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asked Aug 3, 2010 at 8:48pm
Hp HP LaserJet P4014

HP P4014 formatter model changing

I installed a refurbished HP CB4308-69001 formatter in a P4515N printer today and the configuration now prints as a P4014N. I called HP and was told they could send me an RFU file to rename the printer to it's correct model. The only thing I had to produce was a proof of purchase from HP. I purchased the formatter from an aftermarket company. Does anyone know how to rename the formatter back to the model I have placed it in?
Most of these newer models you when installing a replacement formatter you need to turn the machine on & wait 5 minutes after it reaches the ready state. Then turn the machine off and back on, after reaching the ready state wait 5 more minutes & it should be ready.

This allows the NVRAM to copy all the info from the DC controller to the formatter. If it gets interrupted then the machine reverts the a low base model. My boss went to replace a DC controller in a 4350n & I warned him about waiting 5 minutes, etc but he didn't listen & rebooted it early which converted the machine to a 4250 base model with no network. We just added a jetdirect in but never called HP asking about it.

I think what HP is asking is the proof of purchase of the machine & not the formatter. I don't know off hand of how to change back, don't see anything in the service manual about it. It's not only renamed to a P4014 but will perform like one too, slower speed, etc. Might be a way with another P4515 to get the info copied from that one but never tried it. I think the DC controller is the master & formatter is the slave as far as NVRAM data goes.
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On Parts Now website (need membership access to view) I found a document on the 4350/4250 formatter replacement that talks about what to do with a used formatter board:

If you install a replacement formatter, please complete the following steps to ensure a proper formatter installation:
• Perform an NVRAM initialization.
• Then use the control-panel display to open the service menu and specify the total page count, the maintenance count, the service ID, the cold reset paper size, and the serial number.
• Reset the printer display language to the customer's choice.

This might work if you took the 4014 board to a 4515 & did a NVRAM reset on the 4515 (just get the config. page printed first to just in case). Not sure if you need to do the 5 minute/5 minute wait after this before moving the formatter back over or not.
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Thanks Sharpie. I tried HP a day later and this time they sent me an rfu file. This worked great. I am going to install another refurbed formatter in a day or two so I will try the NVRAM initialization if I need to rename the formatter. I will let you know the results. Thanks again.
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Don't know why you're replacing the formatters, but I fixed my first P4014 the other day by baking it. That doesn't affect the data and is probably a lot cheaper and easier than replacing with a refurbed one. I use the baking procedure for all the newer formatter boards in lieu of replacement.
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The only way to change the model number is with that file from hp. NVRAM, service menu, etc will not help with the model numbers. It sometimes happens with a brand new formatter from hp even with waiting the full 5 minutes, etc. Had one once and tech support at hp had no idea why the model changed.
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You are correct David. The NVRAM initialization does not solve the problem. The file was the cure for the second board. Problem solved. Thanks again.
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Anyone have this file they would be willing to share?
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Agreed, does anyone have the rfu to change this model number as mentioned above.

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