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HP LaserJet 4100 Jams Continuously on Tray 2

I've got a HP Laserjet 4100. It has about 90,000 copies on it. It was throwing a 13.1 paper jam error (paper late) error everytime I tried to print from tray 2. It would just print a single blank sheet. Tray 1 (manual feed) does not cause any errors. I found a lot of posts on message boards stating the tray 2 solenoid that controls the pickup roller can cause this problem. It appears that the felt dampner on this solenoid breaks down causing it to stick. So I tore down the printer and removed this solenoid, removed the felt and goo left behind and covered it with electrical tape. Put everything back together and now I get 13.2 error (could not eject paper). It will just process blank pieces of paper continuously until it jams. I looked at the pickup roller and it appears to turn continously while grabbing paper. Not once per sheet like another 4100. Does it sound like the solenoid is still sticking?
What happens if you do a paper path test (last item on the information menu) and select tray 2 and do only one sheet. Does it print just 1 blank page or does it continually pickup one sheet after another and time out with just blank pages. If the later, then the "L" arm of the selenoid is not stopping the gears in the cutout either because it is still sticking or the "L" arm is not installed correctly. If it just prints one blank page, the issue could be the paper pickup assembly located behind tray 2.
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When I do a paper path test on tray 2 it will eject a blank piece of paper and then jam on a 13.1. It says to open the cover and close it and then it will eject another blank with the same error. I examined the tray 2 solenoid again and I may have improperly mounted it. The spring stretched out since the last time i removed it, so I bent it back the best I could. Watching the pickup rollers, it no longer runs continuously as it was before. One grab per piece of paper. I tried to look at the gears in the pickup assembly the best I could and saw no damage. I am guessing there is probably some issue with the gearing in the tray 2 pickup assembly.
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If it picks up the paper and feeds it I doubt anything is wrong with the assembly. On the left side of the printer is a small hole which is the engine test location. What happens if you stick a qtip stick into the hole with paper in tray 2. Do you get a page with lines or still a blank page. If still a blank page I would lean towards the paper pickup assembly that sits behind tray 1 and not the paper pickup assembly in the tray.
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If i recall correctly, I'm not at work... If i printed the engine test it was blank from tray 2 and printed lines from tray 1. I already ordered the tray 2 pickup assembly, we have a couple of these printers so if it doesn't fix it, it will be good to have a spare. Now for the Tray 1 pickup assembly, looking at partsurfer, are you talking about the paper feed assembly (RG5-5086-000CN) or the roller assembly (RG5-5085-000CN)? It will be nice when this printer is fixed, its been sitting on the shelf for years.
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This thread references the part I think i need:
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This issue was solved by replacing p/n: RG5-5086-000CN.
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I am running into a similar problem. The printer starts to pick up the paper, D rollers turn but the paper does not make it into the printing path. Tray roller and the separation roller and D rollers have all been replaced.

Printer prints fine from Tray 1 & tray 3. A paper path test after replacing the D rollers jammed on the first page but then printed the 10 page test ok and then returned to jamming. Swapping trays with tray 3 had same results.

Is this printer worth fixing? Date of manufacture is Feb 12, 2001?
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Spending $70 or less for the paper pickup assembly to fix it would be worth it in my opinion because the 4100 is one of the good models HP produced. We still have 2 and they told us NOT to replace them because they were happy with them.

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