a Hardware tech who is self taught when it comes to maintaing printers. I have done maintenance kits on Xerox, Lexmark and HP Printers

I work Afternoons 2pm to 10pm week days

This is the first time I have attempted maintenance on a HP CM2320fxi MFP printer

I am trying to install maintenance parts into this printer.

In order to replace the pickup roller I need to rotate it to the maintenance position.

When I get to the step of opening the 2ndry Service menu by pressing the Left Arrow button and the Cancel button simultaneously nothing happens when i hit the above mentioned Keys

Worse there was a service contact for this device, but that expired months ago, which means I figure it out or my company will need an HP tech and that won't be cheap

The printer in question is not in my office but in another building where everyone goes home at 4 PM so access to this printer is not possible today. I am I am working on getting printer to my office.

First Question. Will a firmware update give me the missing menu. I have some reports from this printer and the Firmware Date Code is 20090724 which was probaly the factory firmware code. This unit was purchased 3 years ago.

If the answer is no to my question how do I get that menu on this device

No firmware won't change it that I'm aware of.

Open the setup menu, then try hitting left arrow & cancel at same time. You probably won't get any confirmation other then the menu closing out & going back to the home screen but open the menu again & it should have a 2ndary sub menu now available.

Sometimes it takes me a few tries, if you were hitting left arrow & cancel from the home screen it won't do anything. Make sure to push them only once otherwise it may cancel the 2ndary menu out.
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Sorry I haven't gotten back sooner, however it took a couple of days to get the device to my office (mainly cause the dept didn't want to give it up for service.

What a pain this MFP is.

Hitting the setup button and then hiting left arrow plus cancel worked. As indicated the next time I hit setup ther was the secondary menu which allowed me to rotate the pick roller.

When it comes to servicing printers i am used to turning the device off and then doing the service work.

Not this thing. I had to tilt the MFP with the power on so that I could pull the pick roller.

Hopefully the next time i do a service on this machine I won't have to bring it to my office.

Thanks for the help

Next question how do I mark this thread closed

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I have also face same problem if u want to get that menu on the dvice i suggest you to go a Office Supplies shop and solve your problem.
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As much as I would love to hand this machine off to someone else there is no one else.

I am referred to as the printer guy so management expects that if I can figure what parts I need then to order them and fix said printer when said parts come in

Its my curse...lol - 5417