asked Mar 26, 2012 at 1:49am
Samsung Samsung CLX 3185FN

samsung clx-3185fn remove fuser

to cut the long story short... I tried printing on transparency aka plastic sheet and it melted on the rollers inside the fuser. Yes, I am incredibly dumb. The printer is either toasted or maybe I can take the fuser out and somehow scrape the plastic off the rollers. So this is my last chance.

I searched the net like crazy for this one. I've got the back of the printer opened, screws removed. Right side comes right out but the left side was held in place by a spring loaded lock. If I unhinge the spring lock the fuser comes off on both sides and moves for about a centimetre or two but then it's stopped by something on the left side, behind the spring loaded hinge. That's the last step of getting it outside of the machine and I can't figure out what's still holding it in place. It doesn't seem to be attached by a cable as it's quite rigid.

Any hints on how to get the thing out would be appreciated. Must be similar to other models of samsung lasers

had the same problem and solved it. Just watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIKdbgsbRlw . There are two different wires which are connecting your fuser with the motherboard of printer.

Sorry for my bad english. ;-)

Have fun!
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