asked May 15, 2012 at 11:16pm
Samsung Samsung CLP 325W

Samsung CLP-325W Imaging unit reset

I'm having a problem with my Samsung CLP-325W printer, it has recently decided that the imaging unit needs to be replaced. Also it has taken it upon itself to block me from doing any printing. The cost however of the new part is pretty close to the cost of a new unit altogether.

My question is if there is some sort of bypass procedure that someone can do in order to squeeze a bit more usage out of the existing imaging unit?
Yes there is a little help.
On the right side is a small cover holding a fuse that needs to be replaced. After this the image unit will be takken as new, but if you don't clean all waste toner from this unit(you need to disassemble it), than this bypass wont work as long as new unit.
Hope this helps you.
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Is the fuse on the right side of the image drum? Where can I buy the fuse? Will this reset the software that says the imaging unit needs to be replaced? Thanks for your help! - KTimbers
I am thinking to buy this printer - can you or anyone recommend me
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Thanks for any info
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can't clear an HP color laserjet 4700, reset imaging unit mssg.? can you help me?
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