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Samsung Samsung ML 2240

Manual reset samsung printer ML-2240 using jumper

Tips for this time is about how to reset samsung printer ML-2240 is already showing numbers above 1800 on the counter page. Samsung printer ML-2240 need to be reset so the printer does not blink, along with its flashing red lights on the printer. Indicator A red light indicates that the toner has run out. Although we have refill toner, but the red light can not be lost so the printer can not be used. In order for the Samsung printer ML-2240 can be used again, then we should reset the page counter manually or by installing a new chip. For how to manually reset samsung printer Ml-2240 using the jumper will be explained here.
Before performing the manual reset, check the OS of Samsung printer ML2240 which will be reset.

Turn on the printer, and wait for the printer calibration process
do test print by pressing the Resume button for 3 seconds then Release and printer do a test print.
After the test print is complete, note the OS Version of the test results of your printer.

Not all OS Samsung ML 2240 printer can we reset manually using a jumper.
Type OS Version Samsung ML-2240 which can be reset are:

OS number
OS number
OS number
OS number
OS number
OS number

Samsung Printer OS type that can not be reset manually:

OS number
OS number

Reset procedure Samsung printer ML-2240 manually is as follows:
A. The equipment used

Screwdriver plus (+), and a screwdriver minus (-)
Cable or small wire to jumper

B. How to reset Samsung ML-2240 printer

Unplug all cables printer (the printer power cable and data cable printer), and make sure the printer is turned OFF switches
Remove the two bolts that are on the left and right at the back of the printer using a screwdriver plus (+)
After both bolts removed, and the socket lock is opened, slide the cover to the side slowly.
Remove the cooling fan attached to the cover
It will be seen two engines Samsung ML-2240 printer, the machine power supply and motherboard.
Find and watch IC EEPROM 8 feet that attach to the mainboard printer Samsung ML-2240, ie the number 93C66WP ic U6.
After the IC U6 is found, install and connect a jumper or a small wire to the ic leg 1 and 4
After leg 1 and 4 on the IC is connected, plug the power cable, and turn on the printer.
Wait a few moments until the printer has finished calibrating and lights show green
After the green light, turn off the printer, then remove the cable or wire attached to the legs 1 and 4 IC EEPROM 93C66WP
Close the back cover of the printer and do not forget to plug the two bolts that screw removed earlier.

After all these steps done, reset Samsung printer ML-2240 is completed, the printer is ready for use again.
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Also, I had trouble with this reset as my unit still didn't reset my toner count, so it still wouldn't work.

I did however find this post:

After reading that post, I put a temporary on/off switch (push button) soldered into pins 3/4 of U6, held the switch on (short) while turning on the printer just until the lights turned off, then released the button. After that, I restarted the printer and my print count was reset to 0! fantastic. works now.

I left the switch soldered in for the next time my printer needs to be reset.

Happy resetting!
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I try and tray many combinations with jumper but without success.
My version of firmware was 05-13-2009.
After many attempts, I finaly find a software solution to reset not total page counter, but Toner page counter.

This solution, you can download it from here:

reset your toner counter to 0, every time when you turn on the printer.

First of all you need to remove chip from toner cartridge.

Than, make procedure like write there.

For me, nothing from preocedure didnt work (I receive eroor messages) until I open file fix2240_93.bat, and after that downl2240_93.bat

My suprise was big when I hear reset noises from my printer.
After reset, I saw green light on my printer first time after two years :).

My version of firmware before reset was 05-13-2009.
Toner page count: 2122
Cartridge capacity: not suport

After reset:
OS Version: 11-23-2009
Toner page count: 0
Cartridge capacity: 1.5K

The best thing is that after I print about 30 pages, I turn printer of and after few seconds on, toner page count was still 0 pages.

But remember!!! Without chip in cartridge!!!

I hope that this will help somebody.

Happy resettting!

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I forgot to write in previous post.
My antivirus (AVG) detect some files from the link above like viruses. But I just turn off antivirus for a 10 min.

I dont know are the viruses there or not.

For me, work all perfect.
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reset samsung printer ML-2240
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Plz genrator samsung printer ML-2160
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