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Brother Brother MFC 7820N

Brother MFC 7820N - Paper Jam in Back of MFC

I have a Brother MFC 7820 that has been intermittently having the paper jam up in the back of the printer for the past week.

I will clear it out - sometimes it will work for a while, other times it will jam up right away again.

Occasionally, the paper will not feed through 100\% correctly and will have a "wave" on the paper-soon after, it will jam up again.

The problem seems to be getting worse.

Any information to help point me in the right direction would be helpful.

I am not sure if this is a simple repair worth investing in or if purchasing a new printer would be the wiser choice since the printer is approx 3-4 years old.

UPDATE No. F1274
Paper Jams In Exit Area
March 11, 2009
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The paper exits the machine folded like an accordion or is wavy or jams at the eject rollers.
Possible cause:
The eject rollers get too slippery because of paper dust and other foreign matter.
Clean the eject rollers with a paper towel dampened with water. A second cleaning may be
necessary. The easiest way to do this (without fully disassembling the machine for full access
to the rollers) is:
For flatbed models- Lift open the control panel/ADF assy to access the exit area and eject
rollers. Hold the dampened paper towel against the rollers and make a blank copy. Clean the
rollers as they turn and remove the paper towel as the paper ejects. Repeat as necessary.
For sheetfeed models- Open the front and rear covers. Swing the rear chute cover down.
Remove the Document Base Assy (2 screws) to facilitate the side cover removal. Remove the
right side cover (2 screws). Remove the rear cover stopper (1 screw, squeeze the tabs on the
mounting clip). Remove the inner chute above the fuser (2 screws, do not lose the spring).
Wipe the eject rollers with the dampened paper towel. Reassemble in reverse order.
Now is a good time to also clean the paper pick up roller and feed rollers to prevent
feeding problems.
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I have a couple 7820N that are real workhorses. Have a case of toner and drum units so I wanted them to continue working. While these instructions are accurate, I, personally, did not know the names of parts. I went to the Sears part shop website and found diagrams with parts.

That helped me out and I was able to get my printer working again. I did experience an error that the back door was open and I discovered that when I reinstalled the rear chute cover, the paper eject actuator was stuck. Make sure the lever is free to move. I had to jiggle it around with my finger without disassembling the printer.

I appreciate the help. Feels good to fix it myself.

Jim Graham, Woodbridge, VA Realtor
- grahamprix
Are there any pictures to help with these steps?
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I spoke with Brother technical support, and they were of no help. Starting with all the paper properly stacked in the tray all works fine for a single copy. But after a single copy the top piece of paper left behind is partially fed with the edge of the paper just at the small roller at the front of the paper tray. When I press copy or print again the machine attempts to feed the next piece of paper but cannot, and I get the error message, "No paper fed, press start." The technical support I was given was a waste of time. I asked for guidance on either cleaning or aligning the machine, but was told they could give me none.
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Check the location of your Paper Guides on your Paper Tray, make sure that they are in the exact slot as the markings for the size of paper you are using.
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Check the location of your Paper Guides on your Paper Tray, make sure that they are in the exact slot as the markings for the size of paper you are using.
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